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Neighbours Episode 3516 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3516
Australian airdate: 24/04/00
UK airdate: 30/05/00
UK Gold: 08/06/05
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Connie O'Rourke: Val Jellay
Henry O'Rourke: Charles (Bud) Tingwell
Rachel Jones: Kim Trengove
Ors Hansen: Libby Sandy
Martina Pederson: Simone Oliver
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Joe and Lyn talk about Flick - Joe thinks that Flick is a stranger to him now. Unbeknownst to them Flick is eavesdropping.
Tad tells Rachel that he might be her son.
Erinsborough Public hall
Tad says that there are so many similarities - Rachel is the same age as his birth mum, gave her child up at the same age and has the same name! Tad thinks everything fits. Rachel tells him she hopes he finds his real mother and it's amazing that there are so many connections and similarities but she can't be his mother - the father of her child had a different name and died in an industrial accident, no at motorcycle accident. Tad looks gutted but Rachel tells him she wishes he was right - only it's not so easy. Tad feels like an idiot but she tells him not to think like that. She hopes when she finds her son he's a little like him - she would be proud to be his mother.
Lou's Place
Toadie and Lance are at the bar - Toadie spots some laydees and wonders what he and Lance can pretend to be in order to snare them. Lance thinks that strategy got them in a lot of trouble last time. Toadie says they only get one chance. Lance suggests he goes over then and demonstrate his skills. Toadie introduces himself as Jarrod, also known as Dusty to the other pilots. Lance is also a pilot (also known as Lance). The girls think they are very young to be pilots but Toadie tells them it's in the blood. The girls are Swedish, currently staying in a backpackers' hostel which isn't too great. Toadie says they would be welcome to stay with them. But the girls aren't happy to find out Toadie is a crop duster - destroying eco systems in the Bush - and they leave, despite Toadie pathetically trying to get them to stay. Lance suggests he gets a new career: Toadie tells him to shut up.
Number 26
Henry is enjoying Lyn's cooking - if she keeps feeding them like this they may never leave! He suggests they look at some slides, knowing that they don't want to but are pretending (badly) that they do. Connie says they have to get them over sometime. Henry thinks Flick isn't too stoked and Joe wonders how she'll get out of this one - she's been making some big promises lately. She tells him to drop it - if he wants her to be the black sheep, she is. She storms out.
Lou's Place
Lance wonders what's wrong with being yourself, but Toadie wants to drop the whole subject. They move on to wondering how they're going to pay the rent - Lance thinks that the Swedish chicks might have given them an idea. They could rent out Joel's room while he's away - it would be much better than the Backpackers. Toadie thinks it's a good idea. Lance is going to go and hit Joe for the money he owes him.
Number 24
Flick is complaining to Tad about Joe but he thinks it's no big deal. He hasn't had such a great night either and he fills her in on what happened. Flick picks up on the 'real mother' aspect of the situation and demands to know what's going on.
Number 26
Henry is boring people with his slides. Connie says that Flick was prickly on their last visit too- she would have thought Joe and her would have worked things out. She suggests he takes a gentler approach, but Lyn interjects, saying it hasn't worked. Nonetheless Connie thinks they should give it a try. Joe isn't too chuffed.
Number 24
Tad tells Flick he's an idiot but Flick is glad he told her - it explains everything. She's glad he's going to the meetings and facing up to things. Tad wonders if she'll take her own advice but she wants to avoid her problems for a little longer.
Number 26
Lance is over for the money. Joe takes him to the side, away from Henry. He explains the money for the job hasn't come through yet - it'll be a little longer. Lance thought he'd try anyway and leaves. Henry keeps showing the slides and Lyn looks relieved when it's over. Once Lyn has gone to make coffee Henry tells Joe he couldn't help overhearing. Joe brushes it off and goes to help Lyn. Before he can leave Connie apologises for butting in earlier - they went through the same with Marnie (Lyn's sister). Henry tells him not to give up and Connie tells him not to try too hard. Once he's gone Connie hopes he didn't take their advice the wrong way.
Number 30
Toadie is on the phone pretending to be Joel to sell raffle tickets, but the caller hangs up on him. They still need to rent out the room. Steph comes over and asks a favour of Lance - she wants him to go easy on her dad as things at the site haven't gone to plan. She'll even lend him the money out her own pocket if he needs it, but Lance tells her no problem and she leaves. Toadie appears, wondering if Lance didn't have the hots for Steph that he would be so patient. Lance protests that he doesn't have the 'hots' for her. Toadie gives Lance the phone, wondering if he can do a better job with the tickets than he has. 'May the best Joel win!'
Number 26
Flick has missed brekkie. Connie offers to help Lyn as she needs to get ready for work. Come tomorrow Lyn will have all the time in the world. Henry thinks she should sue for unfair dismissal. He says aside to Joe that he's not setting a very good example to the guys at the site, strolling in when he feels like it. Joe says he wanted to be here for Lyn on her last morning. Connie spots an advert for a laptop in Joe's paper and thinks the kids will need one of those. Flick says the just use the ones at school but Henry thinks they should have their own. Henry suggests the put up the deposit but Lyn says they don't think it's a good idea, right at the moment. Henry tells them to think it over.
Number 30
Toadie sees Lance talking to someone and successfully get them to buy some tickets by sweet talking them. Lance tells him that Geri called and Toadie is going to give Tony an ultimatum - either she goes from Uni FM or he does. He's confident as he's been there longer but Lance isn't so sure. Lance starts another call, but Toadie ruins it by flicking his ear and generally annoying him and he has to hang up.
Number 26
Henry runs out, wanting to see the new development but Joe brushes him off with the excuse of there being some safety concerns at the site - maybe another time. He drives off as Connie comes out, asking what happened but Henry has no idea.
Further down the road Joe stops the car and pulls out the paper, looking at the recruitment section with a pen in his mouth, looking troubled.
The Coffee Shop
Connie and Henry are treating the girls to lunch. Henry asks about the site, asking if there are any problems but Steph says things are fine. Connie asks what they're having as some girls come in, and laugh in their direction. Connie asks if they're friends of Michelle - she says no.
Number 30
Lance 'Joel' is winning. The phone rings and Toadie answers - it's the manager of the Telemarketing sales team for Lance 'Joel'. Lance tells him he had something in his throat, but the manager calls him irresponsible and almost fires him! Lance is annoyed with Toadie - after all, he is the professional one! Toadie thinks he should be renamed the irresponsible and unprofessional Joel.
The Coffee Shop
Connie has just been over to ask the girls to share the joke with them and the girls leave. Michelle thinks it was pretty cool, and thanks her Nan.
Lassiters' Lake
Tad has been to call Simone but she's going away for a while with her folks. He tells Flick to maybe leave his love life to him in future. He hopes everything will go right and he's nervous but she says he's been taught by the best in the business. He wants to make sure though. Joe appears in the background with a paper just as Flick starts to kiss Tad. Joe calls her name and looks stonily at them.
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