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Neighbours Episode 3589 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3589
Australian airdate: 3/8/00
UK airdate: 11/9/00
UK Gold: 28/7/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
- "Motor City" by D Daniels And W Lee
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Max and Dione pashing.
No. 32
Tess is looking fondly at a photo of Brendan when Dione come in, surprise she isn't in bed. Tess offers to make a cuppa as Dione confesses she's done something terrible.
No. 28
Libby tells Susan not to stay up late as she heads to her room but Libby calls her back wanting to know if she's mad at her. Susan says no but Libby isn't sure, so Susan tells her she's going about this the wrong way. Libby retorts that Susan only wanted the wedding with Susan up there at centre stage. Susan starts to get annoyed at these comments and Libby starts to cry but it doesn't wash with Susan who firmly tells her to stop avoiding the issue. Libby tells her that Drew wants children and she can't give him any, so she should walk away. Susan tells Libby she is weak for getting in first and that she is wrong if she thinks Drew will hate her. Upon hearing the raised voices, Karl appears from the bedroom and Libby announces she's going to bed. He asks Susan what happened.
SUSAN: Libby thinks I'm a monster.
KARL: Oh no she doesn't.
SUSAN: (tearfully) She's determined to make her life a misery and I don't now how to stop it.
No. 32
Dee tells Tess she doesn't play around and besides she has no feelings for him. Tess asks what her feelings are now after the kiss and Dione replies nothing before Tess asks if there is anymore to it. Dione reassures her before asking what she should tell Joel and Tess suggests saying nothing.
No. 24 (next day)
Tad is practicing being a DJ but Madge isn't impressed at the volume and tells him to turn it off despite his protestations. Harold asks if Tad wants some moral support and Tad says he's got enough moral support and besides, it will be noisy. Harold moves into the kitchen Madge tells him that she was up half the night trying to think of recipes for the book. He suggests asking the neighbours for their favourite recipes and Madge is a little reluctant, as she will have to try them out first.
No. 32
Tess wakes up to a breakfast made by Dione. Dione says she borrowed the phone to call Max to talk about last night. Tess asks how it went and she says that he thought they were going to be getting back together until Dione told him that she wasn't interested and adds that she is going to tell Joel as they promised to be open. Tess informs her that there is a big difference between being truthful and frank, so Dione says she'll be tactful!
No. 24
Lou shows Madge some titles for the books but she isn't impressed and that she hasn't written it yet. He then gives her a cost breakdown and she wonders what she's let herself in for!
In the kitchen, Tad comes off the phone and tells Paul Toadie has let him down for being his chaperone due to sudden commitments. Paul suggests Harold since he offered but Tad isn't keen.
The Scary House
Michelle collects her instructions from Damon and gives him a flyer about a self-help group and he tells her that he's been there before and it didn't work. She notices a dog barking next door and Damon tells her it's been driving him crazy
No. 32
Dione comes off the phone to Joel without telling him about the kiss. Tess suggests inviting Steph and Libby round for a meal just as Tad and Paul come a knocking. He asks Tess to be his legal guardian for the night and Tess knocks him back saying they've dinner guests.
Ramsay Street
As they leave No. 32, Paul gloats to Tad that he'll have to ask Harold now to chaperone. Tad however spots Flick and asks if Steph is home. Flick is a bit sharp with him and Tad asks what else he needs to do as he's already apologised, so Paul asks her if Steph can act as Tad's chaperone. Flick says he's got little chance as Steph is busy and what are his other options and Tad asks what options.
No. 28
Karl receives a present from a satisfied present - a model ship to be constructed and Susan eyes' helping too until Karl tells her she can hold the glue! Tad calls round to ask if they can be his chaperone but they have other plans and when he sees Libby walk into her room Susan tells him not to bother.
The Scary House
Michelle returns with the shopping for Damon but the dog has got out from next door and angrily barks at her as she shouts for Damon. Damon comes to the door and orders Michelle to stay put and he comes at the dog with a hose and it whimpers off. Michelle thanks him for helping her and tells him he is outside but he takes a panic attack and quickly goes inside.
Ramsay Street
Flick watches Harold arrive in his car and when he comes out of it asks if she can get a word.
No. 24
In the kitchen, Paul suggests Tad asks Lou to be chaperone and of course Tad knocks this suggestion saying that he's as bad as Harold.
In the living room, Madge is not exactly enthralled by how the book is going to look and tells Lou that she'd rather concentrate on the recipes. Harold comes in as Lou leaves and gets an earful from Madge about recipes before he tells her that she is a food snob!
Paul and Tad come through from the kitchen and notices that Tad is a bit frazzled, he says it is because he can't get a name and Harold asks when he is leaving.
No. 38
Karl is setting out his tools for the model as Susan rabbits on. Lib comes out of her room as Tess and Dione call to invite her round for dinner and she is glad to escape the model wars.
No. 24
Paul tells Tad he'll need to give the club a call since he hasn't got a chaperone just as Harold comes out dressed in "trendy" gear ready to chaperone Tad at the club as Flick mentioned Tad was having trouble finding a chaperone.
No. 32
Libby is letting off steam at Tess and Dione about how she is feeling. They wonder why Steph isn't here and Libby wonders if it is because of their falling out but Tess said that Steph had other plans. Lou calls round to ask them to add their favourite recipes to Madge's book.
No. 24
Tad is trying to talk Harold out of going to the club with him by saying it will be too loud but Harold has planned for that...by taking earplugs with him! Harold tells him he's so looking forward to it and reluctantly he takes Harold up on his offer but not before telling him that the hat and the chain have to go and Harold looks so offended!
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