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Neighbours Episode 3802 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3802
Australian airdate: 3/7/01
UK airdate: 17/8/01
Writer: Philippa Burne
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None.
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Flick and Joe bickering and her leaving.
Maggie telling Steph that people breaking witness protection have a nasty habit of disappearing.
Joe drops Michelle off at school and as they are talking about the skate park, they notice Joel dropping Flick off too after a passionate kiss. Susan watches the kiss and wants to speak to her at recess.
No. 26
Lyn is telling Steph not to risk it by going to see Woody. Steph angrily says that she won't be dictated too, so Lyn asks her to wait a year until it all cools down before she sees him again. Angrily again, Steph tells her that they've wasted enough time and they want to be together before leaving.
Drew and Libby's Place
Drew brings Libby a perfect slice of toast and she tells him to get to work as she'll be fine and she has to go into work soon. Drew asks why she can't work from home, and she reminds him that she is pregnant not sick. Drew wonders when she'll be quitting work but she tells him that she needs to work to pay the bills and besides she likes her job.
Susan's office
Susan asks Flick how things are going since she's moved into No. 30 as teachers are noticing a drop in her marks. Flick thinks it is to have a go at Joel time but Susan reminds her it is about her marks and not her love life. Susan also tells her that this is an important year at school and her love life can wait, but Flick just thinks everyone is treating it like she's having a schoolgirl crush. Susan then comments on the "performance" that she and Joel gave the school in the morning and subtly tells her the whole school doesn't need to see a repeat performance.
Drew and Libby's Place
Karl calls round on the pretence of delivering Libby's mail, interrupting her craving session when Steph calls in. Karl leaves sensing Steph wants to talk, telling her to rest and Steph asks if she is sick.
Flick tells Joel about her conversation with Susan and when he doesn't reply, she wonders if he is committed to the relationship. Joel takes her hand and tells her that he really loves her.
The Coffee Shop
Karl confesses to Susan he went to see Libby, as he was worried about her and Susan tells him not to crowd her before quickly asking how she is. They begin to talk about her morning sickness when Joe and Lyn come in. Joe apologises for Joel and Flick's early morning performance and she says that is the least of her worries, she is more concerned with Flick's dropping marks and that she gave Flick a talking too. Flick and Joel come into TCS and Susan asks if she's heading to school and she replies that she is heading to the library after she gets a drink.
Drew and Libby's Place
Steph asks if Libby is okay and she says yes before asking what is up with her. Steph confesses she's been spending the weekends with Woody. This shocks Lib, especially as Steph said she wasn't going to find him. Steph explains that she loves him and can't turn her back on her feelings. Lib wonders if she's putting herself in danger by seeing him, and Steph tells her what Maggie's said and that Lyn is on her back about it too and adds that she is really careful and takes a different route to see him everytime. Lib tells her that she is mad but Steph says that she is in a no-win situation and tells her that she is lucky she's never been in a position like this. It's Libby's turn for confession now as she tells Steph that she is pregnant.
Joe collects Michelle and they talk about going down to the park so that Joe can teach her a trick or two on Jack's old skateboard he took from home. Flick comes out and notices the old board Michelle is holding. Joe asks if she's been in the library and Flick replies yes and now she's off home to study. Joe offers Flick a lift home, but she turns him down and Michelle says goodbye before they get into the ute.
No 30
Toadie comes off the phone; knocking back a date with Sheena because he has too much homework like Flick and thinks it is another scheme by Dione. They tell him not to think like that and to phone her. After thinking for a few seconds Toadie thinks they want him out of the house so they can get some privacy...and he storms off to his bedroom. With the room to themselves, Flick tries to get romantic, so Joel suggests they go shopping!
No. 26
Lyn is having another go at Steph reminding her of Kev Kelly's mates when Joe and Michelle arrive home and Joe wants to know what is going on.
Drew and Libby's Place
Susan and Karl are round for food and wonder where Libby is, just as she comes in. Libby talks to them about Dame Margaret Wolsted the opera singer who is in town who she is trying to get an interview with, except she hasn't given an interview in years but Libby comments that a thing like that won't stand in her way and if she does the interview it will be syndicated all over Australia. Everyone is concerned about what affect it will have on Libby's pregnancy but she's having none of it.
No. 26
Joe is having trouble understanding what Steph has been doing and what the consequences are. Steph tells him that she loves him and Joe decides Harvey needs a walk and is disappointed that nobody told him, Lyn especially.
No. 30
Flick and Joel return with the shopping and as he goes to put the shopping away, Flick puts the change into his wallet and notices a receipt for jewellery from a Diamond Shop. When he enters the livingroom she becomes extremely affectionate towards him.
No. 26 (next day)
Flick calls round in a happy mood as Joe and Michelle leave. Lyn leaves too and suggests she calls round tonight when they can have to talk. Flick turns her down, saying that Joel has something planned for then. Steph says she has to leave too but before she can, Flick tells her about the receipt she found in his wallet and thinks that Joel is going to propose!
<<3801 - 3803>>
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