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Neighbours Episode 3527 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3527
Australian airdate: 08/05/00
UK airdate: 14/06/00
UK Gold: 15/06/05
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeline West
Connie O'Rourke: Val Jellay
Henry O'Rourke: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Shanti Pandya: Menik Gooneratne
Liz Guilfoyle: Carla Bergmeier
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
- Tad reads from his letter to his birth mum
- Joe tells Flick she can do what she likes: he doesn't care anymore
A road
Riding Steph's bike, Steph and Henry come to a stop. When Henry tries to get off Steph stops him, wanting him to drive them all the way home. They roar off in a cloud of dust.
Number 30
At Backpacker Central Lance is bemoaning his, Toadie and Joel's lack of fun in comparison to their backpacking lodgers. Toadie thinks they would have fun if there were woman but Lance tells him not to start. Joel is a bit annoyed - it's so busy there's no space for their personal lives. They bring up Dione, who's not returning his calls. Toadie suggests that as Joel's the chick magnet he should go and hand out fliers and get some chicks to come to their place. Joel thinks it the last thing they need.
Number 24
Tad tells Harold that he did post the letter to Rachel but is scared she will hate it. Paul reassures him, talking about his relationship with his dad who's opened up a bank account to save for college. He put $2000 in for starters! Tad can't believe he wants to save it.
Number 26
Steph is encouraging Henry to invest in a bike, but he feels he's too old. Flick isn't hungry and Joe is annoyed she's wasted the food. Michelle asks if they're going to meet the new boyfriend but Joe says no, as there is no new boyfriend.
Number 30
The phone rings and Lance answers: it's 'Dioney for Joely'. She tells Joel that he has to stop calling. It's best that way. Joel is disappointed and tells her reluctantly that he won't bother her anymore. Dione tells him she's sorry and hangs up with a sigh. On the other end Joel tells Lance and Toadie that she doesn't ever want to see him again.
Number 30
Later Steph comes round, escaping the tense Scully house. She asks Toadie if he's up for poker and they come into the kitchen where Lance and Joel are having a fight over who ate his cheese. Steph offers poker and takeaways, but Joel is too hungry to think. Steph reassures him, saying he has to pick himself up again. Joel agrees to play some poker.
Number 24
Harold comes off the phone, a little disappointed that he can't do a concert with the Salvo band. And to make things worse they're doing his favourite Bach piece, which he goes on to demonstrate to Tad and Paul. With all his funds tied up in Grease Monkey's he can't afford a new tube. Paul apologises again about the tuba.
Flick comes over to escape Joe. Paul comes over to ask a 'kind of' personal question while Tad gets some drinks. It's about Tad and the kissing - she asks him why it matters whether she kissed him or not. He says it doesn't - just, did she?
Number 30
The gang are playing poker. The guys wonder why Steph always wins and she sings a little that it's all in the luck of the game. Toadie and Lance laugh, getting up to get some ice and she asks if they're criticising her singing voice. Joel puts some chips in his mouth, making a face as Steph laughs at him. From the fridge Lance muses that it's good Steph's cheered up Joel a bit. Toadie nods and says she's a top chick.
Number 24
Harold is still fake tuba-ing and Paul wishes he could do something about getting him a real one. Tad suggests the money, but Paul can't touch it. Paul moves onto Joe giving Flick a hard time. Then he says he was wondering whether Flick kept her mouth closed - when they were kissing. Tad says he wouldn't tell him that. Paul laughs, saying he bets it wasn't even a kiss on the lips. 'Yes,' says Tad. 'We just rubbed ears.'
Number 26
Steph comes home to find Flick sitting on the sofa. Steph tells her that Joe is just doing what a dad does. Flick thinks she's the only one who gets a hard time but Steph says she got the same - it was only that Flick pushed her luck too far. Flick thinks she's not a nice person as Steph is. Steph wants her to drop the black sheep thing - the longer she goes on like that, more likely it'll come true. She doesn't mean to lecture but it's good advice.
Connie and Henry's caravan
The next morning Henry comes out to get the paper. Inside he and Connie talk about things here. Henry thinks that if they were in the way Lyn and Joe would never tell them so. Connie says they might need some time to think. Either way they should be moving on. Henry was thinking that too, but it's harder than ever to say goodbye. They promise not to wait too long before the next visit.
Ramsay Street
Joe comes back to see Henry and Connie packing up. He tells them that they've loved having them here and hopes they aren't going because of the dramas. Connie says the real truth is there is some good fishing Henry wants to pursue.
Number 30
Toadie tells Joel and Lance that he's had a call from some girls. He thinks they are classy. However Joel will have to be an entertainment officer in order for them to rope them in and sound more upmarket. Joel doesn't feel very entertaining right now, but Toadie tells him he has to be at the pub at midday to meet them.
Number 26
Connie and Henry say goodbye to the grandkids. Connie tells Flick to remember about Ralph and that she is loved. They are going to miss them so much!
Lou's Place
Joel comes into the pub and is followed by Dione. She's meeting someone for lunch. Joel tells her that he's here by himself - then that it isn't completely accurate, it's just something that Toadie and Lance have got going. He hides the sign with the backpackers' names on it behind his back. Dione tells him this is what bothers her about him - she always feels he's hiding something - can't he be straight with her and just say he's meeting Toadie and Lance? He asks her to give him two minutes, to talk. He tries to get her to go to the coffee shop with him but she won't. He nods and asks how she's been.
Ramsay Street
Lyn and Joe wave off Connie and Henry, Connie telling them to look after those babies. Lyn is a little tearful until she notices the time, saying she might be out a job again.
Lou's Place
Joel tried to forget about Dione but he couldn't. This time he means it and he hasn't said a word to another woman. She has been missing him a little but she isn't sure whether she can trust him again. Joel pledges that she can trust him, he swears. The door opens and two girls with backpacks come over to him, noticing he's Joel the Entertainment man. Joel says it's nothing to do with him while waving the sign around, it's Toadie and Lance. Dione remarks that Toadie and Lance sure have changed since she last saw them. Joel runs after her to the door, saying he can explain. Dione turns around.
"No one ever says that. No one who could really explain anything ever says that!"
She leaves and Joel tells the backpackers that there's been a mistake - they've actually been shut down. He runs off and leaves them.
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