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Neighbours Episode 3630 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3630
Australian airdate: 29/09/00
UK airdate: 21/11/00
Writer: E.W. Johnston
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Patsy Edi: Anne Maloney
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
- "Ferris Wheel" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Joe tells Lyn he was trying to organise a second honeymoon for him and Lyn. Lance receives a calling card from another Star Trek fan - and is over the moon because he likes her.
Number 30
Lance agreeing on the phone to meet Allana tonight - she's coming over to the house. Toadie asks if she's getting here by alien transport or telepathy. He also thinks it's strange because has doesn't know Allana, but Lance says that's how you get to know people - by meeting them! Sound familiar, fans?
Lance would also, please, like Toadie to go out tonight so he has the place to himself.
TOADIE: Hello? You're just about to meet up with some chick random people you met at a Science Fiction conference on Neighboursfans.com. If that's not weird, I don't know what is.
LANCE: Well that might be weird to you but to me it's being true to myself. Look, I like science fiction Neighbours. I'm out of the science fiction closet sad and lonely closet. I'm me mad.
The Scullys'
Toadie turns up at the Scullys' but Joe tells him they're all out of dinner, although Lyn could heat up some leftovers. Toadie tells them that Lance is going science fiction mad.
Number 30
Lance is shooting Bob with a laser gun and tells him to be nice to Allana when she turns up.
There's a knock at the door - it's her! They're both wearing Star Trek outfits, and she asks him questions about Star Trek before she agrees to enter the house. She likes the clean house - unusual in a man his age, apparently - and Lance says it's great to meet her, and the conference was great.
Allana pays him compliments but notices that he has a hole in his Trekkie outfit.
ALLANA: Now get me a needle and thread and let's get this top off.
LANCE: I've only just met you.
The Scullys'
Lyn is telling the girls the rules whilst she and Joe are away - keep the house tidy, eat properly and feed the dog. Basic, don't you think?
Lyn tells them that this is the only holiday she and Joe have had since Steph was born.
JOE: Do you remember our midnight swim at Pelican Point? And, um, after? And, um, after that?
LYN: You know, um, I really need an early night, I'll just, um...
JOE: Yeah, I'm a bit, er, a bit...(hands the fishing rod to Chelle)...untangle that for us, will you darlin'?
Michelle looks horrified and Steph just smiles. Chelle goes to get ice cream and Toadie asks Steph about Drew, but she doesn't want to talk about it.
Number 30
Lance asks if Allana does this often, contacting guys. But no, she doesn't, she'd actually given up on guys until she met Lance. Most have a dodgy agenda which Lance didn't have, and she could tell this from a five minute conversation.
He doesn't like being described as 'nice,' though, but Allana says it's a good thing. He confesses that he used to hide his Sci Fi thing from his previous girlfriends.
Toadie and Steph turn up to find Lance topless and Allana runs out, saying she has to go. Lance chases after her.
LANCE: So, um...
ALLANA: Yes, I'd like to see you again.
LANCE: Would it be a bit desperate if I said I'd like to see you tomorrow?
ALLANA: Not at all. Tomorrow morning. 0900 hours.
Back in the kitchen Steph and Toadie are playing with the laser gun, and Lance tells them that he's finally met someone as nerdy and unique and as nice as him.
LANCE: I'm King of the Universe!
Number 30
Lance reprimands Toadie for being messy, so Toadie tells him he's an old woman. Toadie also tells him that he's really pleased for Lance.
There's a knock at the door, and they both thin it's Allana, but no - it's Lou! He's come to collect the rent, but they don't have it. Lou's not happy and says they promised faithfully to have it last week. Toadie tells Lou that Lance has a new girlfriend from Eden Hills, so Lou thinks he's dating up in the world.
Lou lets Lance pay the rent in a few days, but he needs the money from Toadie by lunchtime, as he has no girlfriend to treat.
Pelican Point
Lyn and Joe drive into what was their honeymoon holiday place expecting all the romance of before, but now it's a dreadfully run-down and dirty caravan camp. If you can call it that. I wouldn't let a rat near it.
Lyn thinks they've taken a wrong turn, but no, the sign clearly says they're in the right place. Poor Lyn.
They get out the car and look round, horrified. One or two caravans - and a Petrochemical Plant.
Number 30
Toadie is clipping his toenails in the kitchen on the table - oh, that is SO gross, I can't watch. Allana knocks at the door, dressed in normal clothes, this time.
Toadie asks Allana when the next convention is because he liked the last one. Allana looks thoroughly uninterested in anything that Toadie has to say, and is not pleased to see him. She says that she can spot a fake Trekkie at a hundred metres.
Pelican Point
Lyn's really upset at what Pelican Point has turned into - she remembers it being beautiful! Joe says it was. Lyn remembers the newest vans, young couples in love and a beach. Now they have a run down caravan, old people for neighbours - everybody needs them (sorry) - and it's a tip.
Lou's Pub
Lou is speaking to a random extra who has applied for the position of nanny to Louise. She has great qualifications, says Lou, but Madge thinks that he's asking the wrong questions, not finding out what people are really like. She offers him some advice.
MADGE: You're talking over th...
LOU: I'm not talking over them! Oh, sorry.
She suggests that he listen more to what they have to say, to find out what they're really like. He's also not asking important questions.
Pelican Point
Lyn and Joe's deluxe caravan is not lux at all. Joe apologises, says he should have checked it out, first. But he says she's still as beautiful as the day they were first there. He asks what they should do, and Lyn thinks they should cry, but Joe thinks they should put it down to experience and make the most of it.
Lyn thinks it could hardly get any worse - and then the bed collapses on them!
Lou's Pub
Madge and Lou are interviewing the next candidate, asking all the right questions this time. Her name's Patsy, and she leaves. Madge and Lou both really liked her, and Lou catches her before she leaves, asking her to meet Louise that afternoon.
Number 30
Allana is asking where Lance got those hard to find episodes of The Twilight Zone, and he has his sources! He's trying to maintain a mysterious edge! Lance thinks it's all a bit weird, though - he knows about everything Allana's into, but nothing about her herself. So. She works in a Comic Book shop, Outer Worlds - Lance actually remembers her, and she remembers Lance - he used to hang out at the Dungeons & Dragons stand even though he wasn't into it! Hey, this all feels so familiar. And not in a good way.
They are both really into comics, and Allana wanders into the living room. Lance gets ready, thinking that he's getting some, and then she returns - with a board game that they only ever made one hundred of.
The saddest thing about this scene is that I can identify with it.
Pelican Point/Number 30
Joe is dragging Lyn back into the caravan - definitely thinking he's getting some - as two old people look on.
Cut to Allana and Lance playing a board game
Cut to Joe and Lyn hugging each other.
Cut to the board game where Lance is winning.
Cut to Joe climbing a fence and Lyn pulling him back down.
Cut to the board game where Allana wins a point.
Cut to Joe and Lyn staring out across the Petrochemical Plant.
Cut to Lance dancing and Allana cheering. Lance then tells Allana he really likes her, but she says she has to go, rather suddenly. So Lance tries to kiss her, but she moves away. She says she has a feeling that this could be the big one, but she needs to be sure. Honestly, girl, it's only your second meeting!
She gives him a letter to read, and she tells him to keep the game as a gift, but she runs out just as Toadie comes in.
She kisses him goodbye and tells him to read the letter. Lance reads the letter and she has asked him to prove how much he wants her, by performing seven impossible tasks before they can move on.
The seven labours of Lance.
So it begins. Or, you know, just cut to:
End Credits
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