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Neighbours Episode 3643 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<3642 - 3644>>
Episode title: 3643
Australian airdate: 18/10/00
UK airdate: 08/12/00
UK Gold: 05/09/05
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Patsy Edis: Anne Maloney
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Patsy sucking up to Lou and then taking one of his credit cards when he's not looking.
Drew is about to sign over his share of the garage when Libby bursts in shouting at him not to sign it.
The Garage
Drew takes Libby round the back of the garage to have a chat.
DREW: Lib, what is it? Come on, what's the matter? Are you alright?
LIBBY: (out of breath) Yeah.
DREW: Alright well just let me fix this business with Doug and then...
LIBBY: No don't! You can't go. You can't just walk out on all the people who care about you.
DREW: I'm not.
LIBBY: What about Lou? He needs you...and Lolly.
DREW: You think I should stay here for Lou and Lolly?
LIBBY: Well not just them.
DREW: I need a reason, Lib.
LIBBY: Your home, your friends, your work...everything's here.
DREW: I need a good reason Lib.
LIBBY: Me? Would you stay here for me? I love you. (pause while Drew looks stunned) Oh, I'm sorry...
DREW: Libby, Libby! Say it again?
LIBBY: I love you!
(They hug and laugh)
LOU: (coming round the corner) Ah. Right. OK. (walks off)
(pause while this summariser turns backflips after the looooong wait since Episode 3577!! Woohoo!)
Karl and Susan are arguing about Libby and Drew. Karl tells her to stop going on about it, but Susan says she'll never stop!
Dione and Steph come round with some money for the Wigs For Kids campaign. Susan suggests they give the money to Lou to put in the safe.
SUSAN: You haven't seen Libby on your travels have you?
KARL: You know what mothers are like, they operate on a need-to-know-everything basis!
When Steph and Dione have gone, Susan berates Karl for this last statement.
The Garage
Drew has told Doug the deal for the garage is off and he's gone. Apparently he was quite magnaminous about it. Lou tells Libby that she arrived just in time! He invites them to meet him in the pub later.
When Lou has gone, Drew tells Libby that she's put him through hell. He says he couldn't stand it if it happened again. Libby tells him that she never felt any differently about him - it was all about the children thing. She says that she thought that in time Drew would come to resent her over the issue. But Drew says he doesn't love her because she could give him children - he loves her for herself.
Dione and Steph are looking for Lou to put the Wigs For Kids money in his safe. Patsy gives them a donation, and offers to keep the money to give it to Lou. But Dione and Steph want to give it to Lou in person. Patsy shows them out.
Susan is drying dishes.
KARL: (shouts from bedroom) Is it cold outside?
SUSAN: I don't know.
KARL: Do I need a jacket?
SUSAN: I don't know!
KARL: I said, do I need a jacket?
(Libby and Drew come in together just as Karl comes out of the bedroom. There is a bit of a silence.)
LIBBY: Uh...just us...(hugs Drew)
SUSAN: (realisation dawns and she runs over from the kitchen) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't believe it!
(Karl and Susan hug both Libby and Drew)
The Pub
Karl, Susan, Libby, Drew and Lou are celebrating the reconciliation with drinks on the house. Susan is absolutely over the moon and keeps hugging Libby. Karl says he always knew that it would happen(!)
SUSAN: And we're so sorry that Libby was...
KARL: Had a temporary fit of madness.
LIBBY: I love the way you two are so loyal to me!
SUSAN: Well darling, you know, you were mad.
LIBBY: True.
Dione and Steph come in. Steph sizes up the Libby/Drew situation straight away and Karl tells Dione in words. They give their congratulations, but Steph looks a bit sad. Steph gives Lou the money for Wigs For Kids. She stands at the bar quietly, struggling to control her emotions.
Libby and Dione are talking about the wedding. Steph excuses herself to go to the toilet and bumps into Drew at the bar. She talks somewhat awkwardly to Drew. He tells her he's sorry she has to be involved in the celebrations, but Steph says that Libby and Drew belong together - she's genuinely happy for him.
The Pub/Lou's
Lou is on the phone to Patsy. He tells her he's running late and asks how Lolly is doing. She agrees to stay on a bit longer. He tells her that he's had the money and he's put it in the safe. When she has hung up, Patsy looks at her watch.
Karl, Susan, Libby, Drew, Steph, Dione and Lou are still celebrating the reconciliation. Steph heads off early, much to Libby's surprise. She hugs Libby and Drew goodbye. Libby looks thoughtful.
Steph comes in and sits on the couch. Libby has followed her and comes in too. She asks if Steph is really OK and wants her to tell her what's going on.
STEPH: I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.
LIBBY: What's wrong.
But Steph loses her bottle and tells Libby she's having a horrible time at work. But she tells Libby she shouldn't be talking about this tonight - it's her night with Drew. Libby says she's very happy and that she owes a lot of it to Steph for telling her how crazy she was to let him go. Libby says she admires and envies Steph - she's so strong and doesn't seem to need anyone. Steph hugs her and tells her she's really glad she's happy. Then she sends her back to Drew. She shuts the door and looks sad.
Patsy is on the phone and says to someone, "Look, I'll call you when I've got it."
Lou and Drew come in and tell Patsy that things are back on with Libby, so Drew won't be moving out after all. Patsy is disappointed but Lou says she still has a job. Lou says Patsy can move in when Libby and Drew get married. Patsy admits that she's given in her notice on her flat. Lou suggests asking Tess if she can move in with her. Lou puts his keys down on the counter and Patsy sees this.
Libby is sitting on Drew's lap while Dione says goodnight to Susan and Karl. As soon as Dione has gone, Susan turns to Karl.
SUSAN: (sternly) Karl! Come on. Time for bed.
KARL: Good idea.
When they are alone, Drew says they still have places to go tonight. He tells her to wrap up and bring a change of clothes.
DREW: How far will you follow me?
LIBBY: Try me.
DREW: Alright!
Patsy takes Lou's keys and leaves, calling goodnight to Lou.
Dione is outside Steph's house, calling her on the phone to ask if she can sleep on the couch - she's locked out. Steph lets her in and puts her on the sofa. Dione is banging on about how perfect Libby and Drew are for each other. Steph looks like she'd like to slit her wrists(!)
A field
Libby and Drew are wrapped in a blanket looking at the moon. They talk about their relationship a bit. Drew wants to know that they're in it for the long haul, and Libby says that they are. Drew smiles. He points out the jewelbox nebula to her. Then he gets out her engagement ring and replaces it on her finger!
Dione says she knows how Steph feels - thinking when it would be her turn for love! Steph looks a bit dour, but then cheers up as they reminisce about their horse-riding weekend.
Susan finds a note from Drew. "Libby and I have gone to Tom's to return his present, love Drew" (the white feather)
Karl laughs and says Tom will be woken up at an ungodly hour. Susan hugs Karl and says they're doing well themselves, and just now at that moment she's perfectly happy.
Patsy sneaks in. But Lou gets up and she hides behind the kitchen counter.
<<3642 - 3644>>
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