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Neighbours Episode 3617 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3617
Australian airdate: 12/09/00
UK airdate: 02/11/00
UK Gold: 17/08/05
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Gareth Rivers - Serge De Nardo
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Lance's jump
Harold's letter from JFK
Number 30
Bob scratches at the door to be let in and Joel thinks that they should get a key cut for him. There's another note attached to his collar - 'Come up and see me sometime, big boy'. Dee thinks it's one big joke but Toadie thinks it's serious and is going to attach a tick sheet to the dog to find out more about the sender.
Lance comes in, still happy about his jump - it changed his life. Toadie thinks he's channelling Ghandi now, but nothing can dent Lance's mood, not even his break-up with Lisa.
Number 28
Karl is cooking his favourite-dinner-in-the-whole-world - cutlets and mash. He likes it because it's comforting. Libby has been to a health food shop - she's going to make herself better. She's given up on the doctors - she doesn't like her gynaecologist at all, who seems so snooty and has told her practically nothing. Karl says that he has told her things and she knows it - that there's a high probability that she'll haemorrhage if she conceives and other complications. But Libby wants to know the exact risk - she wants to know more. She has tons of books and foods and she wants to give it a go. Karl is pessimistic, telling her there's no evidence to back this up as being effective but she thinks it won't hurt.
Number 30
Lance says that Lisa just went off him - it wasn't right that he wasn't being himself anyway. Not like Toadie and Joel have never done that before. Dee thinks he's really changed - he's more direct or something.
Number 24
Lou and Louise come over. Harold reiterates that he's not doing anything with the letter. Lou shows a photo of his missing jockey statue and Madge thinks Toadie's the culprit but Lou's already checked with 'that lot'. Harold thinks it's a very funny joke.
Number 24
They've already had 2000 hits on their website and Harold finds it difficult to believe that a 'hit' can be a good thing.
Lou's Place
Libby, Lance, Toadie, Dee and Joel are at the pub. Libby tells Dee about her new healthy regime and Dee agrees with some docs being full of themselves, particularly this one she's worked with, who doesn't tell his patients anything. She wouldn't go to that Farley Drake! Libby tells her that she's seeing him and isn't impressed either. Dee tries to cover it up as being gossip but Libby decides to go home.
Number 28
Libby tells her parents the Farley Drake news but they think they can't go on hearsay. Karl still defends him, thinking he's got good credentials despite not having good people skills. Susan thinks that a second opinion will be good. Karl says he will give Libby a referral and not to think he deliberately sent her to the worst gynaecologist in the area. She decides to have a relaxing bath. Karl wonders who's spreading these stories but Susan thinks seeing someone else is good. Karl thinks Libby only wants to hear her condition is different - and that's not going to happen.
Ramsay Street
Lolly seems to have gone missing and the Bishops and Lou are out in the dark looking for her.
Number 30
Lou looks in the garage for her, calling out for her. And what does he find but his missing jockey statue. Madge calls that he's found her. Good job as this was only a plot device to find Lou's missing jockey statue.
Number 24
Back inside Lou tells her off and Harold is going to serve up. Lou tells them that he's found the statue. Harold goes to the table and notices that the JFK letter is gone.
Number 30
Lou goes to retrieve his statue, knocking something over but not rousing the residents.
Number 28
Susan is complaining about the electrical bill. Libby comes out, needing to drink four glasses of water to make up her quota for today.
Karl asks again about whom she heard the stuff about Farley Drake from and she admits it was Dione. Karl thinks she was gossip mongering but Libby sees it as a friend trying to help another friend out. Karl decides to go over and have a chat with her about it. Libby tells him not to - if he does she'll be very upset.
Karl decides to stay and watch telly - Susan tells him that they have the choices of 'A gardening show, that travel show, that one where they completely demolish and rebuild someone's house without their knowledge or consent'. Looks like TV trends haven't changed much in five years then. Or there's the repeat of 'The Magnificent 7' which they've seen 'a million times.' Karl decides on that, preferring drama over lifestyle shows any day. Libby goes off to bed. Susan doesn't fancy any TV, so Karl thinks they should play Scrabble. Meanwhile he's going over to see Dione and it's nothing to with Libby - just medical ethics.
Number 30
Karl arrives and asks for a word with Dee. He tells her that she shouldn't have said anything - it's Drake's reputation. Dee says she didn't know it was Libby's doctor until it was too late - she was just offering an opinion. Karl thinks she should be a bit more careful what she says in future - it might have been a social occasion but she can still be sued for defamation. He sees himself out. Dee can't believe it and thinks he's like all the arrogant docs at the hospital. Toadie says not to worry - he's usually nice. Lance thinks he had a point. Dee thinks Karl's a pig.
Number 24
Lou asks Lolly where the letter is but she hasn't seen anything. Madge checks the bin. Harold thinks that's what comes of being excited about something.
Number 28
The next morning and Susan has a breakfast meeting with Gareth Rivers at the coffee shop. Libby comes in from her run and takes a whole bunch of vitamins. Karl asks if she still wants him to refer her to someone else and lets out that he went to see Dee. She's angry and tells him she's going to handle things herself from now on.
The Coffee Shop
Harold tells Madge that the irony is he was going to donate the letter to the hospital if it'd been worth anything. Madge thinks it still might turn up.
Susan is sitting and Gareth arrives. He tells her that he has some problems and she might not like what he has to say.
Number 30
The boys have discovered that Lou's jockey statue has gone and Toadie thinks that they're cactus. They run through some suspects: Dione, Karl, Lou...they decide to keep quiet about it. And wait.
The Coffee Shop
Lou has tried everything to find out where the letter is from Lolly but she knows nothing.
Susan and Gareth are talking. Susan says if he doesn't want his daughter to see 'King Lear' that she doesn't have to go. Gareth says it's all down to the unusual production - nudity and violence involved - and he doesn't want Cheyenne seeing suggestive stuff. Susan says she's not going to stop the trip. That's not all Gareth has a problem with - the films she's selected for the course too involve things he doesn't want his girls seeing. He says that if she isn't going to compromise with him then he won't put himself out to supply the software for the computers. She asks if he's blackmailing her - he says he's been very generous and now he finds he can't give any more.
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