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Neighbours Episode 3590 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3590
Australian airdate: 21/07/00
UK airdate: 12/09/00
Writer: Roger Dunn
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Doula Tsobanopoulos: Katherine Halliday
Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
"Bez" Marie: Scott Terrille
- "Blue Moon" by Endorphin
- "Godfather Of Soul" by Steve Jefferies
- "Feel Me" by Steven Vaus
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Harold agrees to accompany Paul to the nightclub - wearing a baseball cap and some sunglasses. Drew collects some of his belongings from Libby. Michelle sees a Final Notice bill that Joe hasn't paid.
The Scullys'
Joe is watching TV whilst trying to repair a generator on the living room floor - Lyn isn't best pleased, and wants it done in the garage. Lyn starts to fold clothes and Joe says that Jack would be cross if he didn't watch the football.
A Nightclub
Harold and Paul are in the nightclub and Harold promises to keep out of Tad's way. Paul tells Harold that Tad'll do a couple of sets and they'll see how he goes down. Tad introduces himself to the current DJ and sets himself up.
Tad nervously introduces himself to the crowd and gets going!
Lou's Place
Lou is serving Drew and tells him it's good to see him out and about. Drew sits down to drink with Steph who also comments that this is his first night out in a long while. Steph asks how his talk with Libby went, and he replies that actually Lib just wanted to return some things to him.
A Nightclub
Harold comments that Tad is really good.
PAUL: Harold, if you start dancing, I'm going.
HAROLD: Oh spoilsport.
He dances anyway, and asks Paul why he isn't dancing! A lady comes up to Paul and asks if he's a friend of the DJ's. Paul says yes and she introduces herself as Doula (I thought that was someone you had to help you give birth?). Doula gives Paul her card and says she wants to speak to the DJ afterwards, and his management - Harold!
The Bishops'
Madge asks Lou if he's going up to see Merridy soon, and Lou says that he is. Madge thinks that he's doing the right thing, and he should at last take two weeks.
Madge also tells Lou that she thinks Merridy cares for him very much. So of course, we now know that she isn't and something's going to happen. Damn this soap reverse psychology!
Cut to much later that night.
Harold, Tad and Paul return home and tell Madge that Harold had a great time. Harry says he did, and then takes his ear plugs out. Paul tells Madge that Harold danced. Paul gives Tad Doula's card, and says he thought she was serious - she was with Event Management. Tad's really pleased with his night.
The Scullys'
Steph gets up in some very strange pyjamas, and tells Joe that he shouldn't be repairing the generator on the floor - Lyn'll kill him. She goes into the kitchen just as Lyn gets up, and comments that it's a lovely day for fixing an engine in a garage!
But Joe wants to watch the soccer at the same time!
Drew comes to the door - he thinks he left his jacket here last night, which he did. Lyn suggests that in return for the jacket he help Joe mend the engine, and Joe promises to throw in a pizza, beers and a premier league match.
The Bishops'
Harold is enjoying his breakfast of grapefruit - with loads of sugar on it. Madge says that as soon as her leg cast comes up, she's going to the nightclub with Tad. Tad tells Paul that he thinks the only reason Doula wants him to call is because she's interested. Paul tells him not to get his hopes up!
The Scullys'
Lyn asks Chelle what she's doing after school, and she says she's going to the library. Lyn catches her out and says that she knows she's going to see Damon - please can she get to meet him? Michelle agrees.
In the living room Joe and Drew are still mending the generator. Lyn tells Joe that she and Chelle are going out to meet Damon. Drew says he'll pop to the garage to get some bits and pieces and he'll be back before the match. Steph comes out of her room.
DREW: Hey - you look different!
STEPH: Yeah, well we do that. It's a chick thing.
Joe comments that Drew's a nice man, and he thinks that Steph is carrying a torch.
The Coffee Shop
Lolly and Lou say goodbye to Harold as he's about to head up north. Lou again says that he can't wait to see Merridy - oh dear - and Harold asks if he'll come back a single man...oh dear again. Methinks Lou'll be back in days.
Lyn is talking to Damon and thanks him for letting her meet him. Damon says he's glad she came over. Lyn thanks Damon for his help in teaching her, and as they're leaving he tells Michelle that he called one of the counsellors in the brochure that she gave him. She's really pleased and Lyn looks pleased, too.
The Bishops'
Paul makes fun of Tad who is waiting for Doula who's not here yet. Tad tells Paul to hang around for the first bit then disappear. Honestly, he's never even met the girl and he thinks she already likes him?!
There's a knock at the door and Doula introduces herself - she asks what they thought of the club last night, and Tad says it was great. Doula tells him he did really well last night, and the crowd loved it. She asks for his manager, but Tad says that Harold isn't his manager, he's just roading for them!! Paul makes himself scarce!
The Scullys'
Lyn returns home without Chelle who's at Bianca's. Lyn tells Joe it went well, but still doesn't understand why the generator has to be on the living room floor. Joe starts ranting until:
LYN: Joe, I love you! But sometimes I wonder why.
JOE: Oh thanks a heap!
Lyn tells Steph to take note of this. Drew takes the generator out and Steph follows. Lyn presents Joe with another pile of bills and says that she thinks that he should spend more time working to earn money to pay them.
As Joe takes all the tools out, a pair of hairdressing scissors falls to the floor and he's wrecked them. Lynnie's really upset - they were $300. Joe says he'll do anything - even give up cable telly. She storms out to the salon.
The Bishops'
Doula is looking through Tad's collection, and he tells her that he's only just started DJing, and doesn't have his own decks yet. She tells him she reckons that things could work out between them.
The Scullys'
Steph tells Lyn that the generator's working again, then notices that her mum's upset. Lyn tells her it's all the bills and her scissors.
Drew and Joe come back in, as does Chelle, and Lyn tells her that she and her father need a word about Damon. Lyn says she liked him, but Michelle went behind their backs. Michelle says that she doesn't expect the worst of people, just because she's a young girl and he's an older guy. Lyn worries that Chelle might find herself out of her depth, but Lyn says that any other guy may not have behaved quite so well.
Steph comes in with an envelope for Joe - it's from Ron Carter, the developer that Joe was previously working for. He shows the cheque inside to Lyn and she's shocked and happy. She collapses against him and he hugs her, laughing. Aw. Glad Lynnie's ok!
What a lovely time to cut to:
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