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Neighbours Episode 3526 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3526
Australian airdate: 08/05/00
UK airdate: 13/06/00
UK Gold:15/06/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Connie O'Rourke: Val Jellay
Henry O'Rourke: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Tad asks Flick whether her lies are worrying her - she admits they are.
- Tad agrees to cover for Flick while she meets up with Sean.
- Joe unwittingly picks up Flick and her beau during his taxi driving work.
Ramsay Street
Harold greets Connie and Henry, who are having a cuppa by their camper van. Joe pulls up in the taxi with a screech and Flick jumps out the car and goes into the house. Harold decides he will have that cuppa with the O'Rourke's another time.
Number 26
Lyn comes out to find out about what has happened with Flick. Steph follows and Joe tells them that Flick has been going out with a sleazebag five years older than her. Shell comes out and sees Joe is driving taxis. Flick tells Joe he's not a sleaze but her boyfriend, Sean. Lyn pleads for him not to lose his temper but Joe is way beyond that - all the lies are too much. Flick explains that Tad never really was her boyfriend - it was all an act. Joe can't believe it.
Number 24
Harold talks to Tad about the incident at the Scullys. Tad says he doesn't know why Flick was coming home in a taxi at this time in the morning and any attempts at explaining it away don't work. Harold knows that he's keeping something from him.
Number 26
Lyn asks why Flick lied and she says they wouldn't have let her see Sean. When she tells them where they met it doesn't help things. Although Flick says he's nice, Lyn doesn't think that's the point.
Number 24
Harold can't believe what's been going on and is hurt that Tad deceived both him and the Scullys. Tad says he was only trying to be a friend. Harold gets up to go, telling him to steer clear of the Scullys today.
Number 26
Joe tells Flick that she won't be seeing Sean again. She tells them that she's sorry she lied - she only did it because she likes him. Joe says it's a no and that's it - she can't be trusted and Sean is way too old for her. And that's the end of it. Lyn is one hundred percent behind Joe on this one - Flick has proved for once and for all that she can't be trusted.
Number 26
Later Flick approaches her parents and tells them that they can't stop her from seeing Sean - if she wants to see him, she will. Joe tells her not to even try. She goes for a walk.
The O'Rourke van
Flick walks past her grandparents and sisters, not stopping.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is back, having had a great holiday in Port Lincoln with his pa. Harold sits down with him and tells him about the latest goings on - the strange, young, foreign people at number thirty and that Tad has heard from the adoption people about his real mother. Harold wants to know about the mischief Tad's got up to with Flick and he knows that Paul is the one who can get to the bottom of it. Paul doesn't know but will have a chat with him.
Number 24
Flick fills Tad in on the taxi incident. She's annoyed that Joe has been lying about the taxi, all the time when he was telling her off about lying. He tells her to give them some time to cool down, apologise and it'll all be sweet. He's about to plant a kiss on her head when Paul comes in and asks what's going on. Tad tells him it's not what he thinks. Paul asks Flick if she's alright and what's happened.
Number 26
Everyone (bar Flick) is in the kitchen. Lyn tells Michelle that they're just a bit short and that's why Joe's gone back to the taxi work. Michelle wishes she had been told and Joe agrees that it was stupid of him not to tell, stupid to think he could keep anything a secret in this family. She goes onto to ask about Flick but Lyn puts a stop to it - Joe's tired after being up all night. The discussion moves onto their plans for the day - Steph is going to borrow Henry for a 'surprise'. Connie and Shell decide to go window shopping.
The Coffee Shop
Joe is looking gloomily into his coffee. Harold joins him, telling him that he and Madge sometimes tear their hair out about Tad and Paul. Joe feels boys don't have to protected as much as girls. Harold tells him Tad has owned up about the scheme. Joe doesn't know what to do - Flick's barely sixteen and she looks much older. It'll get her into trouble. He wonders what Sean is doing with her. Harold asks what they can do - at the end of the day no father has got it completely right.
Ramsay Street
Henry steps out in his leathers and Michelle and Connie watch them ride out of the street on Steph's bike. Connie calls after them to be careful.
Lassiters' Lake
Michelle and Connie spot Flick sitting on a bench. Shell is dispatched to get some ice cream and Connie goes to sit with her granddaughter. She tells her she was in the same situation at her age - her father couldn't stand the object of her affections. But he gave in eventually. Flick thinks it was Henry but Connie tells her it was someone called Ralph - they only lasted six months as he turned out to be a bit of a drip. Connie says that she might think her whole life is in ruins but it will get better. It's nothing but a storm in a teacup.
Number 26
Lyn asks Joe how his shift was - Joe says it was alright until lover boy turned up. Lyn is asking if he was hard on him when a mobile phone's ring starts up. They locate it in Flick's bag and Joe answers. It's Sean, who Joe tells that Flick isn't and won't ever be available, so he shouldn't bother calling. After he hangs up Joe wants to know how she got the phone. Lyn asks if he's sure this is the best way to handle this. But Joe says they have to get tough - he won't argue anymore, he hasn't the energy.
In the Erinsborough area
Henry and Steph stop. Steph tells him she's still putting money away for her big trip around Aus. Henry thinks there are some O'Rourke genes there, in among her father's. Steph persuades him to have a go of driving the bike and they drive off.
Number 24
Paul tells Tad he's way over Flick but asks about whether she's serious about Sean. Paul thinks if Sean's so cool he should have a girl his own age. Tad tells him he knows Flick more than he does - he's even kissed her. They're really good friends. Paul looks a bit irked.
Number 26
Connie arrives back with Flick - Flick wants to say something to Joe and Lyn. She tells them that she shouldn't have kept Sean a secret and she's really sorry - even sorrier about lying and hurting them. Lyn hugs her. Joe says coldly that she said she was sorry last time too. Lyn says she can tell she meant it this time. Joe is sure she has good intentions but that's not enough. He knows they want him to forgive and forget but he can't do that. He fell for all the lies - all the times she said she was with Tad, she was with Sean. He can't tell when she's not lying and he's reached his limit. He looks at her straight - "Felicity, you do what you like. I don't care anymore."
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