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Neighbours Episode 3821 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3821
Australian airdate: 20/7/01
UK airdate: 14/9/01
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Adrian Holmes
Guests: Pat Miller: Matt Norman
Larissa Calwell: Leah De Niese
Hoop: Dion Durante
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tad reminding Paul there isn't a future for him playing footy.
Tess telling Darcy it is on hold between them until he tells Dione.
Lou spotting Darcy's car outside Tess' house and Tad commenting that there is something going on between Darcy and Tess.
Tess's flat
Tess asks Darcy if she wants her to accompany him when he tells Dione about them being a couple. Darcy turns her offer down and asks Tess to still be discreet about them so Dione doesn't find out by chance.
The Coffee Shop
Dee asks Steph if she was unreasonable in what she said to Flick but Steph does sympathise by what she did say. She also asks Steph how Joel took the news but she tells Dione that he doesn't know yet. Steph turns down Dione's invitation to join her for coffee as she is meeting Tess at the pub and invites Dione to join them and likewise Dione turns this down, so Steph wants to know what is going on between her and Tess.
Harold is trying to tell Lou that there is nothing-untoward going on between Darcy and Tess, despite what Lou might think.
Pat gathers the players round to give them a pep talk and mentions that Nathan isn't playing and when Karl's suspicions are aroused, says it is because of a cold. Paul asks if he is on the bench again and Pat confirms this.
Tess' place
Tess sees Darcy off in his car with a kiss telling him not to work too hard. As he leaves, Steph arrives on her bike to invite her for lunch.
Karl is sympathising with Paul about him being on the bench. A player goes down injured and Pat sends another player on instead of Paul as part of his continued punishment.
From the sidelines Lou and Harold comment about Paul's lack of game time when Tad spots Larissa arriving. He is surprised to see her but she tells him she lives nearby. Tad asks her to play it cool in front of Paul as he is having a bad day by not getting a game.
Lou's Place
Tess is describing her relationship to Steph but not saying it is Darcy. Steph says she is happy and is glad she met a decent man! Tess is still gushing about her relationship despite its complications, and Steph mentions that Darcy was with someone else before going out with Dione but they are happy now.
No. 30
Tess bemoans to Darcy about what the atmosphere will be like when Joel comes home and discovers Flick isn't there and mentions that she wants to move out - to get a place with him!
Darcy politely turns down Dione's idea as he has financial things to sort out and she can't continue to support him, indeed he almost has enough money to give her back the $1000 he borrowed soon. He continues by telling her that if she can just hold (because he is sure Karl is going to offer him a partnership in the surgery) then all his money worries will be over and they can then get somewhere. A now delighted Dione agrees to wait.
Another player goes off injured and Pat reluctantly has to send Paul on.
Lou's Place
Tess firmly tells Steph she isn't going to talk to Dione just yet and Steph comments that it better be sooner rather than later.
Paul scores a goal and Harold cheers him on from the sidelines but Pat pulls Paul off to send another player back on despite Karl's protestations.
Lou's Place
Lou comments to Steph that Tess kept her birthday celebrations quiet before as she pays the bill. As she leaves, she runs into Darcy and she tells him that she is concerned about the bust-up between Tess and Dione and wants his take on it. Steph asks him to speak to Dione before mentioning that Tess has a new man in her life. Darcy agrees to help out and when Steph leaves he "mentions" to Lou that he was round there this morning trying to talk some sense into Tess!
The game is over and Tad suggests to Larissa they slip away quietly. Pat talks to the team saying they're playing as a team and Paul asks what he has to do to become part of the team. Pat sends the players into the showers but wants a word with Paul where he tells Paul that as long as he is coach, then Paul won't get a fair go and he won't be allowed to play for another team too.
The Coffee Shop
Tad mentions to Larissa that she gave Paul 'a look' during the game but she passes it off. He asks her if she has any regrets at her choosing him in preference to Paul as he'd be gutted if she were to dump him for Paul now. Tad wants them to tell Paul as he is getting a guilty conscious and Larissa says there is no need to rush.
No. 24
Paul still wants to play footy despite Karl saying he should have a plan B, but if he wants to persist with it then he has to prove that Pat is wrong. Harold adds his tuppenceworth into the conversation by saying he thinks Paul will open himself up to more heartache if he stays.
No. 24 (later on)
Paul comments to Tad that he was surprised to see Larissa at the footy given they aren't going out with each other anymore. Harold praises the boys too for the way they are handling Larissa too. Dione calls round to borrow some turmeric from Harold for a meal she is preparing for Darcy and mentions to Harold that they've had to cancel their romantic trip away together because Darcy is going fishing. Harold has an idea - joining his team and Dione wants to know details.
No. 30
While he waits for Dione to come home, Darcy phones Tess to apologies for having to work late but he'll see her first thing tomorrow! Dione returns in a good mood but refuses to tell him why. Darcy comments about running into Steph and the concern she has about Dione and Tess. Dione is annoyed at Steph turning around what she said and refuse to tell her anything more in the future.
Tess' Place
As promised, Darcy calls round and mentions his chat with Steph the previous day and what she said to Steph. He is annoyed at this and what would happen if Dione found out. Tess tells him that she has written and posted Dione a letter about them!
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