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Neighbours Episode 4809 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4809 - All The Fight Moves
Australian airdate: 15/9/05
UK airdate: 7/12/05
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Mike Pill: Alexander Cappelli
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
Alex staying the night at Susan's
Bouncer 5 chasing after Audrey
The General Store
Lyn and Joe are showing off the posh dog food to Sky, Dylan and Boyd that they have bought for B5 and Audrey whilst at the counter; Lou gives Harold the good news that he's arranged for them to do the official catering for the Mr Erinsborough competition but Harold isn't impressed.
Max comes into the store and Joe invites him to join them and enquires how Steph's pregnancy is progressing (fine) and if they know the sex (no, it will be a surprise). Dylan and Boyd confirm the arrangements for their aikido training and Sky is miffed, as they were due to watch a doco together. Joe comes up with a great idea - a family meal for everyone and Lyn agrees to do a roast.
No. 28
Joe returns Audrey to Susan after her escapade yesterday just as Alex calls round after his trip to Canberra. After brief hello's, Joe decides to leave so that Susan and Alex can properly say hello. They chat idly about the conference before deciding to have a pash instead since they've been missing each other.
The General Store
Steph pops into TGS and Sky mentions the family meal that Lyn is cooking for and asks Steph what her take is on their parents dating one another. Steph is quite non-committal but Sky pushes her for a more detailed answer after telling Steph that she isn't "jumping over the moon about it". Steph now lays her cards on the table and agrees with what Sky has said and adds that they are crazy rushing into a relationship without even thinking about it, so yes she doesn't approve of the relationship. Naturally, Sky doesn't agree with Steph and questions her if Joe isn't good enough for the Scully's and adds that if anyone is lowering their standards, then it is her dad! Dylan tells Sky to leave it but Steph tells Sky that she isn't going to debate it further since she is pregnant (and obviously hasn't got the energy for it) and coldly tells Sky that she'll see her at the dinner!
Boyd leaves Dylan to her, and sarcastically praises her for sticking up for her dad since blood is thicker than water. Sky replies that it doesn't apply here though, because Joe isn't her biological father but isn't going to accept what Steph said lying down. Dylan is shocked to hear that Joe isn't Sky's dad.
Harold decides to give Lou a piece of advice - grow old gracefully! Lou replies that he doesn't feel old and doesn't think it either before adding that he doesn't look old either! Well...to prove he isn't over the hill, he asks Harold to set him a challenge.
Scarlet Bar
Karl tells Max that Izzy needs help with a wide range of issues and it is up to him or her boyfriend to make sure she gets them. Max apologises for asking Karl for his advice but thought it best to ask him because he knew Izzy so well, but Karl replies that he isn't sure about that. Steph tells him that Izzy isn't worth it and with the hint of a smile on his face, says that is why he ended things. It is obviously Steph's day for putting her foot in it as she tells Karl that there are plenty of women out there for him and some would even throw themselves at him (hands up in the Karl thread now!) and he jokingly asks if he has a sign round his head saying 'desperate and dateless' before Steph apologises for what she has said.
The General Store
Harold tells Lou his idea of a challenge is stupid so Lou tries to suggest one instead but Boyd butts in and suggests a waiter's race or the first to make and deliver a sandwich to Toadie. Lou likes this and naturally Harold doesn't (must be the day for this!) so Lou suggests a race round the Lassiters complex carrying a cappuccino without spilling it and the first one wins and Harold begrudgingly agrees to this one.
Back with Sky and Dylan, he wonders why she'd never told him about her real father before (it never came up) and asks if she's tried to get in contact with him. Sky turns it around by suggesting he is doing fine without his father so why does she need her real father? Dylan says his father has made it clear he'd rather be with other women rather than them and Sky tells him her father has moved on or he'd have been in contact years ago. Dylan suggests that she should find him so she can find out where she came from but she tells him that she knows enough because her dad is a jerk and didn't care about her and asks him to drop it.
The aikido class has finished and Dylan and Boyd have enjoyed it. Boyd comments that Sky should have came along so she could have sorted out her stress levels! Dylan asks him how he coped having Sky as a girlfriend and Boyd replies that he closed his eyes and thought of Australia! Dylan mentions to Boyd about Joe not being Sky's natural father and this is news to Boyd but he adds it may explain why Sky keeps things hidden, especially from her past. The boy's head out of the classroom and Mike just so happens to be waiting for them and wants to have his fight with Dylan then and there but Boyd stops them. Mike takes this as Boyd saving Dylan's bacon and asks when he'll be ready to have his head knocked off so Dylan replies next week. A happy Mike leaves and Boyd tells Dylan he isn't ready and Dylan explains that he has to face Mike sometime.
No. 28
Alex gives Susan a present he took back for her - a first edition book by Iris Murdoch, for which she is extremely happy to receive even if it did cost him a lot. She tells him that she's confirmed a suspicion she has - that she is falling in love with him. Awww, and they have a pash to celebrate this fact.
No. 26
With Steph and Sky giving each other the evil eyes, the final arrangements for the meal are made just as Dylan and Boyd arrive. Dylan quietly asks Sky if she is talking to him (she is) as he thought he upset her earlier but she says it is fine.
Joe brings the roast over and they all sit down round the table and he decides to make a bit of a speech first for getting everyone together at last and then asks them to bow their heads so he can say a prayer of thanks first...for the dear lord giving Janelle the hint to remove the rest of her mob to the bowling alley for the night! He quickly apologises to Dylan though who is cool with it before sincerely hoping that the rest have the same joy he is feeling for Lyn right now. Max proposes a toast to Joe and Lyn, which Sky and Steph do before resuming their evil eye stare at each other.
The General Store
Whilst Karl is tying to eat his supper, Lou decides to ask Karl if it is safe for him, well his back really, to enter a foot race. Karl says no, it would be extremely dangerous and foolish to compete in any competitive sport! A disappointed Lou leaves and Harold now decides to bug Karl but he is on the ball confirms to Harold what he was going to ask (is it safe to enter competitions) and tells Harold the same thing - no! By the quick smirk on his face, Harold is not disappointed to hear this news.
No. 26
Sky and Steph are still giving each other the evil eye as they eat their meal and hear Joe gush that the best thing about relationships is having someone to cuddle up with and take long walks just like B5 and Audrey. Steph now looks like she wishes she had evening sickness and Sky asks her if she wants some more but Steph is full. Joe asks Steph when she stops working (she's just doing the books now) and that Max can keep her as a kept woman given he runs a bar. Steph tells him that unlike other people she actually enjoys working and Joe agrees with her saying there is a lot of bludgers out there. Speaking of which, she asks when is he going to get start re-tiling the Freeman's bathroom as they've been waiting a month for Joe to turn up (Steph knows them quite well apparently). Joe re-tells what he told the Freeman's that he is busy and Sky adds that since Joe is a contractor he has to juggle a lot of jobs unlike Lyn who has customers turning up at her work. Steph reminds Sky that she knows all about the life of a contractor since she watched her dad do it for years and doesn't remember him letting a client down! Nice conversation killer that one Steph as the ladies resume their evil stares.
Ramsay Street
Harold runs into Karl who is paying a visit to the street even though he doesn't really know why he is there, so Harold explains that it is hard to let go (of Ramsay Street) given it had been a bit part of his life but Karl just thinks it reminds him of what a Muppet, sorry fool he has been. Harold scoffs at this and says that everyone has made mistakes and asks him what happened to the overseas trip he had planned and that it may be the right time to take it. Karl thanks him before saying goodnight to Harold and looking wistfully at No. 28.
No. 26
Lyn joins Sky in giving Steph the evil stares as Max and Joe talk about getting rid of the girls next week so they can watch a boxing match on the TV. Joe is up for going over to No. 32 to watch it as Steph jokingly chastises Max for the way he's speaking about his pregnant wife. Sky gets on her high horse and describes boxing as mindless thuggery whilst looking straight a Boyd, so Joe decides to get his own back by reminding her about the movies she forces him to watch that he doesn't complain about.
Lyn decides to offer everyone dessert as a distraction and Steph says not for her as she is tired and should get but Joe reminds her she is now eating for two and so should stay and have some pudding. She thanks him but turns him down as she has to get up for work in the morning and Sky tells her to lay off her dad "for treating him like some sort of bludgers" which he is not she adds since he's worked his whole life. Steph wonders if Sky is "protesting a bit much" before Lyn intervenes and tells Steph to keep quiet but Joe would like Steph to finish what she wants to say. Max decides that the best policy is for them to leave but not before Sky tells Steph that Joe has several jobs on the go.
STEPH: Oh yeah. He walks the dogs and he has quite a few coffees in the General Store and certainly a lot of beer in our bar. Jeeze it must be exhausting.
LYN: Steph that is enough.
STEPH: Well I don't remember my dad ever having the leisure time that Joe certainly seems to enjoy.
JOE: Now listen here. I have sweated my guts out for 30 years like Sky said and if I decide I want to kick back a gear or two what is wrong with that?
STEPH: Nothing...if I could just believe that you and sweat ever had more than a passing acquaintance!
Naturally, Steph and Max leave after he thanks them for dinner. Sky and Dylan bail too and after Lyn rejects his offer of doing the dishes, Boyd also escapes but via the laundry!
JOE: Well looks like it is just the two of us for dessert then!
Ramsay Street
Dylan catches up with Sky and tells her not to let Steph and her hormones get to her but strangely Sky explains to him that she can see why Steph has been so defensive about Joe M hanging round Lyn because Steph has been defending Joe S. Dylan is a bit bemused by this so she expands and says she's always put Joe M on a pedestal and what Steph actually said was true, so he compares it to his father who shot through whereas Joe M stuck around and did his best. Sky agrees with him but wishes Steph didn't say what she said today. Dylan wants to know what is special about today but she doesn't answer but instead says it hurt after she told him earlier about her real father. She wonders how someone who brought you into the world can stuff you up so badly. Dylan hugs her and quietly says that he wishes he knew.
School (next day)
Karl stops by to let Susan know that he has decided to go and visit London for a couple of weeks with the tickets he originally bought with Izzy and wonders if she has anything to give to Mal and Catherine. Susan remembers a book and he offers to stop by later on to collect it after he's seen some patients.
There are more evil eye stares as Mike bores into Dylan but Sky interrupts it to tell Mike that that he needs to improve on his tough guy act. He replies that it is Sky's turn to hold Dylan's hand today, Sky tells him that she hopes that Dylan puts him back into his little paper bag! Mike asks her not to hold her breath before leaving and a stunned Boyd comes over still surprised at what he heard Sky say.
The General Store/No. 32
Lou brings Lyn over her cuppa bemoaning about what Karl spoiling all the fun when Harold comes into saying he has some bad news for Lou. Lou replies that he has bad news too - on doctor's orders the race is off. Harold wonders if that was because he slipped Karl something, which Lou denies and says it is because of his ongoing health problems. Harold goes off a happy man as Lyn's mobile rings - it's Steph apologising for what she said last night, even if Sky did make some wild statements too. Lyn agrees that Steph should apologise and Sky's behaviour can be excused because she is a kid whereas Steph is an adult.
LYN: Joe has made me very, very happy and I would have thought you'd be mature enough to be happy for me about that.
STEPH: Well did you have to and choose a second rate version of dad? I mean have a look at him - he's got all of dad's bad points and none of his good ones. Why don't you just have a good hard long look?
Karl shows Alex into the room and introduces himself, as they've never met before. He tells Alex he's got the results of the blood test after the fire and Alex tells Karl that he's never felt better or happier! You know he's set himself up for a fall now as Karl tells him that they've uncovered something else in the blood test - that he is suffering from a form of leukaemia that I won't attempt to spell. Alex is stunned, especially when Karl explains that it is rare, it is aggressive too and that conventional treatments don't work on this cancer. Alex wants to know how long he has got and Karl replies months.
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Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4809
Joe Mangel

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4809
Max Hoyland

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4809
Dylan Timmins

Boyd Hoyland, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4809
Boyd Hoyland, Dylan Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4809
Susan Kennedy, Alex Kinski

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4809
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4809
Sky Mangel

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4809
Steph Scully

Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4809
Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Joe Mangel, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4809
Joe Mangel, Lyn Scully

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4809
Dylan Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4809
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4809
Lyn Scully

Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4809
Alex Kinski

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