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Neighbours Episode 3779 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3779
Australian airdate: 31/5/01
UK airdate: BBC: 17/7/01
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Alan Bradley: Andrew Percy
Rocky James: Troy Lempriere
Paddy Burns: Josi Dyer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells the football coach that medical decisions about the team are up to them
Steph gets a letter from Woody.
Outside the Scullys
Steph is shocked but plays it down to Toadie. He offers her a strong coffee at his place, but she runs off into her house.
The Garage
Libby has come to see Drew. Lou teases her that they can't stay apart(!). Libby sees that Drew has still got the puppy's blanket. Libby hopes she's OK at the RSPCA. She is sad that she can't have the dog at the flat.
Toadie is trying to get Bob to do tricks, but he won't. Matt asks Toadie about his date with Laura and Toadie raves about her. Matt says they'll be laughed out of the dog show unless they get Leo to help them with the training of Bob.
The Coffee Shop
Harold asks Paul if he's still going to the training and Paul says he is. They are still waiting on Nathan's drug test. Paul thinks he'll be thrown out of the team for blowing the whistle.
Lou comes in. Harold says that Lou will be sorry to lose Matt when he starts his own catering business. Lou doesn't know anything about this and is surprised. He wants to know more about it.
Football field
Paul is being picked on by the other team members.
Garden of No.30
Leo is getting Bob to do tricks. Toadie isn't pleased that Bob will listen to Leo and not him(!). Toadie says that they've got the dog show in the bag!
Libby and Drew's flat
Steph is trying to talk to Libby, but Nigel's drumming is so loud they can't hear each other. When there is a pause in the drumming, Steph shows Libby the letter from Woody. She says she doesn't know what to do about it.
Matt and Toadie are discussing what they'll spend their dog show winnings on. Leo wants a cut of the money, or he won't help to train Bob.
Libby and Drew's flat
Steph reads the letter out to Libby. It tells her not to look for him because it's too dangerous and that he loves her. She wants to look for him, but Libby is the voice of reason. She tells Steph not too look for him - she'll open a can of worms.
The Coffee Shop
Matt and Toadie are trying to persuade Leo to help them. They are bribing him with food.
Harold tells Matt that he mentioned the plans for Matt's catering business to Lou. Harold is apologetic but Matt says he'll have a word to Lou and straighten things out with him.
Matt tells Toadie privately that he's worried that Lou might sack him.
Lou has made dinner for Harold, Tad and Paul. Paul comes in and Harold asks him how the training went. Paul says it was OK but is rubbing his shoulder. He goes off for a shower.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby tells Steph that it's too dangerous to go looking for Woody. Steph is finding it hard being apart from him. She worries that she made a mistake letting him go into witness protection alone. Drew comes in and Steph leaves. The drumming starts up again.
Paul tells everyone that a couple of players in the team have tested positive for drugs. All the team are blanking Paul, including the coach. Harold is very shocked. Paul thinks he'll always be an outsider in the team.
Steph comes in and answers the phone. There's silence on the other end. Steph asks if it's Woody, but there's silence. She says she got his letter and that she loves him too. There's still silence, so she hangs up.
Lou is serving up risotto for dinner. He suddenly realises that he added chicken stock to the risotto. Harold says he'll have salad.
Lou comes around to see Matt about his catering business. Matt says he's sorry Lou heard about it that way - he can't start his business for six months or so though until he can raise the cash. Lou says Matt is the best barman he has ever had (but not to tell Toadie!) so he offers him a pay-rise. Matt agrees to stay on at the pub.
Leo moans on about his share of the dog show money, and Matt says he'll have a word with Toadie.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby and Drew chat about Steph. She tells him in confidence about the letter that Steph received from Woody. Drew says she's mad if she's thinking of contacting him.
Libby tells Drew that she called the RSPCA and the dog hasn't found a home. She asks Drew if they can visit her at lunch time. Drew reluctantly agrees.
The Coffee Shop
Matt and Toadie are discussing Leo's share of the money. Toadie says that they won't get much money each.
Animal Shelter
Libby fusses over the dog. The animal shelter guy tells them that the dog won't be rehoused because she's got a heart murmur. The dog will be put down. Libby is horrified.
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