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Neighbours Episode 3629 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3629
Australian airdate: 28/09/00
UK airdate: 20/11/00
UK Gold: 25/08/05
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Geoff Carmichael: Teague Rook
- "American Odyssey" by Graham Preskett
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
- Lou wanting more money to publicise Ozechef from Madge.
- Libby asking Geoff when can he pick her up.
The Coffee Shop
Whilst Madge is on the phone to Harold to bring him up to date, Steph comes in and spotting Libby goes over to talk. She asks Libby if she wants to do something tonight but Libby turns her down because of her date, so Steph wants details!
No. 30
Toadie arrives home unexpectedly early and catches Lance ironing his Captain Kirk Star Trek outfit for a convention he is going to. After taking the Mickey out of him, Toadie volunteers to come along so he can spot the nerds. Lance tells him it is serious event and he can only come if he dresses up appropriately in a Star Trek outfit.
The Coffee Shop
Steph is impressed with the details Libby has told her about Geoff but Libby admits she is uneasy about it since she works for him. She then begins to panic over what to wear and bails on Steph to get something to wear and runs into Drew on the way out and has a brief chat. He comes over to where Steph is sat and tells her it is only a matter of time before Libby is back to her old self.
No. 30
Lance asks Toadie if he is still serous about going to the convention, he is, and so the metamorphosis of Toadie into Mr Spock begins.
No. 24
A busy Madge gets home with the shopping and Lou calls round seconds later. He wants to talk about ads for Ozechef but she snaps at him for spending too much money on it already with little return and tells him that the website has all but gone under due to the lack of subscribers. Lou disputes this and so Madge lets rip at him.
No. 28
Karl and Susan's argument over where the tarragon is, is interrupted when Libby arrives from her bedroom all dressed up for her date with Geoff. They tell her how stunning and beautiful she looks when she begins to have doubts. Susan leaves to get the tarragon and Karl tells Libby it is because she is nervous for her.
No. 24
Susan calls round to get the tarragon and to confide in Madge that she'd prefer to see Libby going out with Drew rather than Geoff. Madge tells her that it was bound to happen (Libby going out with someone else) and then goes on to tell her about the trouble she is having with Lou and feels guilty for what she said and as to how important Ozechef was to Lou.
No. 24
Geoff calls round for Libby and is subjected first to Karl going on about modern technology in journalism. Susan arrives home and enquires where they are going. Geoff replies the new restaurant at Lassiters after they've stopped at the pub for a drink first. Libby and Geoff depart and Karl and Susan politely talk about how nice Geoff is.
No. 30
Whilst waiting for Toadie to appear, Lance takes the opportunity to practise getting into the Star Trek frame of mind by using his Star Trek noisy control thing. The metamorphosis has worked and Toadie appears, closely resembling Mr Spock despite feeling very odd and Lance reminding him that Dr Spock was a child-rearing expert in the 60s!
Steph and Drew call round to invite them to the pub and just about kill themselves with laughter when they spot how Lance and Toadie are dressed.
The Coffee Shop
Lou calls round and apologises to Madge for earlier but she wants to apologise to him. Lou asks if they can get back to treating Ozechef as fun but Madge isn't so sure that would be easy. She asks him how long he as been on his own and reminds him he got the idea of Ozechef after he split from Merridy. Lou ponders what she has said.
Lou's Place
Geoff comes to the bar for drinks just as Drew is there too. They politely chat for a bit then Drew turns round and notices Libby all dressed up sitting at a table.
Back at their table, Geoff and Libby chat politely about work but she continues to steal glances at Drew who is sitting at another table with Steph. Eventually they leave to go and get food as they are both hungry and Drew tells Steph he isn't in the mood for their drink and heads off in the direction of the toilets.
Lassiters complex
Geoff and Libby politely chat more about work and as they're crossing the bridge Libby says she's lost her appetite and he wonders what is wrong. She apologies and says it isn't going to work and wants to go home. Geoff offers to walk her home but she turns him down and apologises before leaving.
Lou's Place
In the office Lou looks sadly at the various photo frames in the office before cleaning the one with Lolly in it and then sits thinking.
In the bar Steph comes up to the counter and asks how Drew is. He feels annoyed for not being honest earlier with himself about getting back with Libby. Steph offers him reassuring words but before he leaves, he tells her that he thinks he should take the job that his father has offered him in Oakey.
No. 30
Lance and Toadie are back from the convention after having a great time and Lance wants to continue the night by watching Star Trek videos. Whilst getting the keys out of his pocket, he notices a card from one of the organisers with a message asking him to call her and Lance is lost for words.
No. 28
Susan is surprised to see Libby arrive home early and goes to comfort her when she gets upset. Libby tells her it was horrible and they didn't even make it to dinner and worst of all Drew was there too. Susan comforts Libby as she starts to cry.
No. 30
Lance tries to pluck up the courage to phone Allana whilst playing with his Star Trek noisy control thing.
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