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Neighbours Episode 3517 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3517
Australian airdate: 25/04/00
UK airdate: 31/05/00
UK Gold: 08/06/05
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Connie O'Rourke: Val Jellay
Henry O'Rourke: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Katrina Hart: Sue Broberg
Melissa Doyle: Naomi Lopez
Dale Ritter: Chris Broadstock
Mike Preece: John Klavins
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Flick teaches Tad to kiss
Brendan asks Tess to have dinner with him but she refuses
Joe catches Flick and Tad having another kissing lesson
Lassiters' Lake
Flick says it isn't what it looks like - nothing is going on. She's just helping him practice. Joe wonders if she thinks he's stupid - she could have been truthful for once. He storms off. Tad apologises but Flick doesn't blame him and goes off in pursuit of Joe.
Ramsay Street
Connie and Henry are washing their RV when Joe and Flick pull up. Her grandparents are spying on them as Flick asks Joe to listen to her. Joe notices Connie and Henry stickybeaking and suggests they go inside.
A Good Hair Day
A stylist tells Lyn she'll miss her and gives her a card . Lyn wishes she wasn't going either. They talk about Ivan - 'the invisible man'. Katrina, Ivan's wife, comes in and they tell her they haven't seen Ivan for days. She thinks he's skipped town.
Number 24
Flick complains that Joe won't listen to her. Tad thinks he's planning a hit man to take care of him. He asks what the problem is with him believing they are really a couple. Flick thinks they might be on to something - Joe doesn't want to believe the truth so they should pretend to get him off her back. Then she has an alibi for going out. Tad says the lies haven't stopped then, but Flick thinks it would be better that he doesn't know the truth. Tad reluctantly agrees to do it.
A Good Hair Day
Katrina thinks Ivan's in over his head. Lyn tells her that he's been staying at the salon and taking money from the till. Katrina thinks he's started gambling again and no wonder he's skipped town. She's been worried about him since she married him. Joe comes in, wanting a few words about Flick with Lyn. She tells him they'll talk at home. Joe leaves.
Lou's Place
Joe orders a beer but finds he doesn't have much in his wallet and has to cancel it.
Number 32
Brendan pulls in in his big Land Rover, dropping off some of Tess' stuff as he 'happened to be in the area'. He helps her to take some plants in and offers to help her with the garden. She tells him there's a lot to be done and it's ok - he can stay.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn asks if Katrina is ok financially - she has some money tucked away. She's sorry for being caught in the mess. Lyn's sad to see the salon go down the drain, and suggests Katrina take over the running. Katrina isn't sure - it'll be different. Lyn can do the hairdressing while Katrina does the business side of things. Katrina comments that she makes it sound all very possible.
Number 32
Brendan drops a plant and the earth spills on the floor. He apologises but Tess just laughs.
Number 26
Joe returns home. Henry goes to help Lyn with the fish, and Joe looks at Teen Girl with Michelle. He asks about her day and she tells him about the Nan vs. the girls incident. He takes it the wrong way, thinking it's a dig at him as he couldn't work out Michelle's troubles with the bullies. Flick remarks that Connie doesn't treat them like kids. Joe says he's glad they like having the grandparents here and leaves the room.
Number 32
Brendan cleans up, thinking Tess won't be inviting him back in a hurray. She doesn't know and the same about dinner. She agrees that today was fun. He suggests a compromise - going for a drink. She agrees but doesn't want to go to all the old places.
Number 26 (The Back Yard)
Joe is on the phone to someone he owes money to, saying he can't pay them until the developer pays him. Tad and Flick are making a lot of noise next door and annoying him.
Number 24
Tad and Flick play with a ball in the pool and Tad hits it over the fence where it falls in Joe's lap. Flick tells him to go and get it and he climbs over the fence.
Number 26
Tad apologises to Joe. Joe tells him he isn't happy he's seeing Flick but he'd better promise to do the right thing by her. Tad agrees and Joe shakes his hand.
Number 32
Tess gets ready for her date with Brendan.
Number 26
Connie is enjoying Lyn's cooking again. They toast to Lyn's success at the salon with Katrina. Joe goes to get Flick. He accosts her in the living room and tells her he can't see what she sees in Tad - however he is glad things are out in the open and he only wants her to be happy. He just wishes she had been more upfront and wants her to promise that there will be no more lies. She promises and he gives her a hug.
Lou's Place
Brendan forgot to give Tess the stuff he brought round for her. Tess wants to get something to eat and they turn around . Brendan bumps into a man, spilling the man's drink and the guy isn't happy about it. Tess watches the scene worriedly. The man demands Brendan buy him another drink but Brendan calmly tells him to take it up with management and walks away. Tess marvels at how well Brendan handled it. He tells her he's different now.
Number 26
Lyn can't believe Tad and Flick are together. Joe is a bit chuffed that he had suspected it. He tells her he hasn't had much success on the jobs front but Lyn believes something will turn up. Joe is worried Henry is suss about everything. She tells him to tell him the truth - they might get a loan. Joe says no - they don't need handouts. He muses that they get on well with the kids - he thinks they have more luck with the kids than he does. Lyn reassures him, saying that's what grandparents are for: to indulge the kids.
Number 24
Tad recounts the Joe incident. She tells him about the meeting at the house and now she feels bad she promised no more lies. Tad tells her to tell the truth but she can't - that will be the last straw.
Lou's Place
Brendan and Tess leave to have an early night. Tess agrees to a lift with him.
Number 32
Tess is laughing as she goes into the house with Brendan. She thanks him for the nice night and he wants her to pick the restaurant the next time. She might take him up on that. He leans in to hug her as a way of saying goodnight. Then he kisses her cheek and after a pause they start to kiss.
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