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Neighbours Episode 3525 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3525
Australian airdate: 05/05/00
UK airdate: 12/06/00
UK Gold: 14/6/05
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: Sean Edwards: Daniel Collopy
Bianca Nugent: Jane Harber
Cecile Bliss: Molly McCaffrey
Alex Conway: Gary McMahon
- "Star Machine" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Geri plugs Mike Ellis Motors on Toadie's radio show.
Lyn tells Connie that Michelle's been worried about facing the school bullies.
The adoption people ring Tad and tell him that they've located his real mother.
Tad is shell-shocked. He tells Flick that he'll be getting his mother's address. They'll write to each other first and then meet up. Tad is very flustered and Flick says she'll give him some space. She says she's already thought of something to solve her own problems. Tad says Simone is right - if she keeps on lying, noone will believe her about anything.
Lyn is worried that there's more to the story with the bullies than Michelle is saying.
Flick comes in and tells Lyn and Joe that she's just off to meet somebody. Lyn asks Flick about Michelle and the bullies but she doesn't know anything: Michelle just says that she's fine. Flick tells them she's just off to the Coffee Shop to see a friend.
Michelle comes in from school and insists that everything is fine, but Lyn is unconvinced.
Libby is writing her article about Geri when Drew comes round to tell her that Lou is entertaining Merridy at last(!) Drew reads Libby's article over her shoulder and Libby tells him it's for Marguerite magazine. Drew says he hopes she's got her facts write and that it isn't a personal vendetta. Libby insists that what Geri is doing is wrong.
Tad is trying to write a letter to his mother and Harold is being suppportive. Tad's progress is slow, however.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Flick is walking Michelle to school at the request of their parents. Tad comes up and Flick begs him to give her an alibi for tonight. Tad is in a good mood and therefore agrees.
Michelle is sitting alone at a table reading a magazine when the bullies come up and taunt her. A teacher, Mr Conway, sees them off and tells Michelle that she should talk to a member of staff if she's having trouble.
The Coffee Shop
Libby is talking to Lyn about Geri's plugs for her salon. Lyn is worried that she'll get into trouble but Libby says she should be OK - it's Geri who should be worried.
Flick is looking forward to seeing her boyfriend tonight. She tells Tad that she's spoken to Simone again and says Simone must really like Tad if she's this upset about things. She asks how Tad has got on with the letter for his mother, but he is evasive.
Flick goes up to Michelle and sees she is upset. Michelle says that she has to do something she should have done a long time ago. She gets up and confronts the bullies and asks how long this will go on for. Michelle starts to cry and tells Flick that she wishes they'd never moved there. When Michelle has run off, Flick speaks to Cecile and the rest of the bullies. She tells them they are all pathetic and they'd better not push Michelle around again. The bullies walk off but one girl holds back and looks thoughtful.
A road
Geri is on the phone to Mike Ellis when Libby comes up and takes photos of the car. She tells Geri that she needs the shots for her article.
The bullies are giving Michelle a hard time again but Michelle is starting to stand up for herself. The girl who hung back earlier, Bianca, takes Michelle's side. Michelle gives Cecile a mouthful about her actions and then Michelle and Bianca walk off together. Flick has seen all this from a distance.
Geri tells Libby off for leaving her at the side of the road while broken down. Libby brushes this off and says she's going to Marguerite magazine about Geri's perks from Mike Ellis, Lyn and the other businesses. Geri says there's nothing wrong with what she's done, but Libby says they'll see when the article comes out. Geri asks why Libby is doing this - is it because of Drew?(!) but Libby says it's about ethics, nothing else.
Flick is telling Lyn about Michelle standing up to the bullies and they are both very pleased. Flick says she's going over to see Tad tonight and Lyn seems happy that she's got Tad as a boyfriend.
Libby is pleased with her article, but Drew tells her not to crow. He is proud of her though. They kiss and Lou puts a paper over Lolly's eyes! Libby and Drew tease Lou about Merridy but he insists they're just friends!
Flick comes to the door - she's just off to meet her secret boyfriend (she told her mother that she's with Tad working out their relationship!)
Harold comes in and sees that Tad is still trying to write his letter. Tad doesn't know where to start, and Harold is sympathetic. He reads out the letter to his mother to Harold. He says he wants to meet up with her and talk, but doesn't want to make trouble in her life. It's quite an emotional letter and Harold is very touched. He tells Tad to send it as it is.
The City
A bloke gets into Joe's taxi and says he's off to Erinsborough, but they must wait a minute for his girlfriend. The girlfriend turns out to be Flick. She gets in the back of the taxi and kisses the bloke. Joe is struck dumb. When the kiss ends, Flick suddenly realises she's been sprung.
<<3524 - 3526>>
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