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Neighbours Episode 3519 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3519
Australian airdate: 27/04/00
UK airdate: 02/06/00
UK Gold: 09/06/05
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Mark Hancock
Guests: Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Janet Kirk: Roberta Connelly
Bazza Smith: Victor Cowling
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Grooving" by The Hunting Party
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Geri confirming that she wants money from businesses for plugging them on air.
Steph asking Lance if he is afraid of her.
Libby realising that the quilt has disappeared.
No. 28 backyard
Lib spots a peg lying on the ground and runs off.
No. 28
Rose is asking Susan if Libby has made any sort of start on her patch yet, reminiscing how she felt when she first saw the quilt, it's history and what she had to do, so Susan lies and says yes. Auntie Janet arrives and is introduced to Susan and asks where Libby is, she also adds that a girl almost knocked her flying when she was getting out of the car.
Steph and Lance arrive at a quiet spot that he used to take Amy to. They chat about his positives if the female backpackers stay at the house. Steph tells him that it is a stupid idea, which will end in tears but Lance tells her to have more faith. Feeling the heat they decide to go for a swim to cool down. Lance is a bit reluctant because he's left his swimming costume at home until Steph points out that they've both got underwear on and that will do.
No. 28
It's polite conversation all round as they wait for Libby to come back and Drew eventually volunteers to go look for her.
No. 28 backyard
Drew joins Susan out in the backyard but there is no sign of Libby or the quilt. They both wonder where she has gone to and where the quilt has gone to too. Remembering what Janet said about almost being knocked down by a girl when she arrived, they begin to wonder if that was Libby, and also wonder who she was running from - Drew, the quilt or his family!
No. 30
Geri calls round to discuss tightening up the show but Toadie naturally objects, citing spontaneity! She shows him the fan mail they've received but it isn't of the positive variety, however Geri tells him that it will attract more listeners and therefore better ratings and the end result could be them working for a real commercial radio station. Libby rushes in wanting his help and as she is telling him why Geri hears the whole conversation.
No. 28
Susan comes back in looking suspicious. Rose and Janet wonder where Drew and Libby have gone too. Thinking quickly, Susan replies that Libby has gone to get some food and Drew is helping her. However, Susan's conscious gets the better of her and she fesses up that Libby, Drew and the quilt have disappeared and she has no idea where they are.
Ramsay Street/No. 28
Drew is hunting for Libby with no luck. Geri, Toadie and Libby come out of No. 30 looking for the quilt and Bob.

Susan hears them calling from the street and leaves a bemused Rose and Janet sitting whilst she goes to join the hung.

Toadie suggests that T-Rex might have taken the quilt when Susan joins then and after Libby tells Susan of her fears, they head off to No. 26

An even more bemused Rose and Janet watch them all running thankful at least that they've found Libby. Janet tells Rose that Libby is the one who almost knocked her over earlier.

Drew now joins the chase as they head off to No. 26...
No. 26 backyard
... Where we find Lyn wrestling with T-Rex trying to get the quilt out of his mouth. Lib takes over and with the help of Drew, the he drops it and she gathers it up fearful that it has now been ruined...just as Janet and Rose arrive.
Lance and Steph talk about relationships as they finish skinny-dipping. Lance asks why she doesn't go out with one of her bikey mates, so Steph says that doing so would disrupt the balance of the group and lead to trouble. Three idiots come by and throw their empty tins on the ground and don't like it when Steph tells them to pick their rubbish up. The idiots tell Lance (who is partially dressed) and Steph (who is still in the water) that they will stay there longer now making more mess and staring more at Steph.
No. 26
Lyn apologises profusely as they inspect the quilt for damage, offering to pay to get it dry-cleaned or repaired but Janet says it can't be dry-cleaned. The men and Geri leave and Libby apologises saying she'll repair it herself.
Lou's Place
Steph is telling Drew what happened with the idiots and how Lance managed to clear by them off by threatening them with violence! She leaves to set up the pool table and Drew suggests to Lance that he likes Steph but he says they are only friends.
No. 26
The quilt cleaning is in progress and they reminisce about the "other" history of the quilt - the accidents it has been through and Libby starts to feel better now. As they leave, Lyn again offers to pay if it needs to be cleaned.

Lyn turns on the radio and hears Geri having a go at hair salons for their expensive prices compared to a mobile hairdresser...except for this new one she has been to in Anson's Corner.
No. 28
The women and the quilt return still taking about how they got the quilt back. Susan calls it the Kennedy determination streak and Janet comments that it will come in handy! Susan asks if there are any other Kirk traditions they should know about and Rose says that there is but this one applies to the males only and that Libby will just have to wait and see.
No. 20
Geri arrives as Toadie finishes talking to Tad's mum. She wants to talk business with him but he wants to study. Geri asks if he is still jealous that she is getting paid and he isn't and as she is about to tell him about her business ideas, he gets annoyed and asks her to leave.
No. 28
Rose and Janet leave, telling Libby to enjoy working on the quilt. Lib is so relieved when they leave wondering too what the male Kirk tradition is (it's to be performed on the wedding night!).
Ramsay Street
Lyn catches Geri as she leaves No. 30 and tells her that she didn't like the comments about hairdressers. She then tells Geri about the trouble they've had recently and now nobody will come to it since she's plugging this other salon. Geri tells her subtly that she can make nice comments too abut her salon if she is persuaded to and Lyn asks if she is blackmailing her.
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