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Neighbours Episode 3599 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3599
Australian airdate: 17/8/00
UK airdate: 9/10/00
UK Gold: 4/8/05
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Byron “Brickie” Fraser: Tim Lodge
Doula Tsobanopolous: Katherine Halliday
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tad apologising to Harold and Madge and that in future he'll only DJ at the weekends.
Libby telling her parents to let her try and get her life back again by herself.
No. 28
Lib is still annoyed at not being told about Drew giving money for the computer. Karl apologises and adds that they were wrong. Susan asks if she wants them to stop caring for her and Karl adds that they don't know what to do anymore. Lib explains to them that she wants to be told and treated like she still has a brain. She asks them what has changed, as she is still her.
The Coffee Shop
Paul turns down the offer of another milkshake from Flick as he is going to be playing footy tomorrow. Tad asks if he thinks he is going to get a game and Paul says that he might get a run out but will probably be on the bench. Tad enquires who they are playing, West Waratah, and he tells Paul they are a bunch of thugs, animals even! Flick asks what they are up to and Tad tells her about his DJ gig at Hemisphere and tells Flick she (or Paul) can't come and watch, as they haven't got a guardian. She wonders then how he gets round it and Tad explains that the rules don't apply to him as he works there.
Paul is sussing out info from Drew what happened in the game against West Warrinor last year, and he confirms someone lost an ear. Daniel gathers everyone around for a pep talk and gives Paul the news that he is starting!
No. 24
Paul receives congratulations for getting a starting game for the footy team despite Tad saying he hopes that Karl is on standby! Tad announces that it is time for him to leave to get to Hemisphere and Harold offers him a lift still annoyed that Tad doesn't need a guardian. Tad tells him that he is just trying to earn some money and not there to drink or wreck the club. He also confirms to them that he will be home at a reasonable hour too once he has finished tidying up after he has done his set. Harold and Madge both tell him that he is on trail and not to let them down or he will regret it!
No. 28
Lib interrupts Karl and Susan watching a programme on TV to apologies for her behaviour lately and thanks them for the care they gave her too. She tells them she just needs some space until she gets her life back together.
Karl suggests they have a family night out to the pub and Libby agrees, even if Drew may be there.
Lou's Place
Drew and Daniel prop up the bar taking about tomorrow's footy game when the Kennedy's arrive. Lib tentatively says hello to Drew then tells him she is bonding with her parents. Drew tries to talk to her about the cheque but she tells him it isn't important.
No. 26
To a bemused Flick, Paul makes himself a sugar sandwich and they talk about Tad and his gigs at Hemisphere, jealous that they can't get in to see him. Paul also tells her that there is an atmosphere at home when Tad enters the room. Changing topics, Flick says she can't wait to see him play footy tomorrow either. She also picks up Paul's apprehension about the game given they will be playing a dirty team and the fact he will be playing with Seniors too.
Doula gives Tad some news - he has to change his spot with another DJ and he will now be doing a later slot. Tad isn't keen given his promise to Madge and Harold about being home at a reasonable time. Doula comments to him that she thought he was up for it and that he has to be flexible.
No. 24
An annoyed Madge and Harold are up late wondering where Tad is and hoping he is all right. Madge comments that she wants him fit and well before she kills him!
Tad sips a coke waiting patiently for his set to being, indeed wondering when the current DJ is going to finish, when Doula comes over. She tells him he is nearly finished but Tad says he'll have to phone Harold. Doula tells him to leave that to her, after all she is there to look after the incidentals to leave him free to DJ. Tad also cheers up when she tells him that he can go a long way in this business, as she likes what she sees.
No. 24 (next day)
Harold and Madge psych Paul up over breakfast, excited about seeing Paul play when Tad makes an appearance. They ask if he slept well, he did, and when did he get in and Tad tells them a bit later than planned. Madge comments that he looks terrible and Harold adds that perhaps he didn't get home as early as he though. Tad now says that he took a while before falling asleep as he was still pumped up after the gig. A disappointed Harold tells him that they know when he came home and so much for their trust. Tad tells him that he had to swap sets with another DJ and Doula was going to phone and explain but this doesn't go down well with Harold and Madge.
Daniel gives the team a final pep talk before they take to the field and as they walk to their positions, he tells Paul to use his skill and the opposition won't be able to touch him.
Paul takes his position and the Boofhead he is up against makes comments about him being littler and lighter and younger than him but he can do more damage in an attempt to scare Paul.
No. 24
As Harold and Madge hurry to get their things together for the footy, Tad is still trying to explain his innocence but they aren't listening. Just as they are about to leave, Doula appears with things that Tad left by mistake and he tells her he is so relieved to see her!
The game begins and we see lots of nice bodies running around the field in skimpy shorts and vests. Paul successfully takes a mark. As Karl and Flick watch from the sidelines, Boofhead makes comments at Paul trying to put him off his kick at goals. It works though as Paul just misses. Boofhead then tries to use his muscles to knock Paul to the ground but Daniel comes in and dishes out his own version of revenge just as the half time whistle blows.
During the break, Daniel gives them another pep talk. He also gives Paul some encouraging words and tells him that Boofhead's first name is Byron and he doesn't like anyone calling him that!
No. 24
Doula explains that she did phone but perhaps it was the wrong number when Madge and Harold say they were in all night. She then apologises profusely but Harold and Madge want to know how it won't happen again, so she says that from now on Tad will be on an earlier slot. Begrudgingly they accept this and her coming round to say so personally. Harold asks when Tad will get the money he is due and she says soon, once the paperwork is sorted out. Realising the time, Harold and Madge leave.
No. 24
Susan comes off the phone from talking to Mal in London and Libby asks her who is pregnant since she heard it being mentioned during the call. Susan tells her that Sarah is the one who is pregnant.
As the game progresses Paul takes another mark and this kick one comes off the post - least he is getting closer! Boofhead Byron tells Paul he should learn how to kick and Paul calls him Byron back. As the game continues, Byron is pushing and shoving Paul and when Paul next gathers the ball he runs at Paul and using his forearm, hits Paul in the face knocking him out cold. Karl rushes onto the field to treat the unconscious Paul.
<<3598 - 3600>>
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