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Neighbours Episode 3633 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3633
Australian airdate: 04/10/2000
UK airdate: 24/11/2000
UK Gold: 29/08/2005
Writer: Roger Dunn
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance telling Toadie that Allana wants him to perform seven impossible tasks. Lance is well up for it.
Toadie accidentally tells Drew that Steph is in love with him.
Drew recoils from Steph and says it was nothing important. Lance walks in at that moment and tells them that he's got an original recording of Kosmosis, the final episode. They all look a bit blank but Lance is very excited. Toadie explains about the seven labours of love. Steph asks Drew if she can have a talk to him later and goes off to dry her hair.
When Steph has gone, Toadie apologises profusely for letting it slip. Drew says he doesn't know how he's going to handle it.
The Coffee Shop Kitchen
Harold comes in and greets Madge. They hug each other tightly. Harold says that the tour was a great success and also he was asked to do an encore on his tuba! Madge fills Harold in on the demise of Ozechef. She says that the internet cafe idea isn't going well either, and she wants to send the computers back. Harold says it's fine - the computers are only rented, so there's no harm done. Madge is pleased.
Drew tells Steph that Toadie has told him something but he's not sure if it's correct. Drew says that Toadie gave him the impression that Steph was in love with him. Steph tries to deny this at first, but she can't keep it up.
STEPH: I do love you, I do. And I feel childish and stupid and miserable, but there I've said it. You can hate me for it if you want to, but it's not going to make any difference. I'm already so unhappy, it couldn't get any worse.
Steph starts to cry.
Toadie comes in with a bag he found outside from Allana. Lance reads it eagerly, telling Toadie that Allana is a genius. He has to get a photo of himself with Jimmy Lavane, the star of Kosmosis. Toadie says Jimmy Lavane could be dead and buried by now. But Lance says he isn't - he's not only Australian, but lives in a nursing home nearby.
TOADIE: Mate, this girl could be using you.
LANCE: Don't be silly, she's a fellow Trekkie.
Lance claims that Trekkies have a code of ethics!
LANCE: Allana...she's like my Princess Leia. You could be my Yoda?
Drew says he's sorry it made it hard for her by using her as a shoulder to cry on. But Steph says it's not his fault - he didn't know and he's still in love with Libby.
DREW: It's a bit of a mess.
STEPH: Yeah, just a bit.
Libby comes to the door at that moment and is surprised to see Drew there. Steph goes to get her jacket for their night out.
Libby and Drew make smalltalk then she tells him off for running away back to Oakie.
DREW: It's not running away, Lib. I'm...going home.
He tells her he'll be going soon. A moment grows between them, but just then, Steph comes back with her jacket.
Toadie is trying to study while Lance prances round the room re-enacting an episode of Kosmosis. He's trying to educate Lance in "culture". Toadie is exasperated with him.
Karl and Susan call round with some information about the paediatric ventilator for Toadie's radio show. Karl sees the picture of Kosmosis and starts to bond with Lance over it and sings the theme tune with him! Karl tells Lance casually that Jimmy Lavane lives locally. Lance is overcome and tells him if he tells him he'll be forever in his debt. Karl says there's no need for that(!) and he tells him the name of the nursing home. Lance borrows $10 from Toadie for petrol and runs out of the house! But they drag him back saying it's too late. Lance agrees to go tomorrow instead and sings the Kosmosis theme tune again!
The Pub
Libby asks Steph if she thinks Drew really wants to go back to Oakie. Steph says Drew says he does.
LIBBY: People don't always say what they mean.
There is a dark look on Steph's face, but she doesn't say anything.
Libby shows Steph the prints of her and Drew in the wigs. Then Steph says she's heading home, telling Libby that she's feeling a bit queasy.
Drew is on the phone to his mother saying he'll be home in a couple of weeks. He says the sooner he gets out of Erinsborough the better.
Lance has found an unexpected ally in Karl and they are talking animatedly about old science fiction programs. Susan drags him away to the supermarket.
Toadie comes to check that Steph is OK. He apologises profusely for telling Drew how she felt. She isn't mad with Toadie though. She says it feels good to get it off her chest. She admits tearfully she's being brave - Drew loves Libby and never loved her. Toadie hugs her.
Libby is chatting to Karl about the photos for the Wigs For Kids article.
Susan asks Karl if he would mind looking after her friend's two kids for a few days because of an emergency.
Harold is on the phone to Cheyenne's father trying to defend Paul's integrity to him. He can't understand why Cheyenne's Dad thinks that Cheyenne is beyond reproach. Harold says he admires Paul's loyalty over the football boots, even if it is misplaced.
(Cue: "If I had Yewwwwwwww")
Drew is sitting dejectedly, putting some of his things into a cardboard box. He looks at some photos, and there's one of him and Libby at the Oakie Ball.
Susan comes to the door and says she's come to introduce herself to Patsy. Drew says she's not around right now.
Susan asks Drew if he's definitely going back to Oakie and he says he is, as soon as he can sell his half of the business. Suan says maybe he could give it more time, but Drew says it's pointless, he has to move on now and he can't do it in Erinsborough.
SUSAN: You know you've become one of the family. I'll really miss you.
Ramsay Street
Susan gives Libby the newspaper as she and Karl drive off. She sees Drew getting into his car with a blue hat on and smiles at him. Steph comes out of her house and sees this. She sighs and her face becomes determined. She stalks across the road.
STEPH: There's something I want to say Lib. What are you going to do about Drew?
LIBBY: I'm sorry.
STEPH: You heard me! I asked a simple question.
LIBBY: I don't know why this question's even being raised.
STEPH: Because it has to be.
LIBBY: Steph, what's there to do? We're not a couple anymore, we're both free to go our own way and that's what we're doing.
STEPH: So you're just going to let him head back off to Oakie.
LIBBY: I don't know what there is to do. This is Drew's decision and he's made his mind up.
STEPH: Yes, but you could change it Lib! All you'd have to do is snap your fingers. He loves you and you love him and you would be crazy to let him go!
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