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Neighbours Episode 3616 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3616
Australian airdate: 11/09/00
UK airdate: 01/11/00
UK Gold: 17/08/05
Writer: John Upton
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Lisa Ryan - Tania Lunson
Brigid Dobson - Georgina Capper
Don Bentley - Adam Murphy
- "Feet Touch The Ground" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Shona
Dee blackmails Joel - she won't tell about the fake tattoo if he helps her with her fundraising
Lisa has a big plan, which is going to make Lance 'freak'
Number 30
Lisa suggests she and Lance go skydiving and Dee thinks it's a brilliant idea - she's done it before. Lance seems quite sceptical about the whole thing.
The Coffee Shop
Harold's on the phone - something sounds terrific - and he'll let the person know if he's interested. Madge returns - Paul and Tad are still squabbling at home. She's also still suffering from the food poisoning she got from the Vegetarian restaurant she was checking out. Madge realises that she and Lou were very silly to refuse Harold's offer of help - then they would have avoided all this treacherous research!
Number 30
Lance thinks he's found a loophole - they can't jump in certain weather conditions. But Lisa has it sorted - they'll phone the airfield before they go to make sure they're okay to go. Lisa thinks Lance is a legend - this is all down to him! Wait until her dad finds out what she's done. Lance asks if she's slightly anxious, but Dee says overcoming the fear is the biggest buzz of all! Lance says he's petrified, but Lisa just laughs, thinking he's putting it on.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and Madge tells him that she's decided to use Harold as the veggie chef. Lou welcomes him aboard and tells him he has to be snappy with his recipes as the website is already up and running. Harold talks through some of his recipe ideas but Madge and Lou would rather not hear about food at the moment.
Number 30
Joel asks if Lance is okay and finds that he is genuinely scared stupid about the expedition. Lance says he's had a problem with flying since he was the kid. Joel suggests visualisation, but Lance says the fear always wins.
Toadie comes in laden with stuff like Eeyore in the Heffalump movie (what do you mean you haven't seen it??!) - he was down at the lake photographing Lou's jockey statue when Bob scarpered. He wants someone to join the search party but, just like Eeyore, Toadie finds himself alone, dropping things onto the ground. Oh bother.
Number 28
Karl and Dee are talking about her fundraising ideas and Karl is shooting down her balloon idea. However he does promise to call a mate of his, before dashing off to an appointment.
Around Lassiters Lake
Toadie shouts for Bob and he appears, with a note in his collar - 'We must meet'. Then he scampers towards a woman who is washing her car and Toadie looks over as she pats Bob.
Number 30
Lisa is totally excited about the trip and she knows that even if she's nervous Lance won't let her back out. He agrees and she can't wait until her dad sees the footage of their jump. She feels so secure with Lance and loves how her dad takes her more seriously now. She leaves and Lance tells Joel he can't do it. Joel mentions that these places have good safety records but, according to Lance, 'Safety records are accidents waiting to happen'. Joel thinks that there is one very simple solution - tell the truth. But Lance can't bail now. Joel asks what's bigger - his relationship with Lisa or his phobia? Cue long thoughtful stare from Lance.
Around Lassiters Lake
Toadie walks up to the women, with the line 'Cute dog, huh?' Toadie thinks that she was the one sending the notes but she knows nothing about it and despite this he proceeds with the charade. She thinks he's crazy and threatens to call the police. Even when he tries to explain she shouts at him to get lost - and chucks her bucket of car wash water over him. Nice.
Toad walks away, shouting for Bob who seems to have vanished yet again.
Number 30
Dee is talking about her idea - she's frustrated that the committee will take ages to approve anything. But if that idea doesn't work she'll think of something else. Lance comes in and asks if Dee was worried when she did her sky dive. Toadie interrupts, announcing that Bob isn't to go out again until he finds the note culprit. They laugh at him being soaked.
Number 24
Harold is looking through some letters. He finds one and smiles.
The Coffee Shop
Lou looks over said letter - from John F Kennedy of all people! Harold was quite a fan and wrote to him to congratulate him on his social policies. But he had never expected a reply and then that turned up!
Lou'll give him $50 for it or $100. But Harold isn't selling - it's of sentimental value. Madge knows that Lou was going to phone his mate who does collectables, being the salesman he is. They could find out how much it's worth but Harold reaffirms that it isn't for sale and anything they find out will just be for curiosity purposes.
Number 30
Dee is trying to help Lance, getting him to say 'floating' in a mantra like manner. They hear Lisa's car and Lance panics. Joel gives him his necklace - a lucky charm which has helped him win in every race he's worn it in. 'But,' Lance thinks, 'you hurt your leg and nearly drowned'. 'But I still won' says Joel. Lance will give anything a go.
Lisa comes with great news - the weather's perfect! Joel says Lance has something to tell her but he just thanks her for the whole idea. Lisa is jittery so Lance will drive. Dee reminds him to visualise. When he's gone Dee and Joel admit to each other that they believe he won't do it.
On a very wet day Lance arrives looking nervously at a plane and then at a person parachuting while the 'Jaws' music plays.
Number 30
Dee suggests pony rides in the hospital car park. Toadie is annoyed with the distraction - he's trying to solve the mystery of his love letters. Both the boys think that pony and camel rides are a bad idea - Joel suggests she just do one huge event.
Toadie goes to take Bob out again - he can only solve the mystery 'out there'.
Lisa and Lance are told about the jump. They have to sign the disclaimer form. Lisa asks if he's still okay about it, noticing that he's worried that there's no insurance for injury or death. But he says it's okay and signs. Lisa films him signing the form and he films her sign.
Number 24
Lou tells Madge and Harold that the letter is worth 'a small fortune'. Harold is dumbfounded but it's worth too much to him and he's not selling. Lou says they should celebrate and he'll take them out for dinner. Harold, instead, promises to make them a vegetarian meal which will not linger.
A nice little montage of Lance and Lisa getting ready for their jump. Lance has a fetching purple jumpsuit, hat and goggles.
In the Air
The time has come. The instructor asks Lance how he's feeling and Lance says he's fine. Lisa tells Lance that if it wasn't for him she wouldn't be here! The pilot gives the thumbs-up - it's 30 seconds till they jump. Lance pulls his goggles on and repeats his floating mantra. Then, suddenly, as they approach the door he decides now would be a good time to confess to Lisa that he isn't cool - that he was and always will be a coward. He can't do it! The instructor tells him he doesn't have to do it, if he doesn't want to. Lance looks at Lisa and then decides he will. They jump out and sky dive and look like they're having fun.
Lance enjoyed himself and thanks both the instructor and Lisa.
The Coffee Shop
After all that excitement we're back in the coffee shop and talking about fundraising ideas with Karl, Joel and Dee. Joel suggests a masked ball and they both agree. Dee thinks they can go as surgeons and nurses and they can have entertainment - a musical revue! Yay, maybe Karl'll bring his guitar! But he doesn't look too chuffed and 'has to be somewhere', so he leaves. Joel's thinking about Lance.
Number 30
Lisa and Lance are back home. Lance admits that he told the truth on the plane - all that late night raging, go karting and rock climbing wasn't him. But he did enjoy the jump. Lisa doesn't know how to take him - she wanted him to be someone special. Lance thinks he is but maybe not the kind of special she was after. She agrees.
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