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Neighbours Episode 4798 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4798: A Little Pick Me Up
Australian airdate: 31/08/05
UK airdate: 22/11/05
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Ralph Despicio: Clint Helyer
Summary/Images by: Carly/Elin
Izzy is announced as the new business affairs manager
Dylan and Mike having a fight in the General Store
Izzy refilling her prescription for sleeping tablets and antidepressants
Paul and Joe striking a business deal
Front of Paul & Izzy's
Paul is hammering into his lawn an 'Application for Planning Permit' public notice sign, which attracts the attention of Harold and Lil who are loitering out the front. "What now?" grumbles Harold as they make their way over. Exactamundo, Harry. Exactamundo.
Paul tells them there's nothing to worry about; he's just going to put another storey up and extend outwards. Oh that's okay, they just thought you were going to alter the house in some major way or something. Phew. Izzy zooms up in the red Batmobile and takes her place standing next to Paul, putting her arm around him for good measure. Harold determinedly tells Paul all the neighbours will fight this new development, via a council meeting, "every step of the way."
PAUL: And take work away from your own family?
(Harold and Lil look confused)
PAUL: Yes. That's who I'm entrusting with my happy home.
HAROLD: Well he won't go through with it when he realises what you want him to do.
PAUL: Well it's nice to see you show so much confidence in him, Harold.
HAROLD: Well unlike some he knows what loyalty is all about.
He and Lil do an about-face home with Sky looking on curiously in the background. Izzy tries to give Paul a congratulatory smooch but he won't have a bar of it; "Show's over." Sky looks quite amused by this.
Erinsborough High
Susan catches up with Sky at her locker and mentions she's heard about the tension between Dylan and Mike. She's worried about their past aggressive tendencies but Sky assures her that Dylan's a changed person now. Suse throws her a "good-o" and hopes it stays that way.
Suddenly, there's a ruckus at one of the lockers. Dylan's just found a picture of his head stuck on a dog's body with cartoon-body Sky walking him.
SKY: Okay, so Mike knows how to work Photoshop. Big deal.
(By the looks of things he also knows how to save pics off the BBC website...)
Dylan's itching for revenge but Sky warns against it, it's exactly what Mike wants. She makes her way to art class so she doesn't miss out on the dark room as Boyd hits his cue to walk around the corner to his locker. Dylan fights an internal battle - he wants Boyd's help with something but, hello, it's his girlfriend's ex. He manages to spit out the words while looking like he's about to hurl: "Can I ask you a favour?"
Karl's Surgery
Steph's in having a check-up while nattering on about keeping safe during her pregnancy. Karl tells her to trust her own instincts, "This pregnancy has been a long time coming. Enjoy it." Steph says she's doing just that by quitting the garage and starting work at the Scarlet Bar that day. Karl's thinking the same as me; does she really want to add stress to herself by being around Izzy day in day out?
STEPH: Look, don't worry about her. From what I've heard she'll be keeping her distance.
General Store
Joe's on the mobile pulling one of his, 'Yep, I'm doing the work right now!' tricks on a customer while he's really just slacking off. Sky joins him at the counter (school's over already?) and asks what his plans are for the evening. He tells her that he's off to the dog track with Lynnie, which makes Sky annoyed.
David, Lil and Harold appear out of the depths of nowhere to lay into Joe about his business partnership with Paul. Joe doesn't quite see the dilemma though, he needs the money and besides, Harry was the one who wanted him to contribute more. They all get huffy with him and Sky gives him a glare from the kitchen.
Erinsborough High
Wait, we're back at school now? Does Sky only have art class for the day or did we step into time-warp/TARDIS territory? Anyway, Dylan and Boyd are still hanging around one another but Boyd at least voices the audience's thoughts. "It's just weird. I mean, you're asking me for help?" Dylan just wants to learn some snazzy aikido moves so he can get his own back.
BOYD: Okay, but it's your funeral.
DYLAN: Nah, I'm going to jump him off school grounds it's going to be sweet.
BOYD: No I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about Sky. She's got a big thing about violence and male pride. If you go doing this behind her back and she finds out, mate she will drop you quicker than Mike ever could.
Paul & Izzy's Backyard
Paul's listening to some soothing classical music as Izzy saunters up to him, sitting at the end of the deckchair he's on, and asks for a massage. Paul's happy to oblige until Izzy makes herself too cosy. She's had jack of this rejection business though and gives him a piece of her mind - she doesn't care what he looks like, she just wants some lovin, dammit! Izzy then tries a different tactic and says she'll just find affection elsewhere like he suggested earlier on in the piece. Paul's all for that though, "Izzy if I wasn't comfortable with it I wouldn't have suggested it in the first place."
He hobbles off and Izzy not so secretly grabs her handbag, takes a bottle out, and washes a few pills down with a martini. The gentle classical music in the background is a nice juxtaposition to how Izzy's feeling right now.
Scarlet Bar
Max is teaching Steph how to make some drinks (I hope he threw that container of ice-cream out he just ate out of - Health Inspector Alert!), as Paul makes his way to the bar. Steph starts on his martini while he chats with Max. He supposes that Max won't be cutting him much slack either for the upcoming renovations. Max just grins at him, "Neighbourhood squabbles are the last thing on my mind at the moment, Paul."
Joe strides in and gets cranky with Paul for not telling him about the big plans he had for Ramsay Street. His family are totally mad at him right now! Strewth. Paul flashes him a wad of green ones from his jacket - this money could be a nice little upfront payment. Joe ums and ahs; he's got Sky's uni fees to worry about next year and he wants some money for himself, "Why should we always be struggling?"
Sky has wandered in for some reason and is witness to her dad and Paul's handshake to seal the deal. She's outraged and takes him aside for a word. Paul slips back to the bar.
STEPH: Here we go, Paul. Dry martini without an olive, but with a twist.
PAUL: Thanks, Steph, just what I always enjoy most; the twist.
Oh you cad, you.
Lassiter's Park
Dylan and Boyd are getting ready for their aikido session. Dylan pelts full force at Boyd but is rewarded with a royal flip-over on to the ground. He tries again but says hello to the dirt with his face once more. Boyd lets him know the harder he tries, the easier he makes it for his opponent. "Try to control your aggression, that way your energy can't be used against you." Thank you, sensei. The mah-jong music in the background only compliments your spiritual flair. Dylan is told to give it his best shot and to imagine Boyd is Mike - which only causes D-Man to get thrown to the ground again.
BOYD: You realise your little sister picked it up quicker?
Scarlet Bar
We pan from Sky and Joe having a talk in the background ("Sky, I have financial responsibilities"), to Karl and Susan chatting about the Janae situation at another table. Suse advises he wait till she's back on track and then think about winding the sessions up. Karl thanks her for counselling the counsellor. They have a little back-and-forth banter about Suse's hot date last week but Suse wraps it up before he learns too much more. "It's your shout," they say in unison. Susan thinks Karl 'Scrooge' Kennedy will pay extra? Wow, they *have* been apart for a while.
Meanwhile, in the moody Mangel corner, I get dizzy from the million random extras walking in front of Joe and refocus in time to hear him mention he needs the money, and maybe he can show the new girlfriend a good time as part of the bargain. Sky's face drops, "So this is about Lyn?" Joe wonders if she's going to deny her old man some happiness in his old age.
SKY: Sure, have a ball. Take Paul's dirty money and shower Lyn in diamonds for all I care.
JOE: Sky, don't talk to me like that. I can see whoever I want.
SKY: Well why today?
JOE: Because it's dog night.
SKY: No, dad, it's mum's birthday.
Well done, Mangel Snr. Well done.
Lassiter's Complex
Karl and Susan realise they're heading in the same direction - the General Store to each buy a meal for one. Izzy is sitting at a table in front of said store, looking like a sour-puss, even more so when she hears Susan invite Karl over for dinner.
SUSAN: Nothing posh, just a quick pasta.
KARL: Even better. Do you still undercook it or...
SUSAN: It's al dente, Karl!
Izzy takes the news rather well. And, if I were in fact in opposite land, that statement would be quite true. What she really does is make a dramatic show of taking her pill bottles out of her bag and proceeds to knock her glass of water over, like way to go *not* drawing attention to your mini-pharmacy stash, Izz.
Lassiter's Park
Boyd, and a now shirtless Dylan (don't be taking that title off Mr Parker there, Dyl), are still aikidoing away. Dylan wants to know when they get past this gentle stuff and into the good stuff. Boyd lets him know that aikido isn't about harming people and that he's probably barking up the wrong tree. He walks off, leaving Dylan jumping around like a long lost Mortal Kombat character.
Izzy sashays her way down the hill and gets in Dylan's personal space, complimenting him on his fine physique. She rubs her hands over his chest and purrs, "If you ever get bored with hanging out with Sky, and want to spend some time with a real woman, feel free to pop by. I think we could have heaps of fun together!" She seems a little breathy and not quite herself as she walks away. Dylan's a cross between: The who with the what now? /Izzy + Me = Fun? /Awww yeeeah! Rockin' it big style with da older laydeez!
General Store - Night Time
"Are you sure you don't have school work you should be doing?" Harry asks his granddaughter. No need to worry, Harry. Sky only has one class a day. She wants to know if he wants to come to an old movie with her. Dave and Lil invite themselves along when Dave realises the flick was one of Kerry's favourites. "We'll make it a family outing!"
Joe enters wearing a spiffy shirt and his lovely akubra. "I thought I'd make a bit of an effort for my favourite girl!" Sky's thinking he means Lyn but in actual fact he's talking about her. He wants to celebrate Kerry's birthday with her.
Scarlet Bar
Cut to the two of them enjoying some cake. Joe says she's grown into a beautiful young woman, "I'm real proud of you, chook." Sky apologises for being stroppy before, she just wanted today to be special. Steph brings them over a hot chocolate each with a Tim Tam on the side (yum!).
JOE: A Tim Tam slam. This is what your mum and I used to have on her birthdays.
SKY: Sounds great.
*Love* Tim Tam slamming. Using the choccie bickie as a straw is the only way to fly my friend.
Max and Steph are annoyed because Izzy just phoned in complaining about something. Steph says they should just buy her out but Max reminds her about bills and the baby and all that jazz. These kidlets must have a billion loans by now - or did Charlie's will come through? I can't keep track. Either way that plan is a no go for now.
Joe dabs at Sky's face with a napkin because they're grubs and have got chocolate everywhere. He gets a little serious and tells Sky the reason he didn't make a fuss today is because he doesn't usually celebrate her mum's birthday, "I normally commemorate the day we lost her." Sky thought it would be a nice new tradition to celebrate this way and Joe agrees.
JOE: You know when you spat the dummy before? It's about Lyn too, isn't it?
SKY: I just wasn't really comfortable with you dating her on a day like today. I guess I've been missing mum heaps lately and then you came to town and I thought we'd be able to hang out heaps, but you've been so busy working and seeing Lyn I ended up missing you too.
JOE: Well, you're such an independent young woman I didn't think you needed your old man hanging around.
SKY: Dad! I'll always need you!
JOE: I'm going to make sure I make you number one more often.
SKY: (smiling) More often? I was kind of hoping for all the time.
JOE: (joking) Don't push it, chook.
They resume the Tim Tam slammage.
Paul is curious as to why Dylan's invited him over. He thinks Dylan needs money or some help to get him out of trouble, but it's nothing like that. D-Man lets him know that Izzy tried to crack on to him earlier. Paul's response isn't quite what he expected though; he thinks that Dylan's a lucky guy, most guys his age would kill for that to happen to them.
DYLAN: Oh, look, maybe you've got one of those open relationships or whatever, it's none of my business. But I just thought you'd want to know.
PAUL: Hmm, well now I do.
He nonchalantly strolls out the door leaving Dylan all confused. Once Paul's outside though his face falls and he looks a bit annoyed slash worried.
Max and Steph are still talking about Izzy - they can either be up to their eyeballs in debt or be stressed every day for the rest of their lives. Hey, they're Hoylands, they should be used to that by now.
Boyd, on the phone to Summer, walks in with a gift bag for the two of them that has a present from himself and Sum. It's a stuffed toy shark.
BOYD: We figured it should be cute and floppy because of dad and tough because of you.
Front of Scarlet Bar
Paul lurks around a corner, hiding from Izzy, as she stumbles out of the bar with some random sleaze (he's on the phone to his girlfriend saying he's got lots of 'work' to do). Izzy mentions a few clubs she knows about that they should check out and they make their merry way to them. Paul follows as fast as he can after them but the combo of a wooden leg and a walking stick makes him speedy as a... well... one-legged man with a walking stick. Where's the Batmobile when you need it?
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 in Neighbours Episode 4798

Harold Bishop, Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4798
Harold Bishop, Liljana Bishop

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4798
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4798
Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4798
Steph Scully

Susan Kennedy, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4798
Susan Kennedy, Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4798
Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4798
Sky Mangel, Joe Mangel

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4798
David Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4798
Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4798
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Dylan Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4798
Dylan Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4798
Boyd Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4798
Sky Mangel

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4798
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Dylan Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4798
Dylan Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Dylan Timmins, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4798
Dylan Timmins, Izzy Hoyland

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4798
Joe Mangel

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4798
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

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