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Neighbours Episode 3515 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3515
Australian airdate: 21/04/00
UK airdate: 26/05/00
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Deb Forster: Jacqui Sundbery
Rachel Jones: Kim Trengove
Rob Tyler: Shaun Dumbrell
- "Star Machine" by Jebediah
- "Psychic Cats" by Automatic
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Geri tells Toadie that she's being paid to appear on his radio show
Flick asks Tad what's going on with Simone. He swears her to secrecy.
Tad tells Flick that he's never kissed a girl before. Flick wrinkles her nose and laughs at him. Tad isn't impressed at all as Flick teases him. He tells her to get lost but she agrees to keep his secret. Tad is not convinced. He frogmarches her to the door and closes it behind her.
Toadie has spoken to the station manager and is tamping mad. He's still cross about not getting paid. Lance makes him a soothing cup of tea(!) Lance assures Toadie that Geri is a flash in the pan. Toadie is even madder to hear that Geri has got involved in the Love Counselling programme!
Martial Arts Class
Lance and Toadie has turned up hoping to see Teresa in her kit. The teacher suggests that Harold gives them a demo!
Libby is telling Susan that she's brought the wedding forward and Susan is worried that she's felt the pressure from Drew's family. Libby says she hasn't though so Susan hugs her and then starts panicking about the prepartions.
Drew comes in and Susan starts organising him. He gets out a teapot - it's a Kirk family heirloom. He also gets out a family patchwork quilt that the family want Libby to make her own patch for. Libby isn't keen though - she says she'll ruin it. She begs Susan to help her!
Flick has come to apologise to Tad. He tries to shut the door in her face, but she puts her foot in it. Tad isn't impressed with her apology and says he's going to join "Losers' Anonymous". Flick says she has come to help him out - he just needs a bit of experience. She going to teach Tad to kiss!!
Martial Arts Class
Toadie provokes Harold and he knocks him to the ground, much to Toadie's surprise(!) The teacher suggests that Toadie and Lance join the class.
Tad is telling Flick that them kissing is weird. He asks if there's an agenda and Flick says there isn't - it's a repayment for helping her with her alibi(!). Tad says it's not exactly like copying homework(!) but Flick talks him round. Tad thinks it might ruin their friendship, but agrees to think about it.
When Flick has gone, Harold tells Tad (who still looks a bit stunned) about the judo lesson. He goes off to bed, deep in thought.
The Coffee Shop
Geri comes in and Harold asks her about the identity of someone in her gossip column. She says she won't name any names!
Toadie comes in and tells Geri she's better have a good reason for calling a meeting so early.
Susan is stressing about the wedding preparations and gives Libby masses of bridal magazines. Libby looks really happy and enthuses that she's getting married. Susan says she always had faith that Libby would meet someone and settle down.
Tad is talking to Simone and making an excuse not to see her. Flick comes in as he's hanging up. She apologises for pushing him on the kissing thing, but Tad tells her rather nervously that he wants to go ahead with it. He tells Flick he needs to take action on the subject - he's desperate!
The Coffee Shop
Geri wants to extend advertising on the station to make money, but Toadie is appalled - it's a community radio station! Geri says it's the only way the radio station will have enough money to pay him, too. Toadie rolls his eyes.
Tad is nervously checking that there is noone about. Flick laughs and says it's not as if they're breaking the law(!) She sits him down on the sofa and sets some groundrules - "No tongues, no biting and no suction"(!!) Tad has also brushed his teeth, so they're OK on that front. Flick says there are 3 things to remember, "Be soft, be patient, and be romantic". Then she kisses him. Tad is a bit underwhelmed(!) but Flick says it's just the beginning(!)
Toadie ranting about Geri's idea for advertising on the station. He takes a break from ranting to tease Lance about Steph. Lance has taken the trousers back to the shop. Unfortunately they noticed the rip and confiscated the rent money. Toadie tells Lance he'd better sort it out quick.
Adoption meeting
Tad starts off the meeting by telling his story. The woman called Rachel is there. He tells a touching story about adoption being like falling from a plane suddenly. He says he thought he'd be angry at his adoptive parents forever, but he isn't anymore. He looks Rachel straight in the eye and says when he found out his real dad, Greg, died in a car accident, he felt upset even though he didn't know him. He says he's looking to get to know his mother now. Rachel's face is expressionless.
The Pub
Geri asks Toadie if he's given any thought to her suggestion(!)
Two girls comes in who look like Swedish backpackers, apparently. Toadie suggests inviting them over to the house to show them some "good old-fashioned Aussie hospitality" Lance says, "Yeah, we could have a barbecue!" (!) Toadie shakes his head in despair!
Adoption meeting
Tad goes up to talk to Rachel. She says she was impressed by his talk and hopes Tad finds who he's looking for. Tad tells her that he thinks he's already found his mother - there's so many connections - he might be her son.
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