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Neighbours Episode 3632 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3632
Australian airdate: 03/10/00
UK airdate: 23/11/00
UK Gold: 29/08/05
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Patsy Edis: Anne Maloney
- "Grooving" by The Hunting Party
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby asks Drew if it's true that he's going back to Oakie. Drew says it makes sense the more he thinks about it.
Patsy tells Lou it'd be easier all round if she just moved in.
Lou explains that he wants to get to know Patsy a bit better first before making their arrangement permanent. Patsy says they'd only do it after a trial period and he doesn't have to decide now. Patsy takes Lolly off to school She seems very good with her.
Karl apologises to Libby about last night. She says she's sorry too and he was probably right in everything he said. She says she won't run off travelling on a whim, she'll think it through.
Dione comes in wearing a pink wig which is part of her fundraiser. Karl has got Lou to agree to sell them at the pub, and Susan agrees to let her set up a stall at the school.
Toadie is studying when there's an incessant knock at the door. It's Dione, looking for Joel. Toadie tells her that he's studying but she ignores this and shows him the wig. Dione says she's enjoying single life, but Toadie says he hates it. He agrees to help her with her fundraising slogans.
Libby calls in on Steph who is still in her pyjamas. She tells her that she's fed up of running around like a maniac and not having any fun. She invites Steph to go out tonight. Steph looks at her knowingly and asks if Libby has heard about Drew leaving. Libby admits she has, but she's fine with it. Steph says she'd only have to say the word and he wouldn't go. Libby is disappointed.
The Garage
Lou tells Drew that he's very hurt by him leaving(!) and it's going to be hard for him to buy him out. He puts a sign up saying, "Mechanic Wanted".
Steph comes in and asks Drew if he's given up on Libby. Drew says that now she's seeing other men, it's time to move on.
Drew comes in to get his wallet to find Patsy cleaning the house. He's surprised to see her there. Patsy asks Drew if Lou likes steak and kidney pie. He says he does.
Toadie answers the door to Steph. He's not happy at being interrupted again(!) but sits Steph down to listen to her. She tells him about Drew going back to Oakie. Toadie sees that Steph is upset and tells her he hopes she's not thinking of doing anything stupid - like telling Drew how she feels about him. Toadie hugs her and tells her firmly NOT to do it. If she gets caught in the crossfire between Drew and Libby, she'll get damaged.
The Coffee Shop
Dione is selling "Wigs For Kids" but Patsy doesn't want one. They introduce themselves to each other. Patsy tells Dione that she has a lot of plans for Lolly, things that a mummy can do but not a daddy. Dione looks at her a bit strangely.
The Pub
Toadie is telling Lou that he's sick of being the agony aunt. He asks Lou how Drew is. Lou thinks Drew is making a big mistake, and he'll break Libby's heart. Toadie says she's not acting like she gives a toss, but Lou says it's all an act.
The Coffee Shop
Drew and Libby are talking about strategies for marketing the wigs, like taking photos of hunky guys with wig on. Dione suggests Drew. Libby says she'd better be quick before he moves back to Oakie.
The Garage
Steph comes to see Drew during his lunchhour. She tells him that she doesn't want him to go, but just then Libby and Dione come in. She tries to persuade him to wear the wig while Libby and Steph avert their eyes a bit. Steph tries to go, but Drew says he'll do it if Steph does it too.
Libby is taking photos of Steph and Drew wearing wigs in various poses around the garage. They start loosening up after a while, even though Dione makes them put their arms around each other. At the end of the shoot, Libby looks deep in thought.
Susan is chatting to Darl(!) when Karl comes in. He shows her some hideous wigs. Susan says she thinks Karl is a secret drag queen(!)
Karl also shows her some bears that they're selling for a bone marrow charity.
Libby comes in and goes off to her room.
Patsy and Lolly are reading a book together when Lou comes in. He's surprised to see the house has been tidied.
Drew knocks on the door looking for Steph. She doesn't answer because she's in the shower, but sees him through a window.
Drew disrupts Toadie's studying looking for Steph. He says he's going to start charging for consultations(!) He invites Drew to sit down.
DREW: Steph. She came to see me today.
TOADIE: Oh. Oh no. So it's out in the open. Man, I told her not to. I don't know how you feel, but I'm begging you, just go easy on her. This is the pits. Frankly, I wish I'd never known about it. I knew she would.
DREW: You told her not to?
TOADIE: Yeah. Yeah, of course man, I thought it was a bad idea. I mean, you're hung up on Libby, she's hung up on you, it's not a good time to go telling you how she feels about you is it?
DREW: What, how she feels about me?
TOADIE: No, how she feels about the rise and fall of the dollar, who else?
Steph comes in at that moment saying she's sorry she didn't get to the front door when Drew knocked before.
There is an awkward silence and Toadie starts to realise that he's made a very big mistake.
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, poor Steph!
Quick, quick, cut to...
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