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Neighbours Episode 3688 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3688
Australian airdate: 24/01/01
UK airdate: 20/02/01
UK Gold: 06/10/05
Writer: Don Battye
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
- "Love At Last" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Joel telling Flick that they can't be together.
- Lance wanting to know the truth from Allana.
No. 30
Allana is just about to tell Lance when Joel arrives home. Lance subtly suggests he leaves and Joel takes the hint saying he'll go for a bike ride.
Ramsay Street
Joel and is bike depart from No. 30 as Flick is heading towards his house and her "hi" startles him and he crashes into a wheelie bin! They start bickering with each other before Flick goes to leave but Joel apologises and asks what she is up to. Flick explains she's going for a walk as she's locked herself out and nobody is due home for a while, so Joel does his knight in shining armour part by telling her he'll get her into the house.
No. 30
Finally Allana tells him that it started when she changed schools at 16 (the family moved from the countryside) and she developed an adjustment disorder anxiety where she didn't go out, was weepy and felt like she was saying the wrong thing all the time. She continues by telling him that due to not going out the friend she did make thought she was snubbing them and even though she is over it now, she feels like it could come back. Lance shows great concern and understanding as she explains that this is how she got into Sci-Fi before telling him that it was good for her to have met him. Lance replies that it was good for him too and she admits that giving Lance the challenges gave her such a buzz and that she couldn't believe he did them all! They hug each other relieved that there are no more secrets and that nothing has changed between them.
Ramsay Street
Joel is trying to 'break' into No. 26 but is having trouble doing so, and so gives up. Flick decides to go back to her original plans of having a walk and Joel his bike ride since Lance and Allana are having a deep & meaningful at No. 30.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are chatting about the Great Aussie BBQ and she tells him that she has something up her sleeves when Paul comes in after having obtained his 'L' plates. He wonders who will take him for driving lessons and Harold volunteers despite Paul and Madge's reservations and his first lesson is tonight!
No. 30
Now that they have no more secrets between them, Lance tells Allana he is the person he wants to go and see the world with and will she come with him.
No. 30
Allana has obviously said yes, as they've gone to the travel agent to get some brochures and prices! They look first at how much the prices are to fly to America - Lance thinks they are cheap but Allana is aghast at the prices but Lance says that if they're careful and with the money he can obtain, then nothing can stop them.
The Coffee Shop
Joel and Paul talk about learning to drive.
No. 30
Allana tells Lance she needs to get home and he suggests a quick drink first at the pub, so they leave the brochures and head off.
Lassiters Lake
Flick sits and looks the water when her peace and tranquillity is ruined by Joel throwing a stone in the water before he joins her. As they sit, they see Lance and Allana strolling through on the way to the pub and comment that they look happy.
No. 24
It's time for Paul's first driving lesson but unlike how the rest of us learned to drive, Paul's first lesson takes place at the dining room table with 4 tankards and the salt and pepper shakers! Harold thinks that Paul needs to know the theory before he can go out on the roads even though Madge and Paul think it is stupid. Harold begins and he doesn't like the comments Madge is making.
Lou's Place
Lance says goodbye to Allana and at the bar, he thanks Joel for giving them space earlier. Joel comments that he is surprised to see them together, and Lance thinks likewise and adds that when two people are in love then things will happen. Joel agrees with him and you can see him starting to think...
No. 24
The indoor driving lessons continue but now with Paul and Harold sitting in a mock-up of a car complete with cushions for pedals! Paul and Madge are both mystified but Harold explains that it helps to get a feel on how much pressure you need to apply to the pedals! They begin to 'drive' and Harold criticises Paul but they resume and they 'practice' breaking. Harold feigns as if Paul has applied too much pressure and is about to head through the windscreen.
HAROLD: See too hard.
PAUL: You weren't wearing a seat belt!
No. 30
Mrs Truman hangs up on Lance after telling him off for making Allana do things that a girl in her condition shouldn't be doing. Joel asks if she is pregnant and Lance quickly says no before admitting the phonecall makes no sense at all. Joel wonders then if it is because Mrs Truman feels he is taking her daughter away from her, maybe replies Lance before adding that she also accused him of being a dangerous influence on Allana. Joel suggests that perhaps Allana has stood up to her mum and Lance is beginning to wonder that given the time they visited, Allana clammed up in front of her mum. Lance tells Joel about Allana having a breakdown and adds that nothing Mrs Truman can do will stop him from being with Allana.
Ramsay Street
Paul now gets his first real driving lesson but not before Harold points out to him what he should do when he gets into the car (checking seats and mirrors and making sure seat belt is on). When Paul eventually starts to move off, he does so like he is starting a Grand Prix much to the shock of Harold in the passenger seat and the amusement of Flick and Joel who have been watching.
No. 30
Lance shows Allana into the house (she arrived during the driving scene) and he wants to know what the phonecall from her mum was about. Allana explains that her mum is worried about her doing the trip and she agrees with her. Lance wonders if her mum has too much of an influence over her, which Allana denies before explaining that her mum knows what is right for her. He asks if he can worry about her too but she isn't ready for that, but Lance isn't taking no for an answer and tells her that her mum will just have to get used to sharing the worry over her because he isn't going to let go and most importantly they are going to America!
Lassiters Park
Joel is chasing after Bob (he slipped his lead) and Flick stops him as she is out with Harvey. They make some small talk whilst looking straight into each other's eyes before Flick leans in to kiss him. He is a bit shocked at first but admits he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her and that they've got to find a way to make it work before they resume pashing each other.
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