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Neighbours Episode 4767 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4767: Alas, Poor Yorick
Australian airdate: 19/07/05
UK airdate: 10/10/05
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Janae Timmins – Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Bree Timmins – Sianoa Smitt-McPhee
Kayla Thomas – Virginia Ryan
Ashley Thomas – Amielle Lemaire
Bronnie Knight – Lara Welsh
Tyler Knight – Kiraley Noy
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Steph telling Max he can wrap Boyd in cotton wool, but that's not the way she wants to live her life.
- Sindi discovering Yorick and being scared.
- Summer telling Boyd he's wrecked the family.
Hoylands - House of the Angst
Kayla says she knew this would happen, but Boyd says not to listen - it's his house too, and she has every right to be there. Summer exclaims that he is so selfish, and runs out. Max and Steph are arguing about who is going to go after her before she is even out the door, but Steph wins, and grabs the keys. Kayla goes to apologise to Max, but Boyd says it's not her fault, and asks if Summer is going to get away with that. Max tells him to ease up - this hasn't been the fairytale she was expecting, but Boyd snipes that life isn't a fairytale. Steph tells him to give her a break and Boyd points out that obviously Steph agrees with Summer.
STEPH: I know how hard this has been on her too.
Steph runs out after Summer, and Boyd tells Max he knows it hasn't turned out the way everyone wanted, but if they can stay there, they shouldn't have to put up with that. Max firmly tells him to drop it. On ya Maxy!
General Store
Bree tells Summer not to worry - all boys are idiots - especially ones in love! Janae loudly exclaims that Boyd isn't in love - he's just too nice for his own good. Janae has now changed her tune - Kayla's the one she is mad with, Boyd is still God. Good ol' Nanna Scully cuts in and says they are there to celebrate Summer getting into Music School, and tells Bree she should be proud of herself too. Bree says she just can't believe Summer is going tomorrow, but Summer says the sooner the better, the way things are at home. Lyn passes Summer a yummy looking piece of Mud Cake, as Bree asks Summer, when she is famous, can she turn her sheet music? Summer says she'll be too busy writing best sellers. Karl interrupts and asks Janae if she'll be at their session tomorrow, then goes off to answer his phone, passing Steph on his way out. Steph tells Summer she's been looking for her, and asks Lyn if she minds if she borrows Sum for a sec. Sum gets up and Steph tells her to bring her cake with her. Bring me some too Sum!
Sindi brings Stu a beer, but she doesn't remember Toadie asking nicely for one, so he doesn't get one. Toad says he ran into Stu's mate Trent at the Servo earlier, and he reckons he will be back at work soon. Sindi scuttles off to get Toadie a beer, and Toadie asks if he hit a nerve. Stu tells Toadie how he accused Sindi of being the perpetrator, and although they haven't found the driver, she had glasses and long dark hair.
A blood curdling scream comes from the kitchen - Sindi has come face to face with dear old Yorick again. Stu jokes that he thought it was something important, it's fine and he isn't going to kill it. Sindi starts rambling off facts about huntsman spiders - she has done some research on the internet. They even live for up to two years!
TOADIE: Really? We should start charging him rent!
Stu tells her to give him a chance - she might grow to like him!
SINDI: Honey we're talking about a spider here, not a member of the Timmins family.
Sindi proclaims that Stu can sleep with Yorick - she's going home to sleep in her own bed at Susan's.
General Store
Summer picks at her cake - hey, if you don't want it I'll have it! - as Steph tells her she knows how she feels, but getting angry isn't going to help. Summer says that Boyd has caused the whole problem. Steph tells her she doesn't want her last day to be filled with anger and fighting - she's going on a big adventure! Summer says to Steph that she can't leave her here by herself - with Boyd being such an idiot, and Max taking Boyd's side, and Kayla and Ashley in her face all the time...Steph tells her it isn't about 'us against them' - and Max is trying hard to look out for all of them, including Summer. Besides, she'll be fine - she's a Scully, and that means TOUGH! She'll get through this, and so will Summer. Steph tells Sum that they are a lot alike - they are both independent, responsible...and they both have really, really painful brothers!
SUMMER: At least yours doesn't pick his nose...
STEPH: Oh the stories I could tell you!
SUMMER: Steph...you don't deserve this.
STEPH: Yeah, it has broken my heart... (she pauses and blinks back tears) But, um, it's also made me realise how lucky I am. I couldn't wish for a better, smarter, more talented, or more beautiful daughter than you. I'm gonna miss you sooo much! But you're going off to do great things, right? And when you come back...all this rubbish will be sorted out.
Sum and Steph have a nice big mother/daughter hug and everyone wipes away their own tears. *Sob*
Hoylands - Home of the Screaming Baby
Ok everyone, ear-muffs ON? Check! Ashley is giving her lungs a work out...still. Boyd doesn't know what else to do for her. Kayla says they (Stax) are going to freak out if they (Kayla and Boyd...Koyd? Bayla? Meh) don't do something soon. Boyd says it isn't that bad. Oh yeah Boydie? How about I record that baby screaming, and play it ba...ahem. Boyd says she's a baby - she's going to cry, but Kayla says it's been going on for hours - they need to find somewhere else to stay. Boyd says they are fine there for now.
Max and Steph's Bedroom - Yes! They *do* have one!
Steph and Max are lying awake, listening to Ashley cry. Steph sits up and says she has to go out there - they don't know what they are doing. Max wraps and arm around her and says he knows, but they aren't going to learn if she does it for them. He rubs her arm comfortingly, as she says they can't put up with this all night - they are going to be zombies! Max says he knows - they just have to give them a chance. Steph says she's trying, but Ashley just sounds so upset!
STEPH: I just want to hold her, Max.
Max wraps his arm around her tighter, and says the best thing they can do is let them see if they can sort it out for themselves. Suddenly a light blinds them....no, wait, someone has just opened their bedroom door. It's Summer - she can't sleep either, and cuddles up between Max and Steph. She says she's kind of relieved she's going tomorrow. Max says it isn't much fun, is it? Summer and Steph don't think so either, and the three lay own and try and get some sleep.
Hoylands - early morning
Ashley is still crying, and Boyd and Kayla are looking frazzled. Kayla thinks maybe they should call Karl, but Boyd says her temperature is fine. Steph comes out and says Kayla and Boyd look exhausted. Kayla apologises for last night, and Steph says it is fine, but if ever they need a break or someone to take Ashley for a while, Max and her are both there. Boyd snaps thanks, but they are fine. Ashley is still crying, though, so Steph offers to have a go. Kayla gratefully hands her over. Steph rocks Ashley, walking around the loungeroom, whispering to her, and Ashley begins to quiet down.
STEPH: Hey, hey, hey, hello! Aww, I know why you're upset! Hey... I haven't taken you for a ride on the big motorbike yet, have I, hey? Silly me - would you like that? Yeeeah, I'll take you for a ride!
By now, Ashley is completely silent, and Kayla and Boyd are dead to the world, sprawled on the lounge.
Yorick scuttles up the hallway, Sindi in hot pursuit. She dives on him, and whacks him with a shoe. Alas, poor Yorick.
SINDI: Aha! Not so tough now, are you?
TOADIE: (appears in the hallway) Nooooooo!
Sindi tries to tell Toadie that Yorick tried to bite her, but Toadie points out that she just happened to conveniently have Stu's shoe in her hand...and besides - she didn't even stay there last night! She snuck in to kill Yorick on purpose!
TOADIE: You're a murderer!
SINDI: I am the victim here!
SINDI: Will you stop saying that!
She says Stu wants her to move in officially today, and she isn't doing that unless the place is completely pest free! She leaves, and Toadie looks down at the shoe.
TOADIE: Yorick!
I hereby declare this an official day of mourning, and call for a minutes silence, out of respect for our dear friend Yorick. Alas, poor Yorick. May his soul rest in peace.
Steph has managed to totally calm down Ashley, and Kayla and Boyd are still asleep.
STEPH: And when you've got the wind blowing in your face, and that big engine humming, on that big, open, stretched out road...Aww, there's nothing like it - nothing else can touch it. How about we go for a walk to the shop hey? Go and buy some croissants? Yeah, lets go and buy a special little treat for everybody when they wake up. Yes, and we'll be back before anyone even knows we're gone!
Lassiters - outside.
Steph wheels Ashley through Lassiters, and whispers that she's asleep at last. A young mum sitting on a bench asks if Steph has been up all night too. Steph says Ashley has been training her lungs for the next Olympics. The mum introduces Steph to her son Tyler, who has also kept her up. Steph introduces the mum to Ashley. She realises they haven't introduced themselves yet. Her name is Bronnie, and she states that a baby completely takes over your life. She asks if it is Steph's first.
STEPH: Uuuh...Yep. Yep.
BRONNIE: Mine too. (She looks at Ashley) Aww, she's a sweetie, isn't she? (Steph just nods)
Erinsborough High
Janae tells Karl she often thinks about what it would be like to have kids of her own one day - with the right man and everything. Karl says she is a little young to be thinking about that, especially when she comes from such a big family, and her own relationship with her Mum isn't that great. Janae takes this as meaning he think she won't be a good Mum, but Karl assures her that's not what he means at all, he's just surprised she's interested. Janae says it'd be nice - her own little family - but Karl says there is more to parenting than she realises. It sounds to him as if she wants the boy more than the baby.
JANAE: Sometimes it seems like a baby's the only way to get 'em.
KARL: Oooh dear, I've got a word for that - Entrapment.
JANAE: I'm not trying to do that, I just said it would be nice...
Karl asks how things are at home, and if she is still under pressure to get a job. Janae says she is, and Karl asks how that is affecting her relationship with her other siblings.
Toadie is telling Stu Sindi is a cold blooded murder, but Stu thinks Sindi wouldn't do it...till Toadie shows him Yorick on the shoe.
STU: Yorick!
Sindi comes in with some boxes and asks if anyone is going to help her, but Toadie isn't sure how he feels about helping murderers out. Stu says she just has a bad case of arachnophobia, which is come from ze Greek word....I mean...Toadie says the look in her eye wasn't fear, it was grim determination. Sindi tells him to get over it, but it's not that easy for a grieving Toadie.
TOADIE: We lost a member of our household today Sindi.
SINDI: And you're about to gain a new one, Toadie.
TOADIE: Hey Bobby, we've got an animal hater in our mist - watch your back mate!
SINDI: Look, answer me this. Did you go to the pet store deliberately to go and buy Yorick, or did he slither in here one day and you were just to lazy to get rid of him?
TOADIE: Spiders don't slither...
SINDI: You know what I mean!
Stuart breaks it up, saying she's sure it was an accident and Sindi is very sorry. Sindi says of course she is - she wishes she'd never met Yorick at all.
Bree and Summer are giggling about Trumpet boys and little red tops, and Bree coming to visit while they pack Summer's things. Max tells them to keep it down a bit, as Boyd and Kayla are asleep on the lounge still. Boyd and Kayla stir awake, and Max comments that they were out for the count. Boyd says they needed it, and Kayla asks where Ashley is. Boyd says she was with Steph. Max tells them she probably took Ashley for a walk or something, but Boyd realises they've been gone over 2 hours. Boyd wants to call her, but Max says she hasn't taken her mobile, and besides, does he honestly think Steph would do anything to put Ashley in danger? Boyd says it is pretty weird - taking a newborn baby out without even telling her parents. Parents? PA...urgh. Kayla tells Boyd she is sure they are fine.
MAX: Listen, do you have any idea how difficult it has been for Steph, having you two in the house? I'm sorry Kayla, you're very welcome, but a little bit of understanding wouldn't go astray.
BOYD: She still shouldn't have taken Ashley without telling us.
Max: (laughs incredulously) Are you serious? You two were dead to the world! She was giving you a chance to catch up on some sleep. Before you go making assumptions, why don't you think of a way to say thankyou.
Table Outside Lassiter's
Bronnie asks Steph what her diet is like - how did she get her figure back so quickly? Steph just says 'like you can talk!' and looks up as Lyn and Oscar come walking up. Bronwyn introduces herself and Tyler, and Steph introduces Ozzie and Lyn. Lyn asks if they've been swapping secrets, and Bronnie says yes - for too long, actually, she has to go. She leaves, telling Steph it's been great and she'd really love to catch up again. Lyn sits down and Steph looks guiltily at her. She says she didn't say she was the Mum, Bronnie just jumped to conclusions. Lyn says she knows it's nice to ponder sometimes, about how things might have been...but in the end....Steph says she knows - Lyn doesn't have to tell her.
Toadie is helping Sindi unpack, but only because Stu offered to buy him a six-pack...and because it keeps him away from the books too. Sindi says she has already said she was sorry for hurting Yorick.
TOADIE: Uh, I think the word is 'killed' or 'squashed'.
Sindi drops a box of her things, and Toadie is shocked to see a long, dark coloured wig amongst her possessions. She quickly gathers her things up and hurries off to unpack.
Boyd is going on about Steph knowing what time Max wanted to leave, so why isn't she back? Max assures him she'll be here. Bree presents Summer with the first chapter of a book she is writing about Summer when she is a famous concert pianist, and says she'll send the rest of the chapters when it is finished. Boyd hurries over to the door as he spies Steph coming up the driveway. She apologises for being late, telling them it was such a beautiful day in the park they couldn't drag themselves away. Boyd says she should've taken her phone or something - they didn't know where she was...but thanks for walking her. Steph says she picked up some croissants for the drive, and Max says he thought she might have been doing something like that. He kisses her as Boyd says they were just glad to get the sleep - Kayla agrees that they needed it. Steph says she's sorry - she probably should have left a note or something, but Kayla says not to worry - they really appreciated it. Max says they have to get a hustle on, and as they head towards the door, Bree interviews Summer.
BREE: So, Miss Hoyland. You've come a long way since your humble beginnings in Erinsborough. On your World Tour, what will you miss most about your home town?
SUMMER: Aunt Izzy's make-over's, Nanna Scully's muffins, and of course my best friend Breeee.
BREE: Hrm, I seeee.
Hoylands - Outside
Lyn gives Summer a hug and says goodbye - but no tears - because they'll still be seeing each other, and writing and talking on the phone. Max says they have to get a move on - two hours of highway ahead, and Summer walks over to Boyd.
SUMMER: You must be glad I'm leaving.
BOYD: Yeah. No more stupid Hilary Duff movies, we get anchovies on our pizzas, and I get the stereo all to myself.
SUMMER: Are you going to come to visit?
BOYD: Of course.
SUMMER: Well then...maybe the three of you can come together?
BOYD: Yeah... I reckon we could do that.
SUMMER: I'm sorry for being such a pain...
BOYD: Hey, you can't help it - you were just born that way!
Boyd hugs her and says to have an awesome time - and if anyone hassles her, to let him know! She says goodbye and gets into the car. Kayla says why doesn't he go with them - she'll be fine with Ashley. Boyd asks if they have room for one more and jumps in. Bree tells Summer to email her the second she gets there. The Hoylands drive off, and Lyn says she is just over the road if Kayla needs anything.
Hoylands - Inside
Kayla is telling Ashley they'll be back before she knows it, when Janae storms in.
KAYLA: Uh...who are you?
JANAE: I need to know one thing. Do you love Boyd?
KAYLA: Sorry...what?
Janae repeats the question, and Kayla says it is none of her business. Janae says she's made a life long commitment with him, and she doesn't even know him! Kayla says she knows enough - most guys would have run a mile.
JANAE: There's a word for what you're doin you know. Entrapment.
Wooo - déjà vu!
Janae says Kayla doesn't love him, and families need love. Kayla asks who gave Janae the right to walk in there and start telling her how to live her life?
JANAE: I'm just speakin up for Boyd coz he's too nice to speak up for himself. Just because you've ruined your own life, doesn't mean you have to ruin his as well!
KAYLA: Who says I'm ruining his life?
JANAE: You really think a guy wants to spend his life with a chick he doesn't love, and a baby that isn't his own? If you do, you're pathetic.
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Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4767
Max Hoyland

Kayla Thomas, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4767
Kayla Thomas, Boyd Hoyland

Janae Timmins, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4767
Janae Timmins, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully

Summer Hoyland, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4767
Summer Hoyland, Bree Timmins

Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4767
Toadie Rebecchi, Stuart Parker

Stuart Parker, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4767
Stuart Parker, Sindi Watts

Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4767
Steph Scully, Summer Hoyland

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4767
Summer Hoyland

Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas, Ashley Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4767
Steph Scully, Boyd Hoyland, Kayla Thomas, Ashley Thomas

Ashley Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4767
Ashley Thomas

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4767
Janae Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4767
Karl Kennedy, Janae Timmins

Bronnie Knight, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4767
Bronnie Knight, Steph Scully

Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully in Neighbours Episode 4767
Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4767
Steph Scully

Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4767
Toadie Rebecchi, Sindi Watts

Kayla Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4767
Kayla Thomas

Kayla Thomas, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4767
Kayla Thomas, Janae Timmins

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