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Neighbours Episode 3615 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3615
Australian airdate: 08/09/00
UK airdate: 31/10/00
UK Gold: 16/08/05
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dylan Curtis: Andy McPhee
Lisa Ryan: Tania Lunson
- "Lift" by Sunk Loto
- "Animal" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lyn tells Joe that he should spend more time with the girls. Joe is upset.
Dione tells Joel that she's going to get a tattoo too so they'll have a matching set(!)
Lance comes in with some shopping. Joel is very worried about Dione getting a tattoo. Lance laughs his head off and teases Joel about the tattooing process. Joel is not impressed.
Harold says that the books from Grease Monkeys are not wonderful. Madge says maybe they should think about selling it.
Lou comes in to take Madge to a vegetarian restaurant for Ozechef. Harold isn't impressed.
The Pub
Toadie is advising Joe on wine. Toadie says he'd better go for champagne if he's trying to make up with Lyn.
Dione comes in and shows Toadie a tattoo magazine. Toadie winds her up, saying Joel can't wait to get another tattoo! Dione says maybe he could get a tattoo of a fish(!)
Harold is working alone on the computer when Lyn calls round. She wants to buy a copy ofthe recipe book for her sister's birthday. They chat about children and Lyn asks Harold how he and Madge cope with the boys. He says it's fine, though they do have some ups and downs. Lyn tells Harold that she feels like she's the only one running the show at her place sometimes. Harold says maybe Joe is more sensitive that she thinks. Lyn says he wouldn't notice if his pants were on fire!
Lance has had a call from Lisa - she's coming over tonight. He isn't impressed - but Joel says he should stop playing games and putting on an act with her.
Joe has brought Lyn a bunch of tulips. But when she gets a vase out, she turns back to Joe and he's gone off for a shower!
Dione is showing Joel the fish tattoo. Lance is winding him up and saying he should definitely go for it!
Dione drags Joel off to get the tattoo as Lance looks on in amusement.
Later at No.30
Lisa has arrived and is telling Lance how he has given her more self-confidence. Lance suggests that they stay home and watch a video tonight. He shows her a Star Trek video.
Tattoo Parlour
Joel is looking apprehensively at the tattoo pictures hanging up on the wall. Dione says he can back out if he wants to but he says he doesn't.
Madge and Lou arrive home. Madge plays down the vegetarian food they've eaten. Suddenly Lou gets a stomachache and runs off to the toilet.
Lisa is not enjoying Star Trek. But suddenly she knows that Lance is joking about being a sci-fi nerd and laughs. Lisa said it's a relief - she was nearly having second thoughts about Lance!
Lou is in quite a lot of pain and heads off home. Harold is quietly quite pleased that the vegetarian food was bad. SUddenly Madge is taken ill as well and she runs off to the toilet. Harold laughs quietly to himself.
Tattoo Parlour
The tattooist calls joel in. He goes in reluctantly. The man wipes his arm as Dione asks Joel if it's really what he wants. He picks up the needle and puts it on Joel's arm. Dione shouts at the man to stop.
Lance and Lisa are having a pash on the sofa. She says she's going to tell her Dad about their relationship.
Joel and Dione come in arguing with each other. Dione says she didn't freak out, she just wasn't sure about the design(!)
Joe and Lyn are drinking the champage and Joe seems to think that they've sorted everything out. Toadie comes round to see if Steph wants to take Bob for a walk with him. She isn't, but Joe invites Toadie to watch the game with him. Lyn is not impressed and wanders off to bed.
Joel tells Dione that she's a coward and that she set Joel up. Dione says she knew his original tattoo was a fake - she was just testing him. She tells him to watch out in the future.
Lance is at the window - he's terrified at what Lisa's Dad will say about their relationship as he's very over-protective of Lisa. A car approaches.
LANCE: If that's someone for me, tell them that I'm not home...or that I've moved to Darwin with Mum.
Toadie doesn't think that things are OK with Lyn, but Joe says things are fine. Lyn comes out in her dressing-gown and asks them to turn the TV down. Toadie makes himself scarce.
Lyn tells Joe that he has no idea what she and the girls need from him - they need time with him, to talk and be together, but not in five minute slots. Joe protests that he has to work a lot. Lyn storms off to bed.
No.30, the following morning
Dione wants Joel to help her with her fundraising - to raise $20,000 to pay for a paediatric ventilator for the hospital.
Lisa comes round and tells Lance that her Dad took the news about their relationship well. Lisa says she's got something planned for them that will blow his mind. Lance looks a bit worried!
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