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Neighbours Episode 3778 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3778
Australian airdate: 30/5/01
UK airdate: BBC: 16/7/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Luke Dawson: Adrian Foley
Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Flick tells Lyn that she has won a month's supply of T-shirts
Joel's girlfriend (Simone) is going away for a week. Joel says he thinks it is a good idea so he can sort himself out.
Flick answers the door to Luke. He asks her to go to a skating competition with him. Flick agrees. While she gets ready, she sends Luke to the kitchen to get himself a drink.
Joel is lamenting the state of his love life. He doesn't want Toadie to tell Dee anything about his love life - it's none of her business.
Flick is reading to go to the competition. Steph and Lyn come in as they're leaving. Lyn tells Steph that Flick and Luke are getting along very well. Apparently Joe is quite pleased - anything to get Flick away from Joel(!)
Matt asks Emily if she wants to go to a toyfair. He also persuades Leo to come along. Emily goes to get her doll to take with her to the toy fair.
Lyn asks Steph is she is OK. Steph says she is OK - she's trying not to think about Woody disappearing. Lyn is worried that Steph is lonely. Steph says that she liked a guy at work but one day he came in and said his wife had had a baby! Lyn asks Steph if there is a pattern - her liking men that are unavailable. Steph goes to ask Joe if he wants to go to see a football match. Lyn says there is someone wonderful for Steph out there somewhere and she'll meet him sooner or later.
Matt is chatting with Toadie and Joel. Joel is shocked that Matt knows about his situation with Simone(!) - Toadie told him. Dee and Joel bicker about the electricity bill.
The Coffee Shop
Dee has taken Toadie and Joel shopping to tell them what to buy(!). Flick and Luke come in and Dee suggests that they ask them to join them. Joel begs her not to.
A collector at the toy fair offered them $100 for Emily's doll, but Emily didn't want to sell her. Leo is very cross. Matt takes Emily off to bed.
The Coffee Shop
Dee is calling Flick and Luke over. Flick isn't too keen, but Luke takes her over. Flick tells them that Luke won at the skating competition this afternoon. Joel does not look impressed. He says what he does - triathlon - is better because it's about pushing limits.
Steph is back from the game and has enjoyed herself. Luke drops Flick off. Steph and Lyn quiz Flick about Luke but she says he's just a friend.
Toadie is going on a date with a girl called Laura. Joel is being very cynical about it. Toadie tells Joel off - he doesn't get a lot of dates for his looks so Joel should be encouraging him. Joel goes off to the pub. Dee says it's because he doesn't want to be alone with her. Dee tells him to stay in with her - they need to decide if they can live together or not.
Joel and Dee are cooking dinner. Dee is bossing Joel about. Joel isn't very happy. They talk about the two of them living together and they bicker.
Lyn is getting ready to go to the salon to tackle Gino. Steph asks Flick about Luke again. Flick insists he's just a friend.
Outside the Salon
Joe and Steph arrive at the salon and sit at a distance in the car. Gino arrives and then Lyn rides up on Steph's bike! Gino is surprised. Lyn says they need to have a bit of a talk and leads him off to the salon. Joe is stunned!
Toadie's date last night went very well. He raves about the girl he met (Laura). Joel says he's happy for him but says he's waiting for her to start asking him legal questions(!)
The Coffee Shop
Lyn tells Steph that she confronted Gino about everything and he gave in to all of her points. Lyn is very pleased. Lyn asks if Joe saw her on the scooter - she hopes he wasn't upset. Steph says he was very proud of her!
Leo is teaching Bob to do tricks. Emily can't find her doll. Matt helps her to looks and finds her in a cupboard. They are puzzled how the doll got there.
Outside the Scullys
Toadie tells Steph about his date with Laura. Steph asks if she is a law groupie(!). She then looks at her mail - she is shocked to find a letter from Woody.
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