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Neighbours Episode 4768 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4768: Flipping Your Wig
Australian airdate: 20/7/05
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Michael Boland
Guests: Janelle Timmins: Nell Feeney
Bree Timmins: Sianoa Smit-McPhee
Summary/Images by: Linda/Elin
- Susan telling Lil about Izzy's baby lie
- Stu informing Toadie of the woman in the black wig
- Sindi's black wig falling out in front of Toadie
Like most girls who have suffered a significant loss in their lives, Bree digs into the chocolate ice-cream in order to compensate Summer's absence. Janelle notices her gloominess and being the good, astute HomerSimpson-esq parent she asks if her daughter is upset about missing "Sunny". Bree quietly corrects her and sighs that Summer understood her and no one else will ever come close. Janelle enquires about the "nerdy looking kid with the big hair and squeaky voice" (Penny for those of you at home) but Bree merely states she'll probably get some scholarship and leave her as well!
BREE: Summer understood me. She liked the fact I knew what semi-colons were for. And I knew what a split infinitive was. You just don't replace friends like that.
Seeing Miss Bree needs significant cheering up, Janelle announces she's got a HUGE surprise...but she can have it later.
Serena finishes assisting a fairly attractive male customer and Connor congratulates her on remaining absolutely professional. She grins, all she has to do is think of the anti-spunk and she's fine and dandy! It's soooo good, it works every time. While saying this, she glances quickly at Connor and he spots her el creepy look. Gasping in horror, he can't believe Serena's assumption! He looks hot in a pair of speedos dammit. (FYI Connor, no male looks great in a pair of DTs...) Serena (and the audience) takes his word for it and she goes to help some more customers leaving Connor with a massive ego-bashing.
Scarlet Bar
Janelle asks a young and funky (beret wearing as the bar is theme with French items) Izzy her advice about what kind of pressie to get Bree. Knocking back her suggestion of make-up (more bookworm that a glamour puss our Bree), Izzy makes a haste exit as she really ain't no expert on bookish girls...
SUSAN: What about a play?
JANELLE: Have you been ears dropping again?
SUSAN: It's ah a, bad habit.
Turning around and heading off to see Susan, Janelle ponders this idea for a moment. Not bad Suse!
JANELLE: You know I was in a play once. Colac East High's production of "Grease". I was the lead. Whole town was there.
SUSAN: You played Sandy?
JANELLE: That wimp?! No, I was Rizzo!
SUSAN: Ahhh.
As it happens, there is a production of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" playing at Eden Hills...one of Bree's favourite books. Janelle thinks this over for a moment before asking if there'd be "any good songs in it". Susan pauses, thinking this over for a moment before replying there could be...Janelle thanks her and off she goes.
One characters exits the scene and another, Karl walks in. He and Susan exchange some French pleasantries: (thanks Elin!)
KARL: Bonjour, mademoiselle.
SUSAN: Ah, bonjour, monsieur. Comment ça va?
KARL: Ça va très bien, merci.
He confirms their meet up time tonight. Izzy just happens to overhear the end of their conversation and sweetly demands what the hell he's referring too. Tonight? Ex-wife? EH?! She drags him away (Susan smirking) and he explains he and Susan are supervising some kids at school while they fast overnight in order to raise money for tsunami victims. Oh. Izzy guesses that they'll be the only two supervisors there...but Karl quickly dismisses this. If he were choosing a romantic liaison with his ex, he'd pick a better place!
Connor is mad, and whining to Toadie. Serena is objectifying him. Using him as an object for her sick fantasies.
CONNOR: It's disgusting! You know I would never pretend that someone who was attractive was unattractive. It's dishonest. That's what she's doing, she's dishonestly objectifying me!
He's interrupted by Sindi talking off kittens, bunnies and fluffy things like that...dead set. Toadie eyes Sindi suspiciously. She wants to replace Yorick, but Stu laughs that he's fine and doesn't want a pet. They walk out and Connor immediately starts whining again. Why is it him? He could understand if it was someone obviously like you (Toadie)...but quickly saves himself by masking it with someone named Yoohoodee? However Toadie tells him to shut up, they have a REAL problem!
Janelle comes home to a much happier looking Bree and presents her with the surprise tickets. Bree is beside herself and blurts out if Susan recommended it. Janelle gets a little bit cut, but Bree quickly corrects it by stating it doesn't matter who suggested it as she loves it. Janelle grins, she'll feel a lot better tonight - she LOVES a great musical. Bree looks slightly amused and bewildered.
CONNOR: Just because Sindi owns a black wig it means she's an attempted murderer?
TOADIE: You should have seen her reaction. She was acting like it was a severed head or something!
CONNOR: So she's a closet brunette, I mean we all have our little fetishes...
TOADIE: I'm not talking about whips and scrubbing brushes here, she's hiding something!
Connor is adamant not to show Stu but Toadie needs to do this. He was thinking of doing a mock-up of Sindi with black hair and showing it to Trent. Even though Stu may not want to hear it, he'll eventually thank Toadie from stopping him in marrying a nutter...
Sindi excitedly runs in and announces she will make dinner tonight as a form of celebration. They are both very anxious around her, standing up with she sits down...she still thinks they are mad about Yorick but points out she promised to get something new! Maybe a plant? The boys insist that they're okay with it, but think they should hold ah, a wake in memory of poorest squished Yorick.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy reads up on her French vocab before sauntering over to Susan and impressing her with French...though it falls VERY flat. (She asks "Voulez-vous quelque chose d'autre?" in a dodgy French/Australian accent - thanks Skander!)
IZZY: It's French.
SUSAN: (smirk) Is it?
Izzy goes on about how her trip to France again, citing how romantic it will be.
IZZY: It's gonna be so romantic, like the honeymoon we never had.
SUSAN: Gee I thought you had to be married to have a honeymoon
IZZY: No. Not in Paris. It's the city of love. They don't quibble over pieces of paper there.
SUSAN: Ah, I think you'll find the whole love in Paris a bit of a cliche really. Not unlike the beret look.
IZZY: How would you know, you've never been there.
SUSAN: Oh you'd be surprised at what I know Isabel.
Erinsborough High
Susan and Karl set up their sleeping bags at the front of the room - it's a good spot to keep a look out for any shenanigans...Karl, the poor fool doesn't know she means. The fasting must have taken a lot of out of them?
SUSAN: Oh come on. A bunch of teenagers with mattresses? I think fasting's the last thing on their minds.
KARL: Ah God help us, you and me against the raging hormones.
SUSAN: I hope you brought a weapon! (both laugh)
They are interrupted by Izzy who snipes their little setup "looks cozy". She'd brought some food...to the fast...yes...sigh. Karl none the less appreciates the thought. She has to leave, as they are about to get under way with the sleep over so in true Izzy style, she makes sure everyone is looking at her and plants a huge kiss on Karl. Many 'OOHHHHS' from the students. After it's over Karl embarrassingly tells Susan she gets a little insecure sometimes...she remarks Izzy may be hiding something. Like what? A surprise? Susan hastily agrees...but Karl still wipes the lipstick off his face.
Toadie has done up the mock up of Sindi with black hair (by simply scribbling in black pen as a mask for her hair) but Connor is still very skeptical about the whole thing. Stu walks in and the two feign a reason to go out and get this picture copied...they promise to be back in an hour, but Stu doesn't let them go as Sindi has been cooking for such a long time. Making such a huge effort and they don't appreciate it. Toadie does, he really does but he's gotta head out RIGHT NOW. They go to leave, but Stu snatches the paper out of his hands. He gets a good look at BrunetteSindi and laughs but then realising it's much more serious...
The General Store
Serena serves Janelle and Bree and notices that they went to see the "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". She asks if it was any good, as her class is going to see it. Janelle obviously wasn't impressed, nor with the nudity in the play.
JANELLE: Since when is a trip to a strip show a school excursion?
Bree explains nudity was thematic - the writer was making a point about people in society who don't conform...but Janelle still reckons they could have used a good looking actor and not that "fat bloke"! Bree sighs, and wonders if Susan will lend them the book so Janelle will understand it more...
JANELLE: I might fall asleep while they get to the point too. I mean why do writers have to pussy foot around and pretend everything is all deep and complicated.
Bree protests that it's not like that! Serena, overhearing comes back over and suggests Janelle read "The Bride Stripped Bare" - a book about an every day woman who is a bored housewife and mother, telling it how it is. Janelle's eyes light up and Bree immediately tells her not to get any ideas. She has no idea how to write a book...Janelle dismisses this little fact, it's not that hard! Think up stuff, write it down and bingo, you're as rich as JK Rowling...no one tells it like Janelle anyway.
Erinsborough Classroom
Susan announces they will play a game called "Consequences" - she asks the kids to write out a proper noun, fold it over and pass it to the left. Repeat this with an adverb and then finally a verb. Meanwhile, Karl has been yabbering on about Izzy and how she's really not so bad...she changes the subject to his upcoming trip and she says she will really get around to it one day. Karl laughs, saying she hopes a better man than him goes with her...
SUSAN: (slightly annoyed) Who says I need a man to go with?
KARL: I know. I can't believe I walked into that.
SUSAN: Well neither can I! You're getting very slow
KARL: Take whoever you like, I'm very sorry.
SUSAN: Ahh yeah. I won't hold it against you.
Susan really wants Karl to enjoy the trip, he's worked hard his whole life and is just a good man. Karl glows with happiness at her compliment.
Stu cannot believe what Toadie is accusing Sindi of - that she committed attempted murder! Toadie points out Stu was doing that not long ago...Sindi calls out their dinner is ready but they manage to distract her. Toadie wants to know about the wig, why was she so weird about it? Stu explains if he was suspicious, he'd straight out and ask her, not go behind her back. Sindi comes out and Stu announces Toadie can tell her of the little conspiracy. He brings out the picture and she immediately runs out of the room. Stu sarcastically thanks them and tries to stop her, but she tearfully runs off.
Stu congratulates Toadie and Connor for making Sindi upset but Toadie is convinced they had good reason. No he doesn't! Millions of women own wigs - Stu points out Susan or Janelle. Toadie points out that none of them have previously been implicated or had motive!! Stu still disagrees, she wouldn't be so stupid to leave the evidence lying around. Quiet Connor agrees and annoyed, Stu gets up to be with Sindi tonight. When they're alone, Toadie still is determined to show Trent the photo of BrunetteSindi but Connor no longer wants any part of it. He's on his own.
Erinsborough High
It's sleeping time and unfortunately for Karl, he is quite blanketless as he gave up his sleeping bag to another student. (he'd rather put up with the cold than stand a whining teen) He gets ready to sleep, but makes obvious discomfort noises.
SUSAN: Alright come on then. (opens up her sleeping bag)
KARL: What? Oh no, no you sure.
SUSAN: Yeah, just don't expect spoons!
He's so very grateful and hops in.
SUSAN: (he gets in) Hello Isabel!
KARL: (panics and looks) WHAT?!
SUSAN: (she laughs) I'm sorry, it was too funny
He soon gets the joke and they both get comfortable. She asks if he will see Mal while over there but he's not sure...he does not like Izzy so much. He will still see him, just not stay with him...well again it depends on Mal too, he may not want to see him. Susan disagrees, the kids love him...Karl hopes so, he just needs to do a lot of rebuilding.
KARL: I just wish they could see Izzy for what she is!
... that being a lovely person. Susan doesn't really say anything and bids him goodnight, turning over so she's not facing him. Karl keeps talking to her back - even though Susan isn't her biggest fan (ha, understatement) everything she has been through was probably due to her big over the top tendencies.
KARL: She just wants to be loved like anyone else.
SUSAN: Well she's very lucky to have someone prepared to do that. (shifty eyes)
Scummins' (morning)
Bree walks out to see her mother enthusiastically tapping away on the computer. She didn't sleep, apparently as her creative juices just kept on going! She's just annoyed at herself for not getting into the writing business earlier. She hands Bree a print out on her progress so far. Bree reads from "The Bogan's Tipped Hair" (Janelle hated that word, but she is reclaiming it!)
"One woman's journey from Colac to Erinsborough..."
Janelle finishes it off... "The Janelle Timmins' Story"
She figures she can make a heap of cash, if that other lady can! Imagine all the money.
Connor ah, check himself out in the mirror as Serena walks past. A group of guys approach and he asks her to start imagining but Serena says she can't do it. Connor insists she do - he's hideous! She said so before. Trying to spare his feelings (and I suspect laughter) Serena says from a second look, and certain angles he is kind of cute. Flirting a little, she muses she'll need a new visualisation now. Connor shushes her, he's not that cute! The guys start milling around and Serena tells him she's gonna go over now - he calls out to start using Toadie, works a charm.
Erinsborough High
The students begin to mill out and Karl and Susan talk of their night together...he slept well, considering. He's a quite hungry though - he jokes he tried to convince Izzy to bring some breakfast, but was not that keen. He continues that he probably won't get dinner tonight for having spent the night with his ex... Susan snaps that he deserves better, but he protests that he was just joking!
Susan just does not want him to waste his time...she has seen Izzy on the warpath that's all. Karl realises there is something more to it - he has seen the way she's been looking at him. If she has something to say, just say it! Picking the perfect moment to enter the scene, Izzy also joins in.
IZZY: Yeah, say it. What have you got to say?
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Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4768
Janelle Timmins, Bree Timmins

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Serena Bishop

Janelle Timmins, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4768
Janelle Timmins, Izzy Hoyland

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4768
Susan Kennedy

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4768
Janelle Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4768
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O
Toadie Rebecchi, Connor O'Neill

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4768
Bree Timmins

Sindi Watts in Neighbours Episode 4768
Sindi Watts

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4768
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4768
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4768
Stuart Parker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4768
Serena Bishop

Susan Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4768
Susan Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

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