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Neighbours Episode 4777 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4777: Losers Weepers
Australian airdate: 02/08/05
UK airdate: 24/10/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Kayla Thomas Virginia Ryan
Ashley Thomas Amielle Lemaire
Anthony Johnson Adam Hunter
Joe Mangel Mark Little
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Lyn needing a handyman, and Joe being a handyman!
- Kayla telling the Hoylands that Anthony doesn't know about Ashley.
Anthony's Abode
Kayla begs the Hoylands to go, but they ain't budging. The front door opens, and Anthony comes out. He asks who the Hoylands are. Max introduces them, and Anthony asks what they are doing there. They all look at each other, until Steph says that maybe Kayla would like to tell him.
Scarlet Bar
Karl brings in the last of Izzy's things from the flat. She says she was going to come and get them...she thought maybe they could talk about where they are at. Karl says that's the last thing he wants, and turns away. Izzy rushes after him, and says they were in love - truly in love! Surely that means something to him?
KARL: Not anymore.
Anthony's Abode
Kayla says she met the Hoylands in Shazza's hometown Swan Hill when she was backpacking - lived with them, actually - they needed a nanny for their new baby. Anthony says she is cute, and asks what her name is. Steph replies 'Ashley,' and Anthony says that's his Mum's name. Steph raises and eyebrow at Kayla, as Anthony coos over Ashley. Steph asks if that is Anthony's parent's house and he replies that it is - they are up the Riverina for the week looking after his sister and her baby, but he's almost saved enough for a deposit on a place of his own. Kayla tries to get the Hoylands to go, but Anthony thinks they might like to stay, so Kayla can tell them all about her travels. Steph says they had better head off, but first she wants a word with Kayla. Max takes Ashley and the boy's head of with the baby.
Steph tells Kayla they are not going to leave until she tells Anthony about Ashley. Kayla says he'll just kick them both out. Steph says he seems to love babies, but Kayla points out they aren't his own. Kayla doesn't know what she'll do if she looses him, but Steph reminds her that she might not.
KAYLA: My own mother kicked me out on the street when she found out, why should Anthony be any different?
STEPH: He loves you, I can tell.
Anthony comes up and asks if everything is ok, and Steph tells Kayla she'll be in the car if she needs her.
Erinsborough High
Susan is leading the troops in a clean-up working bee, when Karl comes in. Susan tries to get him to work with a broom, but he has just come to remind her that, because he isn't going overseas anymore, he can still counsel students at the school. He goes to leave, but Susan cons him into staying for a little while, saying it might take his mind off things. She supposes a smile from him would be pushing it, but he gives her a weak smile.
General Store
Dylan watches on as Joe wrangles some free food out of Harold. LynnieInOveralls™ comes over and says hi to Joe and Sky - turns out they are all off to the School working bee, and Lyn is impressed they are doing their bit to help - she wishes more blokes thought like Joe.
Janae goes over to Dylan and starts sniping about how she knew it wouldn't last between him and Sky, and he tells her she doesn't know what she is talking about, before storming off to the car.
Izzy enters just as Lyn is leaving, and they nearly bump into each other.
IZZY: Sorry.
LYN: No, don't be. I've been meaning to tell you - you've made me believe in Karma. The whole world knows you for the manipulator you really are. You're just a liar, Izzy. And you're an adulterer.
IZZY: Get out of my w...
LYN: Yeah, good on ya.
Lyn leaves and Sky adds her two cents worth, telling Izzy she isn't welcome there.
Erinsborough High
Joe is trying to fix a desk, but says it is too much of a fiddly job. Susan says that's why they have volunteers.
JOE: Volunteers! ... Uhh...No, no quite right - no job too big, no challenge to small, and all that...well - come on then Sky! Crack on!
Susan returns to the hallway and Karl is there. She says he has earned a break, and if he wants to sit down she'll get him a coffee. He asks why she is being so nice to him. Susan says she can stop if he likes, but Karl was just waiting for the 'I told you so'. Susan says there isn't one, and Karl replies that she should give up on him. She tells him she tried it, it didn't stick.
General Store
Izzy is sitting down, nervously fiddling with a packet of sugar, when Harry comes over and clears his throat. She seems relieved, and says she thought he was trying to avoid her. He sits down, and Izzy tries to apologise, but Harold cuts her off. He says he has done a lot of social work in his time, and he thought he had seen human kind at its worst. He can't understand how she could have treated any human being the way she treated Karl - it's just beyond him. Izzy sobs that she never meant to hurt him...Harold continues that Karl was just a decent, trusting man who loved her unconditionally, and gave her anything she ever wanted. Izzy sobs that even he hates her, but Harry says he doesn't hate her - he is very disappointed in what she has done, but he doesn't hate her.
IZZY: Can you forgive me?
HAROLD: It's not my forgiveness that you need, Isabelle. You'll get the forgiveness from the people that you've hurt. If. You. Deserve it. I sincerely hope you do...
He gets up and leaves Iz to shed a few more tears.
Anthony's Abode
Kayla and Anthony are talking in the yard, and Steph, Max and Boyd are trying to read their body language. Max wants to go and see what's going on, but Steph holds him back, pointing out that the only thing Kayla was scared of was losing the guy she loves - she's not in any danger. Next thing, Kayla and Anthony have a big hug, then walk over to the Hoylands hand in hand.
ANTHONY: Can I hold my daughter...please?
Steph looks at Max, then Boyd, and hands Ashley over. He cuddles her and gets all emotional.
ANTHONY: Ashley. Ashley Johnson. Hey sweetie! I'm your Dad!
Anthony's Abode
Max wheels the pram up to the porch, as Anthony tells them how much he appreciates them trying to help 'Kayls' out. Kayla gets up and says to Boyd that he made so many sacrifices for her...he tells her he did it because he wanted to - he wanted her and Ash to be happy. Kayla says they will be. Steph gives her a hug and says to look after her, Kayla promises she will, and she promises to keep in touch. She gives Boyd a hug, and Boyd tells Anthony that Kayla and Ashley are special girls - make sure he looks after them. Anthony says they have his word. Boyd tells Ashley that her Mummy wants her to get into sport, so to make sure she grows up nice and strong so she can do that. Kayla thanks the EmotionalHoyalnd's™ again - she says she'll never forget what they did for her.
Erinsborough High
Sky tells Susan she has to go, and Suse thanks her for her help. Susan tells Karl he has stayed well over the half hour she conned him into, so he can go if he wants. Karl thinks this is her way of dismissing him. Susan says it isn't, but Karl asks her to stop being so indulgent.
SUSAN: What, would you rather it if I was mean to you?
KARL: I deserve to feel like hell. You know it, and I know it.
He leaves, and Lyn comes over to Susan and asks if she is ok. Susan says she hopes Karl is alright. Susan leaves and Jane says to Lyn that it looks like Dr K is 'on a bit of a downer' but Lyn says he kind of brought it upon himself. She turns around but bumps into Joe. She asks how he is going, and he asks where Sky went, before going their separate ways. Joe goes over to Dylan and says he is a better man than he is...he has heard about his inexperience....with the, you know...Horizontal Mambo. A little bit of ... Nah, we won't go there...Dylan is a bit confused, but Joe says Sky picked it up - girls have a good instinct about that sort of thing.
DYLAN: Sky thinks I've never...?
JOE: Look, at least you're not one of those Smart Alec's' who've been through the Karma Sutra before they're 14! I mean good ol' fashion innocence? I respect that mate! Especially in blokes goin' out with my daughter!
Ramsay Street
Sky loiters at the letterbox, Janae prances up the path, and the Hoylands...pull up at home. Boyd says he is going for a walk, but Janae calls him over, just as Dylan sprints up the street. Sky stops Dylan. She wants to clear the air, and then maybe...'do something about it', but Dylan says she needs to get her facts straight first.
Boyd tells Janae that he and Kayla realised they were never actually in love, to which Janae replies 'of course you weren't.' She says if Kayla had taken her advice in the first place, he wouldn't be in this mess. Boyd wants to know what advice...Janae says she knew Kayla was just using them as a meal ticket, and she told her so. Boyd gives her the what-for for interfering, and says to keep away from him and stay out of his life.
Scarlet Bar
Max comes in to find a crowd of random extra's thirsty punters at the bar. He apologises and says he'll be with them in a minute. He opens the office door, to find Izzy lazing on the sofa in the office. She says thank god he is here, but he isn't impressed. Rob called and said they are short staffed, and Izzy refused to go out into the bar - she wouldn't even pick up a phone to call in extra staff.
IZZY: How can I possible work? I'm going through agony and no one cares!
MAX: (laughs) You want sympathy?
IZZY: Is it too much to ask for comfort from my family?
MAX: Your fam...Your brother, your nephew, and more particularly your sister-in-law, have been through hell in the last few days, and here you are, sitting around...
IZZY: What? What are you talking about?
MAX: You know what's been going on, Izzy - you can't be that self absorbed th...geez, you are incredible, aren't you? You get yourself into all kinds of stink due to your own weird stuff and you expect me to come running, but the minute that me, or Steph or Boyd need you, you just don't give a damn!
IZZY: But you've got each other - I don't have anyone, everyone's turned against me!
MAX: Whose fault is it that? Now I'm sorry Izzy, I'm just fresh out of sympathy, now get up, get out here and start pulling your weight.
Steph is curled up on the couch, fiddling with a teddy bear, when Boyd comes home. He asks where Max is, and Steph says at work - they had staff problems...Steph tells Boyd that Susan rang - a place has opened up at Study Camp. Steph thinks it might be a good idea to catch up on his missed school work. Boyd says he'll talk to her tomorrow, and goes to leave, but Steph calls him back.
STEPH: You did the right thing, mate. Your whole gut instinct - that Ashley shouldn't be parted from her mother...you were right. I mean...I couldn't see it, bit I didn't want to see it.
BOYD: Yeah, well I didn't have to go around stomping on everyone's feelings like that...I caused you and Dad so much grief...I'm sorry.
STEPH: The one rule of adoption...the one I forgot - it's all about the baby. It's not about me, or Max, or...anyone else...
BOYD: You guys would have made great parents.
STEPH: Thanks. I think you would have too...
Boyd sits down next to her and asks if she thinks Kayla and Anthony will be ok. Steph says she hopes so, and Boyd says because if anything ever happened to Ash...Steph stops him, and holds his hand, telling him that they will look after her brilliantly, she knows they will. Ashley will be fine, and they (Steph, Max, Boyd) will be fine too, but she's going to miss 'that little girl' like crazy.
STEPH:Hey, uhh...you're not to old to give your Step-Mum a hug these days, are you?
BOYD: Nah...I'm not to old to give my Mum a hug either.
*wipes away a tear* Steph and Boyd have a cuddle. *wipes away another tear*
Number 26
Susan says she can understand why Karl wouldn't want comfort from her, but Lyn says if she were Karl, she'd be taking it wherever she could get it! Dylan rushes out and asks where he can get a pen and paper, but Lyn says they are having a conversation.
DYLAN: Ah... 'Scuse me Lyn, could you please tell me where I may find a pen and some paper?
Lyn laughs and tells him the second drawer, and he rushes away. Susan asks Lyn if the leaky roof is fixed, and Lyn replies that Joe is coming back again tomorrow to fix it, before reflecting on how weird that sounds, calling someone else that.
SUSAN: Someone who isn't your Joe...
LYN: Well, yeah!
SUSAN: Not yet, anyrate...
LYN: Sorry?!?!?!
SUSAN: Oh Lynette! You fancy him, you know you do!
LYN: Oh for heavens sakes! We've only just met!
Dylan is on the phone to Janelle in the kitchen, asking the names of some girls from the Colac Kiosk. He finds out their names were Bunty and Mona...he thanks Janelle and hangs up, whooping victoriously.
General Store
Karl is sitting looking mournful, when Janae storms in and starts abusing him. She says since she started seeing him, her life has gone down the tube, so thanks a bunch. Karl tries to say he is off duty, although that normally wouldn't matter...but Janae talks over him, listing her world's woes. Karl says he is sure it isn't that bad, but Janae tells him to tell her the truth - not that 'fuzzy, feel-good manure'. Karl says it is the truth, but Janae tells him he is just an idiot who can't even run his own life - he's got everything and he is still suffering. What hope has she got?
KARL: (incredulously) You know something? You're absolutely right! I'm an idiot! I've totally messed up my life! But...I have the tools to change things!
Janae looks confused and asks where he is going, as Karl jams some money into Harold's hand and says there is nothing wrong with the food, but there is something he has to do. He tells Janae we all have the power to make choices, no matter how black things may seem. He chooses happiness, and she can too - seize the day, that's what he is going to do. He takes the money back out of Harold's hand, and leaves. Harold looks at his hand and marvels at the fabulous trick of the disappearing money.
Sky answers the door to Dylan, who presents her with a list. Inexperienced, she thinks? Well, look at that! Sky reads the list and Dylan asks if she is impressed. She replies that she was...before this...now she just feels nauseous. Dylan is all 'what???' but Sky asks if he really thought that was going to impress her. Dylan says nah, it's so she knows there is nothing to talk about - he knows more than most other guys ever will!
SKY: You really don't get it, do you Dylan?
She closes the door in his face.
Scarlet Bar
Susan is reading a newspaper, when Karl bounces cheerfully up to her. He's like Tigger on a sugar high. Or a Chinchilla on a Chinese Scooter. Susan asks if he is alright, and Karl says he is - someone very unexpected has flipped the cosmic light switch, and he is seeing things very clearly.
SUSAN: Have you been drinking?
Karl laughs that he hasn't, and says he knows this is going to seem like a bit of a rush, and they'll have to get their skates on, because there is an awful lot to organise, but he thinks he has everything under control. Susan just wants to know what he is talking about. Karl whips out two airline tickets (that he must have retrieved of the ground from a sobbing Izzy last week), and tells her 'Paris - I want you to come to Europe with me!'
Ba-boom tish! Susie-Doll looks stunned.
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Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4777
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Anthony Johnson, Kayla Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4777
Anthony Johnson, Kayla Thomas

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4777
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4777
Izzy Hoyland

Steph Scully, Ashley Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4777
Steph Scully, Ashley Thomas

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4777
Susan Kennedy

Joe Mangel, Sky Mangel, Lyn Scully, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4777
Joe Mangel, Sky Mangel, Lyn Scully, Dylan Timmins

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4777
Lyn Scully

Joe Mangel, Sky Mangel, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4777
Joe Mangel, Sky Mangel, Susan Kennedy

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4777
Harold Bishop

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4777
Izzy Hoyland

Kayla Thomas, Ashley Thomas, Anthony Johnson in Neighbours Episode 4777
Kayla Thomas, Ashley Thomas, Anthony Johnson

Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4777
Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland

Lyn Scully, Janae Timmins, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4777
Lyn Scully, Janae Timmins, Joe Mangel

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4777
Sky Mangel

Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4777
Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4777
Dylan Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4777
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

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