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Neighbours Episode 3822 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3822
Australian airdate: 31/07/2001
UK airdate: 17/09/2001
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Adrian Holmes
- "Love At Last" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Emily
Lyn tells Gino that she won't compromise to his idea so he tells her, her best option is to quit the salon. Tess tells Darcy that she wrote Dee a letter apologising and telling her about their relationship.
Number 32
Tess tells Darcy how she feels a weight has been lifted off her shoulders now that she has posted the letter to Dee. She tells him that she presumes she'll get an angry call from Dee or that she'll come around so that they can talk it through in person. Darcy isn't to comfortable with the idea and rushes off to work.
Libby and Drew's Flat
Susan has been to the market and brought back boxes of fruit and veg, she tells Libby and Drew about all the different vitamins that are in each of the different fruits and how they will be good for the pregnancy. She tells Libby that it's all cheap at the market and even cheaper at the end of the day. Libby suggests that she will be late and so Susan agrees to leave, though she is still telling them about the calcium in the nuts and some vitamin or whatever in guava's as she goes through the door! Drew and Lib wonder what her parents are going to be like when they become grandparents.
Number 26
Lyn has just scored herself three clients to come to the house that morning to get their hair cut. Joe isn't too impressed at the idea and tells her to watch herself when it comes to the tax man and red tape. Lyn tells him not to be so negative about it, as she recons she'll be making twice as much money as she was at Gino's. She thinks about coming up with a name.
LYN: Hey, what about 'Lyn's Locks'?
JOE: They'll want you to cut keys, darlin'
LYN: Ah yeah, 'Lyn's Magic Fingers'?
JOE: (he muffles a laugh) sounds like the sort of place, the police might take an interest in.
LYN: Oh, you reckon? You think of something smarty pants.
JOE: 'Hairway to Heaven'
LYN: Rock on Joe!
Coffee Shop
Harold and Dee are talking tactics for the fishing competition. Harold suggests fly fishing and explains (how boring it is) to Dee. He tells her that even if the judges don't see it then God will be with them
HAROLD: He has got a sense of humour you know?
DEE: Oh, yes, yes, why else would he have created men!
Topic soon turns around to Darcy and that he and Tess are going to be at the fishing competition with Drew and Lou. Dee suggests that perhaps Tess needs a man in her life as she's been avoiding her a lot recently, but Lou walks in on them and the quickly hush the subject. He asks what they are planning, and Dee says goodbye to Zen Master Harold before Harold tells Lou that he won't find out till it's too late.
Darcy is trying to persuade Karl to go on a three day course during part of which he would learn how to use the ora-laser equipment. They talk about the large companies that are trying to take over the smaller businesses like themselves and Darcy says he wouldn't mind becoming one of them, but Karl isn't so keen. Darcy tells Karl he knows someone who would be able to cover him during the conference if he wanted to go. At that point Lyn arrives to make an appointment as it had arrived in the post. Realising the post has come; Darcy makes his excuse and runs off.
Lassiters Complex
Darcy runs to his car in the car park, bleeping it on the way. Realising that it won't start, he gets out and starts running off. Joe drives past wondering what the rush is about.
Carpenters Mechanics
Drew is on the phone to his mum who is questioning him about Libby's immunisation records. He tells her that it's not something your told to check when you get married, but will check with Susan. Lou arrives so Drew makes his excuse to hang up. He asks him what he knows about Rubella. Lou is shocked to hear, but Drew tells him Libby doesn't have it, and just wondered. Lou tells him to make sure that she is immunised as that's the last thing she'd want, and to keep her away from small contagious children.
DREW: Now there's a challenge. Hey kid, you got an undiagnosed vile illness?
Lou asks Drew if he knows what's going on with Dee and Harold as they are clearly plotting something with regards to the fishing, but Harold can't kill. Drew tells him to stop worrying about them and to start teaching Tess, Darcy and him how to cast a line. Lou recons Darcy will be alright.
Random Road
Darcy is still making his mad run to try and catch the post before Dee gets it. Why he needs to run, when others can walk there in two minutes I'll never know. Trust him to take the longest route ever!
Number 30
Libby comes around to visit Dee. She asks if she'd like a cuppa and Libby asks if she has any herbal teas. Dee tells her to put her feet up, which causes Libby to mention how now she's pregnant everyone seems to be suddenly giving her advice. Dee apologises but Lib tells her it's mainly the two mothers in her life. Dee reminds her that they'll repay the favour when they become babysitters. She gives Dee her post.
Coffee Shop
Everyone seems to have gathered in the coffee shop as Joe shows Lyn the plans that he has finished drawing up for her own salon. Karl and Harold both put forward suggestions for a name but neither go down too well. She tells Susan that she hopes to open in two or three months.
Number 30
Libby wonders if she'd be able to use her pregnancy as an excuse for Drew to do the cleaning around the house. She tells Dee that she's at 15 weeks, which sends Dee into a spiral of clothes, diet, exercise. Libby reminds her that she's doing it too, but Dee tells her the most important thing to keep her eye on is stretch marks.
Another Random Road
And Darcy is still running! Across the park, around the corner, down another road! Unfortunately for him he runs past Lou whose car has broken down. Lou yells at him to see if he'll help him change a tyre. Darcy starts making up a story about how he's on a house call and that he's got to run, but Lou asks him where his bag is. He tells him it's locked in the car at Lassiters, but he's really got to get to this patient. Lou sends him on his way again!
Number 30
Going slowly through the post, Dee discovers the cost of their latest phone bill, and realises that it must be Felicity. Libby tells her that by the time Joel has returned and worked it out, there'll be another share house disaster. Dee laughs and her words of wisdom, and hopes that a certain someone will be taking her away from the house soon. There's a knock at the door, and Libby offers to get it, Dee asks if she'll cough if it's Joel, so she can run. It turns out to be Darcy, who is panting from running all the way (I wonder why). He makes his way into the kitchen and tells Dee that he ran all the way to see her on his lunch break. Dee tells him that he's so sweet and starts complaining about the phone bill. Realising that she hasn't open the letter, he sends her to get some pain-killers while he nicks the letter lying on the table. She returns and he kisses her passionately.
Carpenter's Mechanics
Drew is on the phone to yet another relative who this time is asking after ultrasound scans. He tells her that they don't give them out to be handed around like family photographs. Lou and Harold return with Lou's shopping for the fishing competition. Harold and Drew tease him about how much he's spent on it all, but Lou continues to complain about his back. Drew tells him he'll look after the shopping while he goes to get his back checked, so Harold helps him out of his chair and back to the car.
LOU: Oh you're like an old woman aren't you, nag, nag, nag
HAROLD: Look, just get in the car
LOU: I'm getting in the car, aren't I!
Darcy is on the phone to Tess telling him that Dee got the letter and they're just going to have to wait and see what happens. He comes off the phone and tears the letter up before putting it in the bin. Karl pops through and thanks Darcy for the present, but he tells him it was from the drugs company. He asks for Karl's advice with a patient. Karl tells him he's decided to go ahead and go to the conference, as although it's going to be boring, he needs to keep up to date with the technology. Darcy tells him it's only right that they should be able to fight the large companies who want to take over the small independent surgeries like themselves.
Number 26
Joe arrives to find Lyn tidying up after a client. She tells him she was just doing her friend a favour, but Joe asks if it was a paid favour, and that doing business on a residential property without a license is illegal. Lyn shows him the $50 note she got for the forty minutes work she did which shuts Joe up pretty quick. He tells her it won't take long for the council to find out if she's going by word of mouth, but Lyn recons she'll be set up as a salon and licensed before they find her.
Walking into reception Karl tells Lou that he'll be fine he just needs to take it easy for a while. Harold reassures Karl that he'll make sure he rests, and wonders if he'll be out of the fishing competition. Lou tells him not to get ahead of himself and that he'll be there even if he has to be carried. Darcy comes through and tells him that they'll re-do the gastro tests in a month or two (no regard for privacy in this place!), so Lou and Harold set off. Karl leaves for the day, telling Darcy not to work to late.
Drew and Libby's Flat
Drew arrives home to find Libby in the cupboard under the sink. She stands up to reveal herself with arm length rubber gloves on and a cloth across her face. Drew inquires as to what she is doing, and so she tells him she's getting rid of all the toxic chemicals, as certain mothers have been talking to her!
DREW: Well they're unpopular to bacteria; that's for sure!
She asks if he'd like to take over with the cleaning duties, and jokes that the last time he did it was 1997. Instead he recommends that he takes a shower and then cooks them a lovely pasta meal, or on second thoughts the meal can wait! There's a knock at the door, it's Susan who has come around with a big casserole for them, so they don't have to worry about cooking!
Darcy is on the phone to Vic, telling him that Karl bought 'it'.
DARCY: Expansion plans, seminar, eventual partnership. Yep, I'm on my way to my first million here, pal.
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