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Neighbours Episode 3597 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3597
Australian airdate: 16/08/00
UK airdate: 06/10/00
UK Gold: 03/08/05
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald - Brett Tucker
- "Only Good For Conversation" by Stella One Eleven
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Dee notices Lance's new assertive manner
Dee tells Joel she and Max kissed
Number 30
Dee doesn't know why she kissed him back - it meant nothing. Joel accepts that these things happen and he's not mad - he knows it didn't mean anything. Dee is relieved. She kisses him and thanks him for being so understanding. 'It's nothing,' Joel says as he hugs her.
Bev's nephew appears and tells Steph that she has to deliver some packages, even though it's after five and she hasn't had a lunch break. She isn't happy. He tells her that, when she was off sick, he got through twice as much as her. Steph thinks that he must have been driving dangerously - that's the only way it could be possible. He thinks maybe he just knows the short cuts better.
Lou's Place
Toadie tells Lance about the report he has to write on rubbish bin provision - exciting! Then we get onto what this scene is really about - Maurie Ryan and the money he owes Lance. Maurie comes over and Lance tries to ask him about the money. Maurie says that he hasn't forgotten but, thanks to Joe Scully cutting him off, things are a bit tight. He'll have it for him later on. When he's gone Toadie notices that if he's so broke he wouldn't be buying a $25 bottle of wine. Lance has to *demand* it off him and stick up for his rights! Lance takes a gulp of beer, managing to spill some of it when he plonks it down with too much force. Toadie tells him to stop apologising and go for it! Lance turns to go.
Lassiters Complex
Lance catches up with Maurie and his daughter, and tells him he has to have his money now. Maurie tries to wriggle out of it as usual, using the Scully excuse, but then says he'll drop it off tomorrow. Lance says he'll come by his house or go with him to the ATM. Maurie pulls out his wallet and pays him. As he walks away his daughter throws a glance back at Lance, who's looking very pleased with himself.
Number 30
Joel asks if everything's ok, but Dee denies that she's being remote. She doesn't want him to hide his feelings about Max - he doesn't have to act like it didn't happen. As far as Joel's concerned it didn't happen. Dee is surprised he - or any guy - could take it so well. Joel says it just proves that he's not 'just any guy'.
Number 32
Daniel and Tess are messing about, looking for Daniel's escaped lizard. Dee appears through the back door, as the neighbours seem to do. Daniel goes elsewhere to look for the lizard and Tess puts the kettle on in preparation for a natter about Joel.
Number 26
Michelle tells Lyn that there's a competition to meet Boy4. You just have to collect four different chocolate bars with each member on them - Jake, Brad, Mal and Todd. Lyn's having bad vibes - she remembers another adventure with choccy bars. Michelle says this is different and tries to ask for more money but to no avail. She rushes off to spend all her pocket money on chocolate bars. Steph comes through the door and Lyn notices that she's late. She wonders if the problem is her new boss and Steph admits she's been given more and more work and Johnny the Jerk, her boss's nephew, managed to get it all done, supposedly. She thinks she's being forced to quit - one more day like this and she will quit.
Number 30
The boys are on the floor, taking about Dee. Joel says that he trusts her, and when they laugh at him he tells them that he doesn't seeing them going out with a great chick like Dee. Someone arrives at the door - it's Maurie Ryan's daughter, Lisa. Joel and Toadie go to make coffee and Lance tells her it's good to meet her.
Number 26
Michelle has some Mal and Todd bars, but no Brads or Jakes. Lyn thinks that's because there won't be any Brads and Jakes - it's all one big swizz and all they're doing is trying to make money. Michelle is going to by more but Lyn thinks there are better things to spend her money on and besides, what's she going to do with all that chocolate? She has to promise not to spend any more on those bars, but Michelle's not saying a word.
Number 32
Steph, Tess, Dee and Daniel are in the kitchen, talking about Dee and Joel. Steph wishes they didn't have to talk men at all, and ends up talking about footie with Daniel while Dee tells Tess that she fears Joel's paving the way towards an open relationship. Tess thinks she has a vivid imagination. Dee thinks she'll have to sit him down and talk it through with him.
Number 30
Lisa talks to Lance while Joel and Lance watch from the hall. She tells him that Maurie does this to everyone - withholding payment is a power trip. She gets to go and asks if maybe he wants to have a coffee. He tells her that he's not sure - how about she call him over the next few days and he can work out when he's free? She nods and leaves and Toadie and Joel can't believe how cool Lance has become. He's treating 'em mean before he reels them in, Lance tells them and then has to go and ruin it all by pretending to 'reel 'em in' by manically performing said action.
Johnny appears and tells Steph that maybe she should move her van. He then picks up on her being five minutes late and says Auntie Bev almost sent him out in her place. He gives her a list of this morning's jobs and she notices there are almost a full days worth! When she complains he suggests maybe she gets a cushy office job. She assures him that she and cushy office jobs do not mix.
Number 32
Daniel is up early and Tess asks about Barney the lizard - who he says is safe and sound. He leaves and she goes to pick up a basket of washing and screams. Who should be in it but Barney the Lizard.
Number 30
Lance tells Lisa on the phone that he's busy but he'll call her later on, when he's got some time. He doesn't think he's playing too hard to get, despite Joel's fears that he could be too hard to get. Dee comes round and the other guys clear out - Joel asks what's up and she admits it's quite a bit.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn thinks she might have sprung Shell buying more choccy bars but she denies she's completely Boy4 addicted. Lyn has a surprised for her - an envelope of money for the school camp trip. She tells her to hand it in as soon as she gets to school and leaves. Michelle goes to the counter and notices a display of the Boy4 chocolate bars. She takes some money out of the envelope and piles up handfuls of choccy bars.
Number 30
Joel sits down and Dee asks Joel why he's being so casual. He believes it's not a big issue. Dee thinks he would make a big issue if he cared. Joel thinks he can't win, either way. She would have found faults with him being angry as she has with him being calm. Dee thinks he's too casual - he's avoiding commitment! She tells him that they'll reconvene at lunchtime. Once she's gone, Joel says 'Reconvene?' into the empty house.
The Coffee Shop
Steph comes in just as Daniel is leaving, trying to grab a quick lunch. She notices that there are more to her and Daniel - she fancies him, admit it! Tess reminds her that her husband died only six weeks ago. Steph apologises and Tess tells her that she wishes she would just think sometime - it's far too soon for her to be making a play for someone new.
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