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Neighbours Episode 3689 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3689
Australian airdate: 25/1/01
UK airdate: 20/2/01
UK Gold: 6/10/05
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Tim Bailey: Darcy Bonser
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tim asking Michelle out on a date when he gets out of hospital.
Flick and Joel pashing and Joel saying he wants to find a way for them to see each other.
No. 26
Michelle comes off the phone from talking to Tim and confides in Steph that she is in trouble - she likes Tim but not as potential boyfriend material but he thinks there is more to it and she only agreed to the date because he was ill. Steph asks what is wrong with Tim and Michelle explains that he is too young - she prefers older boys. Joe happens to catch this part as he comes through from the kitchen and comments to her that if she has to have a boy in her life then he'd like one to be of the same age as her.
The Coffee Shop
Flick and Joel are making small talk whilst staring lovingly into each other's eyes when Joe appears for some milk. He starts asking Joel questions about how Flick is doing for scuba diving happy that not only is Flick sticking in at doing something but that they appear to have patched up their differences! Out of Joe's earshot, Joel says that they need to tell Joe but Flick comments not if he'd like to see the turn of the new century! Joel reminds her that he can live with Joe not talking to him for the rest of his life but it is different for her. Flick promises to tell her dad soon.
Paul is moaning to Harold about the lack of driving time as they head into see Tim. When they enter his room they are surprised to see Tim up and about and full of life.
The Coffee Shop
Lou, Joe and Harold talk about the BBQ trying to suss out each other's tactics and Lou and Joe are shocked to find out Harold is doing a meat-free BBQ! Joe takes the chance to ask Lou for a favour - a job for Steph at the pub as he is concerned that the constant knock backs she's been getting whilst trying to get a new job is affecting her confidence and making her feel low. Lou thinks for a bit and promises to get back to him as Libby's replacement is giving cause for concern.
Tim, Paul and Tad are making small talk when Michelle arrives. Paul and Tad take the subtle hint to go and get some drinks, to leave the two of them alone. Michelle asks how he is and Tim is trying to remain positive while he waits for the consultant to visit him. Michelle is just about to confess all to Tim but he gets in before her to say he likes it when she hangs around and so she loses her nerve.
No. 30
Flick asks if Joel still has feelings for Dione and who broke it off. Joel says that she wasn't right for him but before he can answer about who broke it off, a knock at the door interrupts them. Joel tells Flick she may want to hide just in case it is Joe but when he answers the door it is another Scully - Steph. She comes in and discovers Flick despite Joel trying to suggest otherwise.
No. 30
Joel is trying to make up excuses as to why Flick is there but Flick confesses that Steph knows about them. Steph asks the dreaded - when they telling Joe and they say soon! She promises not to say anything before leaving and they breath a sigh of relief.
No. 24
Paul is still moaning about his lack of driving time as Tad does his best to ignore him. Tad bemoans how tough the new school session is going to be and tells Paul that he has decided to start living for today and top of the list bar Tim being okay, which Paul assures him he will be.
No. 26
Lou having thought about what Joe asked earlier offers Steph a job at the pub and she accepts. He tells her that her first shift is tonight and as he is leaving, Joe comments that Steph has a job. Steph wonders what they are up to and hopes that she isn't being a charity case. Lou "confesses" that he mentioned to Joe his need for new bar staff and Joe suggested her. Steph accepts this but still thinks it is too simple an answer.
No. 26 (later on)
Michelle confides in Steph about what happened at the hospital (her chickening out of telling Tim the truth) and she urges her to tell him the truth. Joe appears and reminds Steph about being late for her first night and she remarks that she is feeling nervous given the knock backs she has had but he tells her she is a Scully and that she can do the job. In the background Flick has been chatting to Joel but now it has gone quiet, she has to pretend it is a friend from school she is talking to and not Joel. He is a bit confused to begin with but eventually twigs and between them, Flick arranges to visit.
No. 24
Tad tells Paul of his fantasy - no more school! Paul thinks he is joking but Tad isn't and decides that he is not going to go back to school for Year 12 and tries to get Paul to do the same. Harold arrives home from work and Paul tells him Tad has something to say!
No. 24
During the conveniently placed ad break, Tad has obviously told Harold his plans and he reminds Tad of the reason he is living in Erinsborough - to go to school! Tad again says he is serious and Harold asks what he wants to do then with his life and Tad replies DJ'ing and studying audio engineering. Harold quizzes him on how he is going to support himself until he can do these things and Tad mentions that a friend labours for a living earning $800 a week, which doesn't impress Harold with him calling it a pipe dream. Tad explains the reason behind this decision - when he saw Tim lying in a hospital bed he realised that you only get one chance and life and you have to live it to the full and adds that he is not going to change his mind.
No. 30
Joel is worrying that Steph is going to spill the beans but Flick reassures him that Steph won't spill. Joel suggests they cool things until she tells Joe but Flick says that isn't possible, so he comments that she has no self-control! Flick feigns to walk out and Joel goes after her to find her standing outside the door waiting for him! He pulls her back inside and they start pashing.
No. 26
Joe bemoans to Lyn about the lack of time she is spending at home since Ritchie spoke to her but Lyn tells him to get used to it and that she is going to the conference too. They are about to start arguing when Harold's arrival interrupts them to have a word with Joe. He asks for a favour from him to help solve the problem he is having with Tad.
Tad, Harold and Paul arrive at the hospital to find out what the specialist said about Tim. Tad is apprehensive but Tim gives him the good news that he is going to be all right and that Tad is the coolest older brother ever!
Ramsay Street
The Scully's load the BBQ into the Ute as Lou passes offering his words of wisdom and Joe asks if he wants to put his money where his mouth is.
Paul, Tad and Harold arrive home from the hospital with Paul behind the wheel. Harold and Tad are relieved that the car has come to a halt! Tad refuses to be in the car again if Paul is driving and Harold isn't exactly complimentary either!
Tad spots Michelle and goes to tell her the good news about Tim, which she is happy to hear and Steph takes the opportunity to tell Michelle she hasn't got any excuses now not to tell Tim the truth!
Joe tells Tad he has heard he is on the hunt for a job and he has one for a labourer available. Tad thinks all his Christmases have come at once and readily accepts Joe's offer. As Tad goes to gloat to Paul, Joe winks at Harold.
<<3688 - 3690>>
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