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Neighbours Episode 3508 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3508
Australian airdate: 12/04/00
UK airdate: 17/05/00
UK Gold: 02/06/05
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Trevor Marshall: Christopher Elliott
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
- "Hardcore Adore" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Drew presenting Libby with an engagement ring.
Libby telling Lyn she loves Drew and Lyn wanting to talk about wedding hair-do's, make-up and dresses.
Libby telling Drew that things are happening too quickly.
Joe telling Steph, Lance and Toadie that he can commit to a relationship.
Lou's Place
Joe is still trying to tell Steph and Lance that he can commit to a relationship but they think otherwise. He asks them to stop giving him a hard time and that he's going to ask the girls he was talking to earlier out. Steph and Lance advice against this, telling him that the ladies will soon suss out that he is using them.
No. 28
Lib is on the phone to another of Drew's relations telling them that a date hasn't been arranged yet and Karl comes to her rescue to get her off the phone. She tells her parents that she is fed up with the advice she has been getting from Drew's relations and Karl is already moaning about the cost of it all.
Lou's Place
A suited man is observing Daniel giving Tess a "hands-on" darts lesson and they are continuing to muck around when Lance and Steph come over. The men go and get more drinks and Steph takes the opportunity to tell Tess that Daniel is rather cute.
No. 28
Drew calls round and Libby wants to know exactly how many relations she has! Drew tells her and the tip he has been given about a wedding venue in Eden Hills, so Susan suggests that they maybe ought to make a provisional booking, which Libby is aghast at especially as Susan for suggesting it.
Lou's Place
Tess is putting Daniel's "tuition" into practice when the suited man who was watching her earlier comes over and introduces himself. He is Trevor, a friend of her husbands. Daniel, Lance and Steph introduce themselves and Trevor asks her how things are going at work first of all and then about her home and Daniel says that he is sharing with Tess. Trevor says his goodbyes and tells her he will mention their meeting to Brendan the next time he sees him.
No. 28
Wedding planning is still the topic of the day and Libby isn't getting any more comfortable with it so Susan suggests that she and Drew talk about it later and by themselves. Drew announces his fathers offer to contribute towards the cost of the wedding but Karl firmly tells him that he is paying and that he doesn't require any financial help towards it.
Lou's Place
Tess begins to relax now that Trevor has gone although she is still surprised that he found the pub. Steph asks if Trevor seeing her at the pub is going to cause problems and Tess thinks it may despite it all being innocent. Daniel and Tess call it a night leaving Steph and Lance to play darts. She asks him if he has found someone to take to the dance yet and he tells her he hasn't yet, so Steph tells him that she has had another look at her diary (well the footy fixture list) and that she now can go to the ball with him as long as she doesn't have to dress up as Cinderella (or perhaps go to St. Albans and appear personally as Cinders). Lance is over the moon at her change of mind.
The Coffee Shop
Lib catches Drew in TCS to talk about having a BBQ later on, which he agrees to but he thought she was there to talk about the wedding. Lib isn't so keen to chat about that since they've only just got engaged and that she doesn't know what sort of wedding she wants. Drew is surprised at this and the fact she hasn't fanaticized about her wedding before. He tells her that their first engagement present has arrived from his mother's cousin's neighbour - mugs with their names on except Libby's one is spelt Libby!
No. 32
Daniel and Tess are in a happy mood since the term has finished (and I'll be like that in 4 weeks time too!) and Libby calls round to invite them to the BBQ. They accept the invitation and when Libby leaves, he asks Tess if she has heard from Brendan yet. Tess says she hasn't and that she hopes it is a sign that he has let go at last.
No. 28 backyard
Steph arrives for the BBQ bringing an engagement gift with her - a Cafétiere and Libby comments that it will go with the mugs! Daniel arrives too, surprised that Tess isn't there already and asks the dreaded question - "when is the wedding"!
No. 30
Joel is trying to call Dione but his is telephone shy atm. Lance suddenly smells a BBQ and to Joel's amusement, heads off in search of it.
No. 28
Susan tells Karl that she is glad Libby is having some kind of engagement party but would prefer her to have had a more formal one
No. 28 backyard
Drew is talking wedding venues but Daniel says he'd rather live with someone than get married. Lance has found the BBQ and Libby leaves to get Joel as Tess arrives. She is late because she has been searching for an engagement present to give them - a 1500 piece jigsaw!
No. 28
Susan finishes prepping the salads when Karl asks her not to go on about how stingy he is and to let the novelty of Libby getting married settle down as he isn't sure that Libby even wants to get married yet, given that a few months ago she had her heart set on travelling overseas.
No. 30
Libby is trying successfully to get Joel to come to the BBQ but he turns her down saying he hasn't got them a present. She says that a present isn't necessary and tells him that she wished people didn't give them gifts until they formally announced their engagement. Joel tells her that he'd be happy if he were in a relationship like she is and asks her if he should get back with Dione.
No. 28 backyard
The BBQ is in full swing when Libby arrives back with Joel, which shocks a few of them. Libby takes Steph to one side and quietly tells her that she isn't happy atm because of the pressure of marriage and having kids is getting to her and that she has so much she still wants to do with her life. Steph asks if she has told Drew any of this, she hasn't, so Steph suggests she tells him PDQ exactly how she feels.
No. 28
Lib comes in looking for cooking utensils and Karl asks how the impromptu engagement party is going and do they need any speeches said! Lib says no to the speeches and he asks her if she is having any doubts. Lib is shocked and bites his head off by saying that he never wanted her to marry Drew in the first place. Karl dismisses this and tells her that she has been chopping and changing things these past few months and asks her to be certain of what she wants.
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