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Neighbours Episode 3614 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3614
Australian airdate: 07/09/00
UK airdate: 30/10/00
UK Gold: 16/08/05
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
- "What Is Happening" by Violetine
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge tells Lou she wants a cartoon of her taken off the website.
Dee tells Joel that she's always been a practical joker. Joel says that two can play at that game.
Joel is showing Toadie and Lance the tattoo he's got to play a trick on Dione. They think she'll pick it as a fake.
The Pub
Lou gives Madge a bill for advertising. She is appalled - she says she can't keep putting that sort of money into Ozechef. She tell Lou off for making all the decisions without her. He accuses her of resenting Lou's success in business. She gets upset and tells Lou he's taken over the project. She says she's had enough - she quits.
Dione has brought chocolate mudcake and Toadie and Lance jump on it. Joel takes Dione into the living room and says he's got a surprise for her. He's about to show her the tattoo when Lance and Toadie come in with cake and icecream!
Madge has related the row with Lou to Harold. She tells Harold that Lou's not using his recipes either. Harold isn't phased though, and says they just need a good night's sleep.
There's a knock on the door. Harold sends Madge off to bed while he answers the door. Harold tells Lou that Madge is worn out. She's gone to bed and he won't disturb her. He tells Lou firmly to come back tomorrow.
Lance and Toadie are eating mudcake, much to Dione and Joel's disgust. They won't take Joel's hints that they should go, but eventually wander off to bed.
When they've gone, Joel says that the proposal was the wrong gesture, so he's come up with another way of demonstrating his commitment. Then he shows her the tattoo. Dione says the tattoo is beautiful and says she loves it. Joel is very surprised. Dione says he couldn't have done anything to impress her more!
Outside The Coffee Shop, the following morning
Dione asks Karl how Michael, the little boy at the hospital is doing. Karl says it's touch and go really. Dione tells Karl about Joel's tattoo and says today will be "a day of surprises"!
Madge comes up in dark glasses and goes into the Coffee Shop to hide from Lou.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in to talk to Madge. She is frosty to him as he tries to apologise. He asks her to drop into the pub later.
Ramsay Street
Lance, Joel and Toadie are calling to Bob who has gone missing. Joel can't understand why Dione likes the tattoo - he wonders if it's a double-bluff. Joel says he's going to lose whichever way things go!
Toadie and Lance ask Lyn if they can borrow some milk because they're short. She invites them in for breakfast.
Joe isn't impressed to see Toadie, Lance and Joel arriving for breakfast.
JOE: Why don't you look under Erinsborough Bridge? You'd find a much better class of dead-beat waiting for a free feed there!
Joel asks Joe about his tattoo but Lyn warns Joe not to get it out at the table! Joel lets slip that he thinks tattoos are for meatheads.
There is a bit of a silence.
JOE: I beg your pardon?
JOEL: Nothing personal, Joe.
JOE: No, well, you're sitting at my breakfast table and call me a meathead and it's not personal?
JOEL: I just wasn't thinking. There's nothing wrong with being a meathead.
Joel shows Joe his tattoo and he immediately sees that it's a sticker!
The Pub
Madge comes in to talk to Lou. She says she'll come back to Ozechef on her own terms. She will participate in the busines decisions, and Harold must have a look-in as vegetarian chef. Lou agrees, but not about Harold as vegetarian chef.
The boys have gone. Lyn tells Joe about Steph going out with Daniel and that she's still really keen on Drew. Joe isn't very interested though and reads the paper. Lyn wants Joe to talk to Steph. She tells him that the girls think he doesn't care about them anymore - he's losing touch.
Joe is offended by Lyn's accusations. She says she's not criticising - he just needs to spend time with the girls before they're grown up and gone. Joe is very upset and leaves for work, slamming the door.
Ramsay Street
Karl sees Dione and tells her that the little boy at the hospital has died. He says he died in the ambulance going to another hospital because Erinsborough Hospital didn't have a paediatric ventilator. Dione is very upset that lack of money has let the little boy die.
Madge tells Harold that Ozechef is back on, but she doesn't seem too enthusiastic. She tells Harold that Lou wouldn't have his recipes. Harold is disappointed, but OK.
Dione is upset about the little boy. Then they move on to talk about tattoos. Dione says she's been inspired - she's decided to get a tattoo herself. She wants them to have a matching set! Joel is horrified but smiles at her!
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