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Neighbours Episode 3803 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3803
Australian airdate: 4/7/01
UK airdate: 20/8/01
Writer: Bert Deling
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Sheena Wilson: Zoe Stark
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joe being annoyed at just finding out about what Steph is doing.
Flick telling Steph that she thinks Joel has bought a ring and is going to propose.
No. 26
Steph questions Flick if she is right given the speed that this proposal has come at given how long they've been going out with each other. Flick says they don't talk about things like this, just do them and adds that she thinks it is romantic but Steph tells her it may be in the beginning but you need more than that to make a marriage. Flick asks her if she has done anything crazy whilst in love that everyone said not to do and Steph replies with a casual "maybe". Flick then tells her that she thinks he's going to do the proposing this weekend and starts to get all starry-eyed and Steph reminds her that she is only 17 and that it is her first serious relationship. Flick isn't worried and thinks she's stuck it right first time lucky so Steph reminds her of the drawbacks, but Flick asks her to be happy for her and to keep quiet about it, which Steph agrees to.
No. 30
Joel asks Toadie if he's seen Flick when she reappears, saying she was speaking to Steph, before they then leave as Dione comes in from work and Toadie wants a word with her. He asks her to stop lining up girls for him but Dione says that perhaps Sheena may actually like him.
Drew & Libby's Place
Drew comments to Libby that he is happy to see her taking things easy but she is just preparing a list to contact Dame Margaret, so Drew quotes chapter and verse to her from a maternity book on how to achieve a stress free pregnancy. Libby goes over and kisses him, thankful for keeping an eye out for her and tells him that one-day she may even listen to what he is saying from the book!
Tess arrives for class and Flick arrives late and is told to see Tess after class. Tess sets them work to do based on a Shakespeare sonnet for which the best will be published in the local paper.
Joe arrives to get Drew to look at the Ute when he spots him reading the maternity book and wonders when they were planning on telling everyone. Drew says shortly before Joe tells him briefly all about the worst things that happen in pregnancy, in particular hormones. Drew promises to read that chapter intently!
No. 30
Darcy gets a call from James about buying shares whilst he waits for Dione to answer the door. Dione arrives dishevelled as Darcy says he's brought them lunch but she sends him on his merry way so she can get more sleep.
The Coffee Shop
Joel comments on Flicks 'cat's got the cream' look and wants to know what it is all about. She feigns all innocent but drops hints on things they can do when she turns 18 like buying a house. Joel says any money he had in the bank has gone, so bang goes that idea. Flick says she's trying to get her job back at Grease Monkey's before saying she's been selfish thinking they could get their own place.
Lou's Place
Joe shouts Steph lunch at the pub and he eventually tells her why - he's worried, Lyn is worried and as much as they understands her reasoning he is scared by the risk of her meeting up with Woody and perhaps they can come up with a safer and legal way for her and Woody to meet. Steph isn't sure and says she didn't like going being her back. Joe asks if it is the real thing and she confirms it.
No. 30
Sheena calls round and tells him she came to see him not Dione. Toadie still thinks it is part of Dione's set up and he shows her the door despite her protestations. When she leaves, Toadie shouts on Dione very loudly!
The Coffee Shop
Lyn comes in and notices Flick doing her Shakespeare homework and they talk about it. Lyn asks how it is going with Joel and the starry-eyed Flick says fine bar money, so Lyn gives her some. Flick then goes to say something about Joel proposing but changes her mind and talks about oranges instead! Lyn wants her to tell the truth and Flick says she will but in a few days and Lyn agrees to hang on.
No. 30
Dione confirms to Toadie that she didn't set Sheena up with him, and he quickly leaves to go and talk to Sheena.
Lou's Place
Toadie buys her food and drink as an apology for his behaviour. Dione comes into the pub and goes over to chat with the smartly dressed Tess before she heads off to the hospital. Darcy arrives and she apologises to him for her behaviour and complimenting his smart appearance too.
No. 26
Steph chats to Woody on the phone and heads into the kitchen away from the prying ears of her parents. Out of earshot, Lyn asks how their chat at the pub went and Joe tells her and the suggestion (them meeting legally) for which he admits he doesn't know how to achieve. Steph hangs up and tells her parents that Woody is looking forward to her next visit.
Lou's Place
Toadie and Sheena continue to bond as he accidentally spills a drink on her. They talk about the hassles that followed him winning his court case. Sheena tells him he likes him the way she is and the fact she likes his Hawaiian shirts!
Drew & Libby's Place
Libby is failing in her quest to attempt to get hold of Dame Margaret. She comes off the phone and notices the book Drew is reading (the pregnancy book and the chapter on hormones) and he questions her behaviour when she told him that she almost crashed the car whilst trying to hunt down Dame Margaret. Firmly, he tells her that they are having a baby and she has to make some sacrifices. This shocks Libby but she promises to try.
Ramsay Street
Darcy drops Tess off after the ballet. He thanks her for a lovely evening and they chat about their night out. As she gives him a peck on the cheek as a goodbye, they start pashing each other.
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