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Neighbours Episode 3642 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3642
Australian airdate: 17/10/00
UK airdate: 07/12/00
UK Gold: 05/09/05
Writer: Noel Maloney
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Patsy Edis: Anne Maloney
- "Wont You Be" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew tells Libby that they don't need to have children to have a fantastic life together, but she's burying her head in the sand.
Madge tells Tad that the surgery want him to come down to discuss his bone marrow donor test results.
The Garage
A bloke called Doug drives up in a convertible and greets Drew. They chat about a car that Drew has been having trouble with. He tells Drew he's ready to sign the contract, but Drew wants Lou to be there. They agree to meet that evening at 7.30pm.
Tad is waiting anxiously in the waiting room. Karl calls him in and tells him that he is a suitable donor - which is very lucky because as Tim's half-brother there was a less than 30% chance of compatibility. Tad is pleased.
The Garage
Drew tells Lou that Doug is coming to sign the contract at 7.30pm. Lou is still delaying and says maybe he'll buy Drew out himself after all. But Drew tells him it's time for him to move on and Doug is a good option.
Karl tells Tad that he's in control of the donor situation. Tad is chuffed to bits that he can save Tim's life - or at least give him a chance. Tad says that in a way he's not surprised - somehow he feels that it made sense for him to have met Rachel, because he was meant to save Tim. He feels in his heart that Tim will come through the operation successfully.
The Garage
Drew and Lou are discussing the difficult car.
Libby and Susan draw up in the car outside Grease Monkeys (opposite the garage). Susan sees Drew and makes up a problem with the car about a light going on and off. She asks Libby to go across and ask Drew to look at it. Libby isn't keen but eventually agrees.
Karl is going to arrange counselling with the transplant coordinator at the hospital. He explains the bone marrow donation process - Tad will be a bit sore, but nothing serious. Tim will have chemotherapy to prepare for the operation.
The Coffee Shop
Tad is telling Madge and Harold that he feels so happy about the bone marrow donation - he was meant to do this.
Outside Grease Monkeys
Madge and Harold are discussing Grease Monkeys' failings - they are keen to sell it. They bump into Libby and Drew. Libby is distracted and keeps looking across the road where Drew is working. She goes across to talk to him.
The Garage
Libby approaches Drew. She startles him and he hits his head on a car bonnet. Their hands meet as she rubs his head in concern.
Cue Music: "I love you just the same..."
Tad is talking to Stephen (Tim's father) about the bone marrow donation. Tad has talked things over with his parents and asks Stephen how he feels himself. He's desperately worried about Tim - he had to have another transfusion yesterday. However, he's quite stable and his attitude is good. Stephen says he's going to tell Tim about Tad - he wants them to meet. Apparently Tim is into BMX, so they have one thing in common. Tad gives Stephen a BMX magazine to give to Tim.
STEPHEN: I'll tell him it's from his brother.
Tad looks pleased.
The Garage
Libby is apologising to Drew for making him hit his head. She tells him about the "problem" with Susan's car and they make a bit of smalltalk. The atmosphere is awkward though. Drew then tells Libby that he's signing the garage over to Doug tonight. Libby departs without saying much.
Libby tells Susan about her making Drew hit his head on the car bonnet.
Karl says that he's enjoying the silence now that Leo and Emily have departed. Susan says that Drew liked the kids.
LIBBY: (sarcastically) Oh yes! Wonderful Drew! Kind to animals, loves children!
SUSAN: Don't sound like that.
LIBBY: Sound like what?
SUSAN: Like there's something wrong with him for loving children.
KARL: Er, Susan...
SUSAN: No! She's got absolutely no reason to run him down like that.
LIBBY: I wasn't running him down!
SUSAN: No, no, but you're just going to stand back and let him walk away aren't you?
KARL: Susan...
LIBBY: Mum, please, not now.
SUSAN: Yes Libby, right now!
(Karl rolls his eyes and walks away)
SUSAN: Your happiness is important to me. And I'll be blowed if I'm going to stand back and watch you throw it away because of some false sense of pride!
LIBBY: Pride?
SUSAN: Yes, pride! You know perfectly well that Drew would be happy to adopt children, you saw him with Leo and Emily! But you've turned away from him and you won't turn back because you are too proud to admit that you have made a mistake. Go on, you tell me I'm wrong.
The Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are writing an advert for selling Grease Monkeys in the paper. Lou comes in and tells them that they shouldn't use the newspaper, they should use a broker, just as you'd use a real estate agent for a house.
MADGE: And don't tell me! You know just the person!
LOU: As a matter of fact I do.
HAROLD: Oh dear.
Karl and Libby are chatting about movies they could go and see that night.
Tad is on the phone to his mother (adoptive mother) who is a bit worried about the donation procedure. He reassures her, saying he's excited about it.
Karl and Susan are having banter about Wigs For Kids and various other things. They are flirting with each other as Libby watches from the sofa. A closeup on Libby reveals her to be deep in thought. As she continues to watch her happy parents, she suddenly jumps up and runs out much to Karl and Susan's surprise.
Susan's car
Libby is driving. (Go, Libby, Go!)
The Garage
Drew and Lou are still working on the difficult car. Doug arrives and Drew goes to make him a cup of tea.
Madge, Harold and Tad are talking about the whole situation with Tim. Tad is very happy.
Susan's car
Libby is still driving. (Hurry up, Libby!!!)
Cue Music: "I love you just the same..."
The Garage
Doug is chatting to Lou about some of the changes he'd like to make at the garage. He sits down to sign the contract.
Outside the Garage
Libby draws up and runs to the door. (Run, Libby, Run!)
Libby bursts in. (Hooray!!)
LIBBY: Don't! Don't sign it!
Cue Music: "I love you just the same..."
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