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Neighbours Episode 3514 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3514
Australian airdate: 20/04/00
UK airdate: 25/05/00
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Simone King: Denise Briskin
- "Sunstone" by Skunkhour
- "Hardcore Adore" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Geri and Toadie bicker about sharing his radio show.
Steph dresses up in a formal dress for her and Lance's evening, much to his admiration.
Toadie is telling Drew that Steph is an absolute stunner. Drew says he can't believe Toadie hasn't noticed before(!) He tells Toadie that he's looking forward to a quiet evening watching the football and not talking about the wedding.
Geri comes to see Toadie about his radio show, but he says he never plans it in advance. Geri starts quizzing Drew about his wedding(!)
The Pub
Lance and Steph are having drinks and Steph is playing pool in her formal dress(!) Lance is a bit overwhelmed by how Steph has scrubbed up tonight. He tells Steph that he appreciates her coming this evening, and it's the first occasion since Amy has been away. He feels strange but "good".
Flick and Tad are trying to think of an excuse to cover why she's out tonight. Tad answers the phone to Simone as Flick tells Harold about her nomadic grandparents. Tad tells Flick that Simone has invited him to check out some records, but he's not going to go round as he's got an assignment to do. Tad says it's all part of his masterplan (playing it cool)
Geri is trying to talk to Toadie, but he and Drew are more interested in the football. Toadie tells Geri off and tells her get lost - he just goes with the flow when he's on air.
Libby comes to the door looking for Drew. Geri immediately riles her up about the delay to the wedding. Libby tells her that the wedding is only a couple of months away!
Libby says that her decision is nothing to do with Geri's comments - she's been doing a lot of thinking and has realised that the bottom line is that she love Drew and nothing and nobody else matters. They drink a toast.
Outside Lassiters
Lance and Steph are hanging out outside the dance. Lance invites her to dance.He gets up and suddenly realises that he's torn his trousers. He worries about what he can do about his rent money!
Toadie is surprised to see Lance and Steph back early. Toadie gets the wrong idea and says he'll leave them to it(!)
When Toadie has gone, Lance invites Steph to dance. Toadie comes back and tells Lance to get out of the suit because it's their rent money(!) Lance tells Steph that he's going to enjoy being alive while he can(!) and swings her around.
Tad is watching TV in his pyjamas when Lance comes to the door. He asks if Harold can repair his ripped trousers. Harold suggests a tailor since it looks like expensive damage.
Simone comes round to see Tad who is embarrassed to be caught in his pyjamas. She tells him that he's cute when he's embrrassed(!)
Lance hides his trousers from Toadie in a cupboard. Toadie realises that something is up and opens the cupboard. He is horrified at the state of the trousers from the hired suit. Lance says everything is under control and Toadie tells him it had better be!
The Beach
Libby and Drew are sunbathing when Geri comes up and says she never sunbathes because it's very aging(!)
Toadie drives up, sees Geri, then drives off(!)
Tad is dressed now and is setting up his record player to play some of Simone's records. They agree to buy some more records and talk about setting up their own DJ business.
Scullys bathroom
Flick is on the phone to someone but hides the phone in the laundry basket when Steph knocks on the oor. Steph warns her not to start her nonsense again - Lyn and Joe have enough on without her playing up. She refuses to elaborate exactly what.
Lance is trying to thread a needle when Steph comes in. She suggests asking Connie (her grandmother) Lance is very excited!
Outside broadcast
Geri has found the outside broadcast again and is going for it on the microphone. Toadie is telling her off for playing the wrong advert and orders Geri out of his seat. Toadie is very surprised to hear that Geri is getting paid (the rest of the DJs are volunteers)
Tad and Simone are talking about records again and getting on really well. Suddenly Simone asks Tad if he's going to take advantage of her. She says he's heard about his reputation with girls. Tad is a bit takenaback and asks if her parents mind her being there(!) They are about to kiss when Harold comes in looking for his orderbook. Simone leaves in a huff.
Ramsay Street
Connie has fixed Lance's trousers! Flick comes up and tries to make Steph tell her about the problems Lyn and Joe are having. She just tells her that times are tough.
Simone sees Flick and asks what Tad thinks of her. She says Tad is weird - he's supposed to be an expert in women. Flick is surprised and asks Simone what she means.
Lance shows Toadie the mended trousers, but he's irate about Geri. He is incensed that Geri is getting paid and not him. Unfortunately, the audience love her(!)
Tad is putting away his record player and is a bit subdued. Harold asks him if he's worried about the adoption meeting tomorrow and Tad says that he is a bit.
Flick comes in looking for Tad. She asks him what's going on - why won't he ask Simone out? Tad says if he tells her, she must keep it a dark secret.
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