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Neighbours Episode 4633 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4633: Party Favours
Australian airdate: 12/01/05
UK airdate: 15/03/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Paul Robinson - Stefan Dennis Lana Crawford - Bridget Neval Sharon Cox - Emily Wheaton Lee Thomas - Patti StilesGeorgina Harris: Adrienne Smith
- "Freedom" by Pete Murray
- "Knock Knock" by 1200 Techniques
Summary/Images by: Phil/Karen (Katie)
Izzy thanking Susan for making her see what's important in her life.
Lil insisting Lee stays with the Bishops.
Serena opening Stingray's present for her; Sky convincing her to take him back.
Burned out Coffee Shop
Harold is sitting alone. Sky comes in and asks if he's alright, snapping him out of his thoughts. He admits he isn't okay, but trying to look on the bright side, says it could be a lot worse.
Bishop house
David gets off the phone with Gordon, someone from the council. Lee has arrived in Erinsborough. Lil keeps stirring David about it, and how he is wearing lots of aftershave. David tells Lil that Lee shouldn't stay in their house. She's a mayor, and mayors stay in hotels. Lil tells him to relax.
Makeshift Coffee Shop
The teen gang plan a going away party for Lana. Serena and Stingray get some drinks, and Boyd makes some calls for the party, which leaves Sky and Lana alone at the table. Sky wants to keep the comics going over the internet. Lana doesn't see how it could work. Sky thinks she doesn't want to do it anymore, which Lana says is not true.
Stingray asks Serena if she liked his present. Serena says she did. Stingray starts asking if she wants to get back together with him, but Serena interrupts him and tells him she doesn't want to hurt him. She asks if they're still friends, and Stingray says they are. "Cross my heart," he adds, spilling water all over himself in the process of crossing his heart while still holding a cup of water.
Bishop house
David refuses to let the teens have their party in the house, because Lee will be there. Serena keeps trying to convince him, with no luck. Lil comes in and lets them have the party there. David takes her aside, into the kitchen, and tells her that Lee's visit is important to him because he's hoping she can help him with his political aspirations. Lil tells him she would rather have the kids where they can see them, instead of them wandering around unsupervised.
Back in the living room, plans are still underway. Boyd suggests a Canadian theme, and Sky says theme parties are lame. Lana tells her not to come if she doesn't want to, and asks why she's being so negative. Sky says she's not being negative; she just doesn't like the idea of dressing up as a Mountie. Lana tells her she might as well just go home and pack, and forget about the party. Everyone except Sky tells her not to, but Sky tells her to do what she wants. Lana leaves.
Makeshift Coffee Shop
Karl visits Izzy. He's been making house calls all day, because it's pretty much all he can do right now. He mentions that all his computer records were destroyed. This gets Izzy's interest, and asks if all doctors keep computer backups. Karl says they do, and asks why she's interested. Izzy quickly answers that he shouldn't beat himself up for doing what any other doctor does. Susan comes in and asks Harold if there's anything she can do to help. Harold appreciates the help; he can go and meet Lee. He tells Susan that Izzy can show her where everything is. Talk turns to the fire, and Harold asks who in their right mind would do such a thing. Izzy suggests it might not have been someone in their right mind: Gus. She says she can't help but blame herself. Karl and Harold tell her not to think such a thing.
Burned out Coffee Shop
David and Lil show Lee the old place. Lee quotes poet Roger Frost: "Some say the world will end in ice. Some say in fire." David impresses her with his knowledge of Frost's works. Lil watches on in disgust as Lee and David get on. Harold arrives with Paul Robinson and David introduces them to Lee. Harold mentions that the fire was most likely arson, which delays the insurance and puts a lot of people out of work. He then fills Lee in on the suspicious body they found in the rubble, and, to David's horror, the human remains he and Lou found in Lou's backyard. David tries to laugh it off and tells Lee it's a joke.
Bishop house (outside)
Lana's farewell party is underway, only Lana has not arrived. Boyd and Sky wonder if they should call her. A mysterious girl shows up, and explains that she just moved in and saw the party, so she jumped the fence. Serena explains that it's a going away party and introduces herself. The girl comments on the Bishop's pool, and wonders if perhaps she could knock the fence down and ride her bike into it. Stingray brags that he's already done it. "No way," the girl says. "You haven't got the..." and suddenly pulls his pants down. Stingray quickly pulls them up again. She comments on the tattoo, which she finds interesting, because her name is Sharon, and her friends call her Shazza. "Sweet!" Stingray exclaims, introducing himself.
Makeshift Coffee Shop
Izzy makes Paul a coffee, and he is impressed with how well she does it. Izzy says it helps having good equipment, which someone anonymously donated, "but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?" Paul denies any involvement in it.
At a table, Harold, Lil and Lee talk about the Lassiter's fire. Lee is shocked when they tell her that a wedding reception was happening at the time, and she says she pities the bride and groom. Lil tells her not to, the bride did a runner. Harold tries to explain that the wedding didn't happen, but the party still did. Lil changes the subject, and asks if there's much of a Serbian population in "Erinsville". Lee points out that it's Erinstown. Lil explains that "ville" is Serbian for "town". Lee asks where Serbia is. "Don't they have atlases in America?" Lil asks. David returns, and has overheard the conversation. He asks Lil if she should be getting back to work, which doesn't work due to the fact that there is no surgery. David introduces Susan to Lee, and while they get talking, Paul calls David over. He tells him that he has heard about David wanting to run for council, and tells him he has his vote, and that they should talk soon.
Lana's farewell party
Stingray and Shazza show off their various injuries, while Serena watches on. Sky is trying to reach Lana, and is leaving a message on her phone. Boyd interrupts and points out that she has at last turned up. Serena tries to quiet everyone to make a speech, but no one shuts up until Shazza tells them to. Sky says that Lana wasn't in town long, but she became best mates with her, and she's gonna miss her heaps. "Enigma" tells "Freak Girl" that she'll keep in touch. Sky gives her a farewell present: one of those weird hats with the ear flaps. Lana thanks them, and says she'll miss them heaps. She starts crying then. David and Lil invite Lee to their place for afternoon tea. They warn her first that there's a party going on out the front for one of Serena's friends going back home to Canada. "A Canadian going home? That must be a first," Lee says, laughing. Meanwhile, Harold thanks Susan for all her help. Izzy again thanks Susan for giving her a dressing down the other day. If it wasn't for her she would have kept driving and no one would see her again. Susan says she mustn't know her own power, but on this occasion she knows to keep her mouth shut. She leaves, and Karl comes. Izzy tells him that she just tried to be nice to Susan and she threw it in her face. "I hope I never get like that."
Lana's party
David has returned and can't believe how many kids showed up. Serena tells him Lil said it was alright. Lil has begun cleaning up a little and tells David he should go inside to entertain his guest. David says he just wanted to make sure things weren't getting out of hand. He asks Lil if she told Paul about his council plans. Lil says she did, she had to talk to someone about something, she was bored out of her brain. While they go inside, Boyd organises the others for a photo. When they realise Stingray isn't there, they notice him off to one side pashing Shazza. Everyone in the photo smiles, except Serena, who is still looking over at the happy couple.
Bishop house
David and Lee talk over Iced Vovos. Lil goes out with a mop because someone wasn't feeling well, all over the driveway. David asks her if she can get the partiers to keep it down a little. Meanwhile, Serena comes in, exclaiming that she hopes "he gets a disease". Lee tells him she should go, so she can get some rest before tonight's function. David wonders if she could pull some strings and get him invited. Lee says she'll see what she can do. She then gives David a key to her hotel room, for later on. "We'll call it dessert." David tells her he's a married man. Lee simply says that she's a married woman.
Makeshift Coffee Shop
Karl pulls up Susan and tells her that he wishes she could like Izzy. Susan asks him why he cares that she approves of them. Karl says it's not about her approval; she was just rude to her. Susan says that she doesn't see why they are both so intent on dragging her into their relationship. She tells Karl to let it go, she has. Karl returns to Izzy, who asks how it went. Karl lies and says it went good.
Bishop house (night)
The party is finally over. Lana is upset. She just said goodbye to Georgina, and she isn't sure if she'll ever see her again.
In the kitchen, Lil thinks David looks exhausted, from all that liaising and sucking up. "Just doing my job," David says with an American accent. Lil teases him about it, but David denies that he said it like that.
Boyd, Sky and Lana go and join some of "the guys" down at Grease Monkeys. Serena doesn't want to go. Stingray comes in and asks where they're going. Serena tells him and he says he'll go get Shazza. "She's such a bogan," Serena mutters under her breath. She tells him that it was pretty embarrassing watching the two of them going for it outside.
STINGRAY: If you don't like Shazza, Serena, just say so.
STINGRAY: You had your chance.
SERENA: What's that supposed to mean?
STINGRAY: It means, I reckon I've finally found my true soul mate. So up yours, your highness.
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Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4633
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Boyd Hoyland, Lana Crawford in Neighbours Episode 4633
Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Boyd Hoyland, Lana Crawford

Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4633
Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4633
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Lee Thomas, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4633
Lee Thomas, David Bishop

Sharon 'Shazza' Cox, Stingray Timmins

Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford, Georgina Harris in Neighbours Episode 4633
Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel, Lana Crawford, Georgina Harris

Paul Robinson, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Lee Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4633
Paul Robinson, David Bishop, Liljana Bishop, Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas in Neighbours Episode 4633
Lee Thomas

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4633
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

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