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Neighbours Episode 3507 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3507
Australian airdate: 11/04/00
UK airdate: 16/05/00
UK Gold: 01/06/05
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Jean Hopley: Sharon Kershaw
Tom Goodwin: Mark Gillies
- "Happier Sad" by Jebediah
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Shona
Magda confronts Lyn at the Salon
Susan tells Joe and Lyn that she's suspending Michelle until the end of term
Number 30
Voices greet us at number 30. Lance and Toadie are playing a game in the living room while Joel's on the phone. Joel tells them to shut up while Toadie tells Lance that the winner of this game wins complete control of the remote control for a week. Joel hangs up, passing on his mother's hello as Toadie baskets the ball into a bin. Joel joins in the game and asks why mothers have to know all about their lives. As they wrestle they admit they don't care. Lance thinks Joel's lucky that he has women flocking around him - he doesn't have anyone to take to the Horticulture ball. Toadie suggests Steph but he doesn't think that's her scene and she might get the wrong impression. They decide to get back into the game.
Erinsborough High School
Lyn tells Susan that the bullying has been going on for weeks and asks if there's some alternative to suspension. Susan tells her this has been hard for her but it was still an assault and, along with bullying, assaults can't be tolerated. It was her only option; otherwise Cecile's mother would have gone to the police.
Number 26
Michelle is unhappy with her suspension and Steph asks if she wants to sit for all this time down in the dumps, or hang out and have some fun with her. Lyn comes in, thinking it sounds better than hanging out at the salon with her. Joe is annoyed as the person doing the landscape gardening at the site has pulled out and it's an emergency as the trees have to be planted today. He tries to get Steph to do it and eventually she relents, but then thinks of something and tells Michelle not to cancel any plans yet.
Number 30
Lance agrees to help Steph. He tells her to come in and they'll go to the site in the ute. She finds Toadie totalling up the Nerf Ball scores and Steph decides not to ask. It seems he's in a mad mood: he uses a plastic snake to excuse himself to check some stuff on the net. Joel has come in and according to Mr Snake he's good company. Steph fills him in on Michelle's suspension, thinking all the trouble started with the dating business. She brings up the possibility of him dropping in to say 'G'day' as he knows how much she likes him. Joel agrees and she thanks him.
Lance is pulling on his trainers when Mr Snake pops out from behind the wall and hisses at him to 'come here'. Mr Snake thinks this is the perfect opportunity to ask Steph out. Lance knows that. Toadie thinks it's time he gets over Amy - Steph is just a girl, no strings attached. He can do it! Lance stalks off and Mr Snake hisses after him.
Number 26
Steph is about to go and Michelle plans to try on some of her sisters' clothes. Steph hopes they're Flick's as she knows she'll be deader than she is if she tries hers on. Steph hugs her, telling her to cheer up and bounds out the door. "Thanks Steph." Michelle says, unhappily, after she's gone.
Building Site
Steph and Lance arrive and Joe needs a plan for the garden, as the architect didn't specify. Lance thanks Steph for the recommendation and he'd like to repay the favour. In fact...but then he trails off, saying that it might not even suit. He'll think about it and ask later. Steph starts digging, looking confused, but nods along with him nonetheless.
Number 26
Michelle gets a pizza delivered.
Number 30
Toadie asks Joel if he was meant to see Michelle today but Joel says he said he'd try and besides, she's a pain in the butt. Toadie thinks she's not that bad. Joel brings up how terrible it was when she set him up with all her friends but Toadie tells him she was only trying to impress, being the new girl and all. In fact, when he moved into the area he was like that too. And he could do with some good karma - after all that business with Carrie and Dione. Joel thinks he should mind his own business and Toadie agrees, but he won't, he's just being a mate. He knows that the bust up with Dione has affected him more than he's letting on.
Building Site
Steph is glad Lance is happier these days and thinks it's time he started dating again. Lance tries to change the subject, while she tries to get him to name names. But then she gives up hassling him and Lance watches her with a smile on his face.
A Good Hair Day
Susan asks about Michelle and Lyn says she's worried as she's home alone. Curtly she asks what Susan wants - she has to cancel her appointment the next day, and can't reschedule right at the moment. Lyn says that they could have got someone else to do it, if it's a problem, but Susan says it isn't - she's just very busy at the moment.
A woman comes over, recognising Susan and brings up 'some girl breaking another girl's arm' at the school the other day, right in front of Lyn. She says they must learn from the parents, resorting to violence like that. Susan says she can't discuss it - and warns her that sometimes things get confused in the telling. She leaves and the woman remarks to Lyn that it was rude of her. When Lyn gets her to a chair the woman tells her she isn't surprised the school is going to the dogs when Susan treats parents like that - who knows how she treats the kids! Lyn holds her tongue.
Number 26
Joel comes over, asking if Michelle's seen Bob. Michelle takes her hair out of it's scrunchie and shakes it out, offering to help him look. Joel is sure Bob'll turn up. Michelle invites him in for pizza, telling her she's so bored. Joel could do with a break - from studying and Toadie.
A Good Hair Day
The woman is still on her moral outrage rampage, wondering about the parents of 'that wretched child'. Lyn cuts her off and tells her that 'that wretched child' just happens to be her daughter and there's been no lack of discipline in her household. In fact she's glad Michelle stood up for herself instead of spreading gossip based on half-truths as her client is doing right now. The woman is outraged and decides to leave, without having her haircut finished. Right before she goes she tells her that she happens to be good friends with Ivan and he'll be hearing about this.
Number 26
Michelle didn't mean to cause so much trouble for Joel - she was only trying to fit in. She's glad she did something about the bullying, although she didn't mean to break Cecile's arm. She wishes she could fit in as well as Flick and Steph, but she worries too much about what people think. Joel suggests they go to the coffee shop and get a milkshake. Michelle, pleased, agrees.
Building Site
Toadie turns up - telling them he left his key in the house and has to borrow Lance's. He asks if Lance has asked her yet. Lance says no and quickly asks Steph to the Horticulture Ball. Steph laughs, glad to find out why he was acting so weird. She agrees but then finds out she's already busy that day, watching the game with Stanno and the boys. Toadie leaves, and Steph thanks him for the offer, maybe something else some other time.
The Coffee Shop
Some of Michelle's friends see her with Joel and Michelle can't wait until it's all over the school. She promises him her matchmaking days are over.
Lou's Place
Steph tells Lance it was so sweet of him to ask her to the ball, but thinks that there are heaps of girls he could ask out. Joel appears with Toadie and Steph asks for some advice from Joel on dating without commitment. Joel isn't chuffed when they bring up Dione and, saying they don't know what they're talking about, stands up. Joel says that he did come over to ask them if they wanted to join him and some ladies over there for a night out, but obviously not. Toadie thinks he's partying to forget Dione.
A Good Hair Day
Lyn is on the phone to Ivan, telling him that she apologised straightaway to the woman and she's sorry she accidentally insulted a friend of his. But she doesn't have his restraint. His point is taken, there's nothing else to say. She hangs up and sighs.
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