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Neighbours Episode 3588 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3588
Australian airdate: 02/08/00
UK airdate: 08/09/00
UK Gold: 28/07/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Max Crawford: Simon Gleeson
- "The Light" by Bexta
- "Blue Moon" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lyn asking Steph is there is anything between her and Drew and Steph replying that she is just a friend and nothing more.
Lyn reminds Steph of her previous crush on Drew but she tells her that she's friends with Libby and wouldn't cross those boundaries. She also asks Lyn to tell anyone so that Libby doesn't find out, and Lyn agrees not to say anything.
No. 28
Karl is tentatively watching the news but Susan accuses him of not being able to take his eyes off the blond newsreader! Libby comes out for a glass of water and tells Susan she's going to give Drew a call about his things tomorrow before returning to her room. Susan repeats the news to Karl and they both hope that they will begin to talk and sort things out. Karl and Susan "talk" more about his obsession with the blond newsreader and end up getting frisky on the sofa!
Lou's Place
Dione is after a favour - wanting Tess to come out with Max and herself. With the promise of a few free drinks, Tess agrees. Dee asks for another favour - staying at her house as her flatmate has overnight company. Since she's on a roll, she goes for a third favour - setting a time for them to leave so Max doesn't get embarrassed
Steph calls round to take the bike out on a run for the first time since the accident. Drew offers to ride pillion but Steph tells him she needs to do this by herself. Eventually after a few deep breaths she starts the bike and leaves.
No. 28
Karl mentions to Libby about seeing Drew as he leaves for work.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie arrives in TCS and Drew congratulates him on his victory in the student elections and he asks for a tune up on tick in return (he's skint) as an exuberant Steph comes in, naturally high after her successful bike ride and hugs Drew...twice before leaving with him.
Drew and Toadie arrive at the garage first, just as Libby phones Drew. She asks to see him tonight at No. 28 and he agrees. Drew comes off the phone in a good mood and asks the now arrived Steph for her take on it.
No. 26
Lyn comes in and Steph mistakenly shouts at her not to switch the TV on. Lyn wonders why she is home and Steph says she is feeling off until Lyn notices that she's been crying and Steph wonders if the others will notice. She opens up to Lyn that she felt teary after being on the bike for the first time and phoned in sick. Lyn asks if there is anything more to mention...like Drew. Steph wants to know why Drew, so she babbles on a bit but doesn't really answer the question or give any info out. Lyn asks if she wants her to cancel her meeting with Susan but Steph says no.
The Coffee Shop
Karl is sitting doing some paperwork when Lyn comes in with her blonde friend from the country, 'Sonia'. Karl exchanges a handshake with 'Sonia' and comments on her firm country handshake. 'Sonia' is very quiet but Lyn makes up for it by answering his questions and saying why 'Sonia' is there. Karl talks about his "iron maiden" wife, Susan. He eventually comments on 'Sonia's' lack of voice and Lyn tells him that 'Sonia' lost her voice sing karaoke, which sets Karl off talking what an awful voice his wife has. Unfortunately Tess' arrival at TCS blows 'Sonia's' cover when she says "hello Susan". Sonia reveals her true identity and Karl says she should become an undercover agent!
No. 28
Libby is hard at work when Drew calls round and gives her some flowers as she invites him in.
No. 30
Toadie is on the warpath with Lance for putting shaving foam in his trainers when Dione comes in. She tells him not to involve her in his quarrels and he asks why she is there since Joel isn't. Dione replies she's there to collect some shoes for her night out and invites him along but he turns her down due to being skint.
No. 28
Drew and Libby exchange pleasantries about her health until Drew asks why she called. He thinks it was because she wanted to talk, but Libby hands over a box of his things. Drew reluctantly take the box and wants to talk so he can find out what he did wrong as he hasn't got a clue. Libby says it was because of the accident and that things have changed and they shouldn't beat themselves up about it before telling him that she hopes they can become friends. Drew is annoyed at this and tells her that her parents could have given him his things just as they come home. Drew hastily leaves annoyed as Libby breaks down crying and heads to her room.
No. 30
As Toadie tries to remove the shaving foam from his trainers with a toothbrush, Dione is on the phone to Joel. She comes off the phone and he wonders why she mentioned going out with Max to Joel. Dione says it is to stop Joel having any more misunderstandings before asking him how it is going with removing the foam and why does he not buy new ones. Toadie replies that he can't because he is skint and besides, the toothbrush belongs to Lance! From a comment Toadie made when Dione arrived, she now asks him what the gossip is. He tells her about his 'mate' who has a girl but another girl is interested. Dione asks what the evidence is and he says there is none yet but he just has a feeling and hopes he is wrong.
Tess remembering their earlier deal tells Dione it is time to go but Dione is having too much fun dancing and says she'll get a cab later.
No. 30
Toadie leads Steph through to the kitchen and they make polite bike/car conversation until he asks how she is. Steph hasn't a clue what he is meaning and tells him to deal the cards.
No. 28
Susan asks Libby what is happening, as she knows she still loves Drew and wants to help. Libby says there are lots of things and to accept they are apart. Susan tells her that medical advancements may help her in the future but Libby says she doesn't want to give Drew false hopes and she wants it over so she can move on and not spend her life regretting and doubting. Susan thinks she is being selfish but Libby still thinks it is for the best.
Dione tells Max her cab will be in 5 minutes and he doesn't have to wait and he gives her a peck on the cheek before leaving...and 2 seconds later they are pashing!
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