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Neighbours Episode 3518 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3518
Australian airdate: 26/04/00
UK airdate: 01/06/00
UK Gold: 09/06/05
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
- "Skin" by Endorphin
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew handing over the Kirk family quilt for Libby to add to.
Lance talking to Toadie about how much backpackers pay.
Tess and Brendan kissing.
No. 32
Tess eventually pulls away from Brendan's kiss and her apologises for it but she says she should have stopped him. Brendan offers to leave and Tess asks him to.
No. 28
Libby is having major problems threading a needle let alone going a patch for real but she's got a trail one to practice on first but as soon as she starts, she pricks her finger with the needle. Steph calls in and after hearing about the history of the quilt suggests she buys a new one! Steph does provide an escape route for a that night at least by suggesting they go into town with Tess, and Libby needs little persuasion to say yes.
No. 30
Lance is explaining the backpacker idea to Drew and he asks how it will feel having complete strangers living in the house and what they might expect too for their $15 a night they plan to charge, especially since they've described the house as 4-star! Lance asks Drew if he'll help bring Bill's old mattress over from No. 28 and preferably keeping quiet on the real reason he needs it.
No. 32
Tess turns down Steph and Libby's idea of a night on the town after telling them she was out with Brendan earlier. They are shocked at this news and Tess assures them that she and Brendan aren't getting back together. She also tells them about their date and that it was just like when they first got together. Lib asks how she feels about him now and she says that she isn't sure but her expression gives more of a clue.
No. 28
Drew and Lance's arrival to ask for Bill's mattress gets Susan out of trying to thread a needle to help with the quilt. Drew asks if Libby is home and Susan replies that she isn't as she is out with Tess and Steph. He asks if Libby has made a start on the quilt yet and confesses that he thought she'd palm it off for Susan to do.
No. 32
Steph tells Tess that she didn't do herself any favours by going out with Brendan and reminding her that she is better off without him too. Tess says that he has changed because of the anger management course that he has done but Steph and Libby are sceptical since leopards don't change their spots. Tess tells them that she and Brendan have kissed. Steph tells her that she'd be mad to take him back but Tess replies that they have no idea what Brendan is really like and she is not ready to completely give up on all the history that they have shared.
No. 28
Lib thanks Susan for doing the quilt for her but Susan hasn't given up hope of persuading Libby to at least help ... well that is until Libby accidentally spills some water over it. Steph's arrival is a welcome distraction from the disaster, and she wants to know if they have seen Tess today after what was said last night. Susan tells them that perhaps Tess didn't like interfering and that maybe she is still in love with Brendan despite what everyone else thinks. Susan also adds that she hopes that neither of them have problems like that.
No. 32
Brendan calls round with pastries for Tess and goes to leave until she asks him to stay.
No. 30
Amy's phonecall surprises Lance but he's glad to hear from her even if the call is extremely short.
No. 32
Tess and Brendan reminisce about their past eating the pastries. Steph and Libby call round with flowers as a peace offering for hurting her feelings after what was said last night. Brendan comes to the door just as they're talking about whether he has changed or not.
Drew's mum has decided to pay a surprise visit from Oakey to see him; well really she wants to see how Libby is progressing with her patch for the quilt. Drew tries to hint to her that she hasn't had the time to do anything yet.
No. 32
Steph feigns an excuse about household chores to get out of staying for coffee with Brendan but Libby stays and the atmosphere is surreal to say the least.
No. 30
Steph comes in to cool down after escaping from Brendan at No. 32. She tells him about Tess and Brendan and asks why Tess can't see through Brendan. Lance enquires as to why he is back but Steph isn't sure and adds that she won't know how she will feel about Tess if she goes back to Brendan after what happened. Lance tells her about the brief phonecall from Amy and Steph asks if he'd take Amy back after what they'd been through but Lance doesn't know. Lance wants some diversionary therapy put his suggestion of indoor mini basketball doesn't wash with Steph, so she drags him out of the house with the lure of something else.
Ramsay Street
Lance is now in leathers as they head off on her bike and she promises to go slow this time.
No. 32
An envious Libby watches Steph and Lance leave wishing she could escape too. Eventually she does and Brendan tells Tess that her friends are nice. Tess asks him to leave as she has things to do and Brendan says she is the one in control of what happens from now on and that he won't push her.
Steph and Lance lie on the ground watching the clouds go by. He thanks her for taking him out of the house as they get back on the bike. Steph tells him to put his arms around her (so she can control the bike better) and after his first attempts she asks if he is afraid of her, so he eventually complies.
No. 28
Lib is telling Susan what Brendan is like and perhaps that Tess was right, he has turned over a new leaf. Drew and Rose surprise them by calling round and that another family member is due too to check on the quilt's progress. Turns out it is a Kirk family tradition to observe the new patch being made. Rose asks what progress there is so far and Susan says they've just been practicing so far, so Rose responds telling them that only the bride is allowed to add to the quilt. To cover up the accident earlier with the water, Susan says the quilt is airing outside.
No. 28 backyard
Libby is heading to fetch the quilt when she spots that it isn't hanging on the line, it has disappeared.
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