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Neighbours Episode 3598 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3598
Australian airdate: 16/8/00
UK airdate: 6/10/00
UK Gold: 4/8/05
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
- "What Is Happening" by Violetine
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Joel telling Dione that he can't win.
Steph making a comment about Tess fancying Daniel and Tess telling Steph Brendan only died 6 weeks ago and to be more careful about what she says in the future.
The Coffee Shop
Steph apologies to Tess for what she said and Tess says it is fine before leaving to go back to school. Steph offers her a lift but she turns it down and as Tess leaves, Karl and Susan come in wondering what is up with Tess and Steph telling them that she thinks she put her foot in it.
No. 30
Joel and Dione discuss their relationship and fidelity and as voices get raised, Dione gets up and leaves, leaving Joel bemused as to what happened (like the rest of us!) Libby arrives just as Dione leaves to use their computer. She asks if he is going to go after Dione but he tells her that he isn't, as he doesn't know what to do or say.
Steph arrives with some parts for Drew. He comments that he hasn't seen her for a bit and Steph explains she is really busy at work. Drew invites her out for a drink and she begrudgingly agrees to it.
No. 30
Libby asks Joel what his argument with Dione was about, and he tells Libby about Dione kissing Max and what should she do. She tells him that she doesn't want to get involved, especially as relationships aren't her strong point at the moment. Lib mentions to him that she is also worried about a forthcoming visit to the hospital for an ultrasound to see if her internal injuries have settled down yet following the accident. To help them get over their worries, Joel suggests they have cherry chocolate milkshakes!
No. 28
Susan sorts out her clothes as she reminisces with Karl about someone they know (Ryan Samson) who called into see Karl and wants to catch up with them.
As Tess cooks Daniel's favourite dish, he arrives home and invites Steph to stay for food but she turns him down as she is meeting Drew.
No. 28
Lib talks to her parents about her ultrasound and they invite themselves to come along.
Lou's Place
Steph and Drew arrive for their drink and she is bending his ear about her horrible boss and the nepotism at Moco. She also gives him her 'words of wisdom' by saying if you work at something then you can make the best of it even if it is bad.
No. 30
Dione arrives to invite him to a movie but Joel is bemused especially after their fight earlier and turns her down. She tells him she hates fighting with him. Joel agrees with her before adding that he is so confused and that he is sick of being Mr Understanding. He also tells her that he wants an apology and then perhaps they can get on with things.
No. 32
Daniel thanks Tess for cooking his favourite dish and they talk about his past relationships and what sort of new partner he would like.
Lou's Place
Over a basket of crisps, Drew invites Steph to a meal of homemade crisps at No. 22. He also tells her about the Fairy Garden he is making for Lolly. Drew thinks she'll make fun of him for admitting this but she says it is cute and that she wants to see it.
No. 30
It's a stand off at No. 30. Dione is refusing to apologise again for what she did and they continue to bicker confusing each other and the audience watching until Joel tells her to leave.
No. 32 (next day)
Daniel invites Tess to a fundraiser for his footy team and she'll get back to him as she is busy at the moment. Daniel asks if this is because of Brendan and she confirms this.
Steph calls round with more parts for Drew but it is the wrong part. Steph is annoyed as Johnny has been doing this to her all week and phones him to get him to come round with the part.
The Coffee Shop
Daniel is explaining to Tess about how they raise money for the club - by auctioning the players to the highest bidder so they can go out on a date together. Joel comes in and is invited to the Dance. Daniel tells him to take Dione along too, and Joel tells them about the fight he is having with Dione and is further annoyed that Dione has been discussing their relationship with Tess.
No. 28
Karl, Susan and Libby come back from the hospital where the ultrasound gave her neither good news nor bad news. Lib says she'll deal with it in her own way just as Drew calls round to see if he needs to give them more money for the computer. Libby wants to know what this is all about and Susan explains that Drew gave them money for a new computer since he felt responsible for it being stole. Karl adds that they weren't going to use the money anyway. Lib asks them what else have they not told her and when are they going to stop protecting her. Karl says buying a new family computer isn't a state secret and then let's slip about Libby being for an ultrasound. This annoys Libby and she tells him that it was private and Drew takes the opportunity to leave at this point. Once Drew leaves, Susan tells Libby that she didn't need to say what she did. Libby tells them that she has a life and is trying to get back in control of it and can they let her do it.
<<3597 - 3599>>
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