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Neighbours Episode 3804 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3804
Australian airdate: 05/07/2001
UK airdate: 21/08/2001
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Laura Wallace: Fiona Choi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Laura meets the Hancocks. She mentions that she does stripagrams to make ends meet.
Darcy drops Tess off from the ballet and they start kissing passionately.
The School
Darcy intercepts Tess arriving at work. He tells her it was a mistake and there's no need to tell Dee. Tess doesn't look too impressed and then looks worried as Tad and Paul see her and Darcy whispering.
Matt says that he doesn't mind about Laura doing stripagrams but he doesn't seem keen to arrange another date with her.
Tess is instructing the class. Tad asks Paul quietly if he wants to go for a ride later. Tess is on edge and tells them to stop gossiping.
The Coffee Shop
Michelle asks Harold to put her lunch on her tab. Harold encourages her to pay off her tab soon. Joe comes in and chats to Harold about his allotment - he's let it go since Madge died.
At another table, Darcy and Dee are chatting about the ballet.
Laura is telling Matt about one of her stripagram that she had to do on a ship when her costume blew away. Matt insists he's fine with her job but he clearly isn't. Laura explains about her minder who comes with her on all her jobs.
They decide to go and play pool at the pub.
The Coffee Shop
Dee is recounting ballet lessons she used to have as a kid. Darcy says he's sure she was very elegant and kisses her. Tess storms in and orders a toasted sandwich. She tries to make a swift exit but Dee calls her over.
The Pub
Matt admits that he hates Laura's job. He says he thinks it's wrong because it's exploitative. Laura is cross and says it's harmless fun and she makes ten times more money that she would waitressing. Matt isn't convinced. He says he likes Laura a lot though. Laura thinks and then says she's got a favour to ask him.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is telling Dee about the ballet while Tess seethes over her sandwich. Dee is called away to the hospital. She kisses Darcy goodbye.
When Dee has gone, Darcy tells Tess to pull herself together. She storms out.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Darcy follows Tess and tells her to be rational - they just got a bit carried away. Tess is very angry and tells him that they both cheated on Dee.
Outside the School
Tad and Paul are talking about bikes when Tess stalks past them. Paul thinks there's something going on with Tess and Darcy. Tad thinks he might have a point and congratulates him on his insight!
The Pub
Laura has asked Matt to come to one of her jobs as her minder can't make it. He doesn't want to but Laura says he needs to confront his prejudices. Matt eventually agrees.
The Allotment
Michelle and Joe are digging Harold's allotment. Joe tells Michelle that they'll have to get rid of the chickens soon but Michelle says roosters aren't vicious.
Tad and Paul ride up and show them some BMX tricks.
Darcy has brought Dee some flowers. Dee apologises for not being the greatest girlfriend - always in work. Darcy suggests some R & R and offers to take her to the pub(!) Dee is pleased and suggests asking Tess along too, but Darcy says he'd rather it was just the two of them.
Dee thinks something is wrong with Tess. Darcy says it's probably something at school!
Paul and Tad are practising their BMX tricks. Joe calls them over to help with the gardening.
The Pub
Darcy is telling Dee that she has beautiful hands. She laughs it off and Darcy asks her why she doesn't take compliments. Dee admits that it's hard to let him close as she's scared. Darcy says he's learning that Dee is very special and emotionally tells her that he doesn't want to lose her. Darcy kisses her. Just then Tess comes in and sees them. She walks straight out again.
Outside Laura's job
Laura has got her gear on and Matt is nervous.
They get out of the car and walk towards the job. Laura explains the rules to Matt (they can look but they can't touch) and says it's only ten minutes. Laura goes in and Matt follows her reluctantly.
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