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Neighbours Episode 4799 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4799: The Naked and the Ned
Australian airdate: 1/9/05
UK airdate: 23/11/05
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Weirmeister
Ned Parker: Daniel O'Conner
Jillian Moore: Bridget Borgobello
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
Serena and Connor are in luuurve.
Susan and Alex's first date ends in disaster.
Toadie and Lou try to persuade Stu that maybe an annulment is right, but he rips up the papers.
No. 26
Janelle impresses the Kinski kids by pulling a sickie from the salon for the next 3 days with a supposedly sore arm. Bree asks for a note too to get her off of PE, which Janelle gives her as long as she doesn't do it again, before sending the lot of them off to school so she can put her feet up.
No. 30
Love is obviously in the air as Connor and Serena are pashing on the front doorstep before she goes to school despite Connor wanting her to take a sickie (Toadie pulls some faces in the living room whilst they are being romantic). A happy Connor then comes and sits down next to Toadie, and is asked if he remembers 1987. Connor reminisces that it was the year we walked like an Egyptian but Toadie reminds him that was the year Serena was born and adds that there are leftovers in the Rebecchi fridge which predate her too! Connor isn't impressed with these comments, so Toadie continues with them. Lou comes in and adds his tuppenceworth too.
LOU: I had a crush on Sandra Dee when I was your age but this is ridiculous.
Connor wants to know who Sandra Dee was and Toadie is miffed that Lou ruined the roll he was on. However, as Toadie tells Connor that he has jocks older than her, Serena decides to come back into the house with their mail and isn't impressed when she hears Connor sarcastically say that perhaps he should quit everything and start a babysitting service and hang around the hospital for his next girlfriend to be born!
A still depressed Stu comes in to get Bob's lead and doesn't want to join in the bashing of Connor and even rejects Lou's offer of bacon & eggs.
Bree shows Susan the note to get out of doing PE and is told to go to the library instead and the Kinski kids tell her that she will get caught, just as they spot their dad come into the school. He apologies profusely to Susan for what happened during their date and asks her out to dinner tonight as way of an apology. Suse agrees but instead of going out, invites him round to Number 28 instead.
Susan goes off to do whatever and Bree goes over to Alex to ask if Rachel and Zeke can come round to her house to do homework. But given the fiasco last week, Alex would prefer to have a babysitter round instead before reluctantly agreeing to think about it. Once he leaves, Bree however takes it as read that they are coming round arranges which DVD they can watch. When they say they are not allowed to watch M-rated movies, she tells them that what Alex doesn't know won't hurt him and adds that lying is the easiest bit it is telling the truth that is hard! She then dares them to 'take a walk on the wild side' and Zeke agrees to lie as long as she tells the truth for a whole day.
No. 30
As Connor and Toadie tuck into the bacon & eggs, Lou takes the chance to moan about the room he is lodging in and asks if he can sleep on the couch instead. For the price of getting more eggs, Toadie and Connor agree to his request. Whilst Lou goes off to cook them, they ponder if they are exploiting him enough...before shouting through for him to cook more bacon as well! Stu comes back in after walking Bob and Toadie tells him that he is there if he needs to talk or go out for a beer but Stu just wants to go and shower.
Lassiter's Complex
A Mystery Man gets dropped off by a female in front of the hotel and turns down her invitation to drive him personally to where his brother lives, telling her he'd prefer to walk instead. She hands him her card and tells him to give her a call before he shows her a bit of paper with an address on it. Problem is the street name (Ramsay Street) is clear but where the number is, is a bit blurry. Mystery lady thinks it could be Number 26.
No. 26
Mystery Man has obviously found Ramsay Street and Number 26 okay and has made himself at home by taking a shower. Clad only in a towel, he comes out of the shower singing his head off and tells Harvey that he must be Bobby! Not surprisingly, Harvey doesn't take him on when Mystery Man asks how he is. That is just the start of his problems though as Janelle comes through from the kitchen and spots the Mystery Man clad only in a towel and does what any of us would do...screams! Mystery Man then gives her a complete eyeful by dropping his towel and as he tries to cover up his modesty, Janelle shouts for help.
No. 26
During the conveniently placed ad break, Janelle has managed to find a brush and is fending off Mystery Man with it whilst wanting to know why he is in her house (should that not be Lynnie's house?). He tries to tell her they met at a wedding but Janelle flatly denies this. He then pleads that he is just trying to find his brother but Janelle thinks he is a dirty rotten perve! However, she has managed to get to the door now and opens it to shout for help whilst still tying to hold the conveniently found brush at Mystery Man's throat who is still pleading his innocence.
Bree, Rachel and Susan and Harold arrive wanting to know what is going on. Bree and Rachel are having a giggle at Mystery Man whilst Janelle tells the adults she wants him locked up. Susan comes to the rescue though by recognising Mystery Man as Stu's Brother Ned who they met at the wedding. The no longer Mystery Man also recognises Harold too from the wedding but Janelle wants to know why he is in her living room. Ned explains that he is just wanting to surprise his brother but he got the numbers mixed up and hence is now there instead of at Number 30. Harold offers him a warm welcome and a handshake...and the girls get an eyeful as the towel drops to the floor!
No. 30
Ned with a now tightly secured towel has made it over to Number 30 but Stu isn't exactly overjoyed to see him. Connor asks how long he is there for, he is playing it by ear, so Connor gives him the bad news that the inn is full...unless he wants to doss down with Bob! Ned reluctantly says he'll find himself a hostel but Toadie and Connor let him in on the joke and tell him he can stay as long as he wants. Connor asks what brings him town and Ned replies that some friends have got some bulls being shown in the Melbourne show. Stu announces he is off to work to do some paperwork and Ned is disappointed as he thought they'd crack open a few tinnies.
With Stu and Janelle (she wanted to make sure Ned found the right house) out of the way, Toadie tells Ned he wondered how long it would be before he arrived. Ned is surprised to hear about his brother being a wreck because he seemed fine to him.
The General Store
Rachel and Zeke lie to Alex about the rating of the film they are going to watch and he is happy to let them see it. In turn, Alex thanks Janelle for agreeing to mind his kids and Janelle replies that she doesn't mind as she has to keep a low profile anyway. Alex leaves to get a bottle of wine to take round to Susan's and Bree tells Rachel and Zeke that lying wasn't so hard.
As Harold hands over a lasagne for their supper, Janelle asks Bree if she knows where Janae is. Bree lies and says she is studying in the library but after taking a quick look at Rachel and Zeke, and remembering about their deal, she admits that she doesn't actually know where Janae is. Janelle then asks her if she knows where her sister is and Bree is forced to admit that she is hiding from Janelle. Naturally, Janelle wants to know why but Bree is starting to regret making the deal as she avoids giving an answer.
No. 30
Serena hands Ned some board shorts she took from the shop for him so he could use the pool. Ned asks if they need staff and is politely told no and Connor quickly points him in the direction of the bathroom when he starts to undo his trousers (so he could put the shorts on). Connor comments to Serena that Ned doesn't think there is anything wrong with Stu so she sarcastically asks why he'd want to tell a schoolgirl. He is puzzled for a moment before it dawns on him that Serena must have heard his conversation from earlier and so reassures her that he isn't babysitting her and no, he doesn't think he is too old for her either. Ned interrupts their talk but before she sees to him (he wants to know if there is anything bigger), tells Connor that if he can't take their relationship seriously then why bother.
The General Store
Bree has told the truth and nothing but the truth to Janelle about Janae and she is relieved to hear that Janae isn't having plastic surgery. The kid is on a roll now and tells Janelle that Janae has been trying to contact their father. Janelle wants to know why and Bree replies that she misses him and also mentions talking to Karl about her issues too.
JANELLE: Karl? Cos he is an expert on lying, cheating, rat bags? Why didn't she come to me? I'm her mother.
Bree replies that she doesn't know but after looking at Zeke and Rachel, and Janelle pushing her for an answer, she is forced to tell Janelle that she is hard to talk to important stuff. Janelle goes all quite and Bree tells her she is sorry but before running out of the store in tears, Janelle tells her that it isn't her fault that she is a terrible mother.
BREE: See. Sometimes the truth hurts.
No. 28
Susan chats to Libby on the phone whilst cooking the meal, all excited about her forthcoming date. But I sense trouble, for as Susan goes off to change, she has accidentally knocked over a bottle of oil onto the stove and the contents spill out and head for the flame which burning away cooking something.
No. 26
Janelle comments to Bree that if you do a runner from your family you are treated as a hero but stay around and work for your kid's means they turn on you. Bree says that isn't the case and they love her and turns down Janelle's offer of going to live with their dad. She then also tells her that they find it hard to talk about their dad too because Janelle either goes off the deep end. Janelle tells her they shouldn't waste their breath on him but Bree reminds her that he is their dad and they still love him even if she doesn't. Tears come to Janelle's eyes again at this and she goes off to put the lasagne in the oven as the Kinski's call round.
They come in and Alex goes to check out the DVD's but the kids head him off by telling him not to keep Susan waiting but just as Alex is about to leave, Zeke has an attack of the guilty conscious and admits that the DVD is M-rated and not the PG-rated as they told him earlier. Alex must be so looking forward to his date because he doesn't mind the kids watching the movie.
With Alex now safely out the door, Bree has a go at Zeke for not only backing out of their deal but because Bree being forced to tell the truth has left her mum crying and roughly pushes him into the sofa as a thank you.
No. 30
Lou gets his bedding ready for the sofa and is reassured by Ned that he prefers the floor, as Connor leaves a message on Serena's voicemail apologising yet again. Toadie and Connor have a little spat about what they said earlier and Lou reminisces about the similarities about his relationship with Annalise before telling Connor that he needs to find common ground with Serena. Ned thinks it makes sense, unlike Connor, just as Stu comes home annoyed to find Lou has his bedding ready early. Connor and Toadie drag Lou and his bedding away to talk more about Annalise to let the brothers have a bit of a chat...except Stu isn't exactly in the mood to chat.
No. 28
Told you I sensed trouble as the stove is now on fire! The smoke detector going off alerts Susan to the danger and she goes to tackle the fire with a fire extinguisher just as Alex enters. Carefully putting the wine down first though, he goes over and takes the extinguisher from Susan and puts the fire out.
The General Store
Connor obviously did listen to Lou, as he shows Serena the tickets he has got for Australian Idol since she is an avid viewer. And as a way of celebrating their "reunion" after the quarrel they have a bit of a pash and a hug.
No. 28
The dinner date, which turned into a pizza date following the fire, has come to an end but they are a bit edgy about kissing each other. Disaster strikes though when they both stand up at the same time and Alex turns round and hits Susan in the face with his shoulder. He apologises profusely and wants to know what he can do to help her but she says she is fine and tells him to go and when he does, she feels her nose to see what the damage is.
No. 30
Toadie drags Ned out of the living room when he happened to pass near the opening to see if Stu is talking, heaps during the ad breaks apparently but not about Sindi. Ned says that Stu obviously doesn't want to talk about Sindi and wonders if that is a problem and Toadie replies yes so Ned is pushed back into speak to Stu. However Stu must have a sixth sense over this as he tells Ned not to start when he sits next to him on the couch. Ned decides to ignore what "Chook" said and asks him how it really is going but Stu gets angry for him sticking his nose in especially if he is going to report everything back to their mum. Ned tries to say he is only in town to see the bulls, which Stu doesn't really buy but gives him a message to pass on just in case - he is fine and he has moved on. Ned signals to Toadie who is standing in the opening and they both seem pleased by what Stu has said.
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Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4799
Janelle Timmins

Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4799
Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter, Toadie Rebecchi

Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4799
Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4799
Zeke Kinski

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4799
Bree Timmins

 in Neighbours Episode 4799

Janelle Timmins, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4799
Janelle Timmins, Ned Parker

Ned Parker, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4799
Ned Parker, Harold Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Janelle Timmins

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4799
Stuart Parker

Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4799
Alex Kinski

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4799
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Susan Kennedy, Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4799
Susan Kennedy, Alex Kinski

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4799
Stuart Parker

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