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Neighbours Episode 3644 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3644
Australian airdate: 19/10/00
UK airdate: 11/12/00
UK Gold: 06/09/05
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Patsy Edis: Anne Maloney
Const. Ralph Walker: Paul Collins
- "Psychic Cats" by Automatic
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl discuss a Wigs For Kids day with Dione.
Patsy steals Lou's keys.
Patsy is still hiding behind the counter - Lou didn't see her when he got up. She huttiedly replaces Lou's keys and sneaks out.
Scully's, the following morning
Joe is doing some surreptitious exercise on the exercise bike when Michelle comes in. He jumps off the bike quickly. Lyn comes out and says that Joe looks hot. Michelle says maybe he should go and see Dr. Kennedy(!)
Joe goes for a shower and walks in on Dione!
Dione comes out in a dressing gown apologising profusely. They tell the Scullys that Libby and Drew are back together. Lyn's face is concerned.
Susan says that even she had been giving up hope on Libby and Drew, but Karl says there was no time that she wasn't plotting to get them in the same room together(!)
Karl and Susan put their wigs on - SUsan's is bright red and Karl's is multicoloured. Susan wonders how her authority will hold up with this(!) They leave for work laughing.
Lolly and Patsy have got their wigs on and they've got one for Lou too. It is hideous with ribbons. Lou says he'll put it on when he gets to work. He picks up his keys and goes.
Lyn is complaining that the exercise bike is on too high a setting. Michelle comes out with her gold wig on. Joe refuses to wear his. Michelle says pointedly that she can think of one reason why he should(!). He reluctantly puts on a white wig.
The Coffee Shop
Harold has got a multicoloured wig on and so do some of the extras in the Coffee Shop(!) Harold gives Dione $1000 for the fund. She and Lou go off to get the rest for the safe.
Back of Lou's Place
Lou opens the safe with a key - the money for Wigs For Kids and yesterday's takings have gone.
Everyone has got wigs on. Joe congratulates Karl and Susan about Libby and Drew. Dione rings Karl and tells him that the money has gone, so Karl runs off.
Patsy sees Tess (in a silver wig) and asks if she could take the room in Tess' house. They agree to meet that evening. Michelle looks worried.
Lou's Place
The police have arrived. Lou says that only he has a safe key. Lou can't understand what's happened - there's an alarm as well that wasn't tripped. The police decide to take fingerprints.
Michelle asks Tess if Patsy is moving in with her. Tess says she hasn't decided yet. Michelle says she doesn't like her very much.
Lou tells Patsy about the money going missing. She feigns surprise. Lou can't understand it - he doesn't leave the keys lying around, but he must have left them long enough for someone to make a copy of them. Patsy says the scum who did it should be throttled. To distract Lou, she offers to make him some soup for his dinner.
The Coffee Shop
Steph comes in and laughs at Lyn and Joe's wigs. Lyn asks Steph quietly if she's OK with the stuff about Libby and Drew. Steph says it is affecting her a bit, but she's OK. Lyn tells Joe that Steph is running herself ragged with the hours she's working.
Joe tells Lyn that the exercise industry is a big con - he doesn't do any exercise ever and he's as fit as can be(!)
Harold tells Joe, Lyn and Michelle about the money going missing from Lou's safe. Michelle looks thoughtful.
Back of Lou's Place
Michelle tells Lou quietly that she thinks Patsy is the thief. She says she saw Patsy going through his rubbish bin and writing down numbers. Lou is cross and tells her it's ridiculous. He sends her away.
The Coffee Shop
Dione is upset about the money - there's very little chance of getting it back. Steph comes in and invites Dione to the pub. Dione tells Steph that she's going to look at the room in Tess's house. Patsy comes in and tells Tess she's coming over to look at the room. Tess tells her there's a change in plan. But Dione says that Patsy needs the room more than she does (having given in her notice) Patsy is pleased.
Karl tells Dione that they're well on the way to getting the paediatric ventilator. Karl and Dione are off to the radio to present a cheque. They decide not to wear the wigs.
Steph tells Lyn that Libby and Drew have gone up to see Grandpa Tom. Lyn sympathises with Steph, but Steph says it's OK - she has no choice, she has to be OK.
Joe and Michelle come in. Lyn tells Joe about all the exercise she's done today. Lyn suggests a competition between them with Joel adjudicating to see who comes off best.
Steph answers the door to Lou and Michelle hides. Lou tells them what Michelle said about Patsy and wanted to apologise for being short with her - Michelle was only trying to help.
When Lou has gone, Lyn tells Michelle that she can't accuse people without proof.
Lou's Place
Lou is drawing up a list of suspects for the police. Karl comes round and invites Lou to a celebration for Wigs For Kids day. Patsy says she needs a couple of hours to do a few things, then she'll babysit Lolly for him. Lou tells Karl that Patsy is wonderful.
Tess comes round with work for Tad and Paul - apparently they didn't turn up for school after lunch, and neither did Felicity. Harold is surprised and doesn't know where they are. He looks worried.
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