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Neighbours Episode 3780 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3780
Australian airdate: 1/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 18/7/01
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl rants at Darcy that he must take responsibility for his mistakes
The keeper of the animal shelter tells Libby that a little dog will be put down.
The animal shelter
Libby tells Drew that she can't let the little dog be put down. Drew says they're not allowed to have a dog in the flat and also the dog will grow quickly. Libby says she's not letting her be put down - they've both bonded with her.
The Coffee Shop
Susan is trying to decide what to order. Evan is there ordering vegemite, tuna and mayonnaise. He says it's delicious, but not for the faint-hearted. Susan tells Harold she'll have what Evan's having!
The Surgery
Lou tells Karl that he's had a phonecall from the health commission. They wanted to know about Lou's appointments with Darcy - they're obviously checking Darcy out. Lou asks if there's something shonky going on, but Karl says he can't think of anything.
Libby and Drew's
Libby and Drew have brought the dog home. Drew says Susan has invited them for dinner. Drew wants to call the dog Muffin, but Libby hates that name. They worry a bit about having her in the flat.
The School
Tess is telling Evan that she's been getting back into swimming training. Evan is supposed to be doing tennis training. Evan sees Susan and asks to organise a trip to Waratah Creek providing all the consent forms are sort out. When Susan has gone, Tess realises that Evan and Susan don't get on. Evan thinks Susan is very conservative. But Tess defends Susan strongly.
The Surgery
Karl is talking to a disgruntled patient. The patient doesn't want to be involved in the investigation so she is leaving the practice. Darcy comes in and Karl is cross with him over it.
Evan and Emily are playing with water. Maggie and Leo comes in. Leo is moaning that he can't find his autograph book. Evan tells Maggie about the possibility of an excursion to Waratah Creek. He tells her about other plans he has. Maggie says to take it slowly with Susan - he shouldn't get her back up, he doesn't want to lose his job.
Susan is ranting to Karl that Evan thinks she is old-fashioned. Susan thinks it might be a gender issue. Karl tries to reason with her.
Karl tells Susan he's sick of Darcy's surly and unrepentant attitude. Susan says it's just a rough patch between them.
The Coffee Shop
Darcy is telling Tess that Karl always has to have the last word. Tess says he's being paranoid. Dee comes in and talks briefly to them but then leaves. Darcy says he feels like an axe-murderer(!)
Michelle has come with some information for Evan about a new wildlife sanctuary. Maggie tells Evan that he has a knack for making the kids like him. Evan feels he's losing touch with his son Chris.
The Coffee Shop
Lou is trying to get Harold to go bowling. He isn't keen. Lou asks Darcy his medical opinion about bowling. Darcy says Lou should be careful with his back. Darcy asks Lou if he can be his boarder - he's been feeling a bit claustrophobic at Susan's. Lou is delighted.
Libby introduces the dog to Susan and Karl as Audrey. Karl says it's not a very doggish name and Drew says he wanted to call her Muffin.
Darcy comes in and tells them he's moving to Lou's house. Drew says he'll like it there - Lou is easy to get on with. Karl and Susan are a bit surprised but not upset.
Lou is wondering if there is more to Darcy moving out than claustrophobia. Harold is cooking dinner. Harold is wearing Madge's apron because it reminds him of her. Lou asks him gently if he's cleared her things out yet. Harold says he hasn't yet - he finds it comforting to have them there. He says he'll do it eventually. Lou offers to help but Harold says he will do it in his own time.
Maggie tells Evan that he's paranoid about Susan. Leo is moaning that he still can't find his autograph book. Evan has got an email from Chris which is very terse. Evan thinks Chris is trying to avoid him. Maggie tells Evan to go and talk to Susan about the excursion. Maggie says suddenly that there's a box missing from the move - that's why a few things are missing.
KARL: As far as Auds is concerned...
LIBBY: Audrey, please.
DREW: Oh, Lib, don't get all precious over nicknames or I'm going to call her Muffin.
KARL: That would make her nickname, um...
(There is a knock at the door)
SUSAN: (dryly) Saved by the bell.
It's Evan at the door. Karl tells him that the dog's name is Audrey. Evan says it's cute and Libby is pleased. Evan wants to talk to Susan about the excursion. Alice rings up for Darcy and Darcy looks worried.
Harold is smelling Madges clothes before putting them in a box. He looks very depressed indeed. He sits down and looks at a photo album of pictures of him and Madge. Then he carries the box of clothes out.
Karl asks if Evan is any good at tennis. Evan is a bit worried about Joe's serve(!). In the background Darcy is shouting down the phone at Alice. It seems she want to take him for everything he's got in the divorce - house, practice, everything.
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