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Neighbours Episode 3485 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3485
Australian airdate: 10/03/00
UK airdate: 14/04/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells Joe that he'll sell him the land cheap or they can go to court - Joe has 24 hours.
Joe says he might have to take Karl up on his offer, much to Lyn's horror.
Paul stumbles on Joe's building plans for the Scully garden.
Flick thanks Paul for being nice to Michelle.
Paul surprises Flick by kissing her full on the lips.
Flick pushes Paul off and tells him off. Paul is very embarrassed and makes a quick exit. Flick shouts at him to never come back. Joe rushes in and asks Flick what happened.
Harold and Lou are telling an impressed Tad about what happened with Mr McCready.
Paul comes in looking depressed and says that Flick will never talk to him again. Tad says that the bike is still his!
Joe is still trying to drag what happened out of Flick. Lyn tells Joe to leave it alone. Flick doesn't want to talk, so Joe decides to go and ask Paul himself. Lyn tries to stop him.
Joe barges into the house and confronts Paul. Paul says he doesn't know anything and Joe should ask Flick.
Karl comes in to see Tad and takes him off to the Kennedy house.
Paul maintains that he hasn't upset Flick. Joe stalks off suspiciously.
Flick is telling Michelle that Paul kissed her but not to tell their parents. Michelle is quite jealous!
Joe and Lyn come in. Flick is embarrassed that he's been talking about her to the Neighbours and goes to her room.
Karl is telling Tad about an adoption support group. He isn't sure, but he agrees to read through the brochures Karl has got for him.
When Tad has gone, Susan tells Karl off for being down on the Scullys.
Paul admits to Harold that he tried to kiss Flick and she totally overreacted. He says that he didn't mean to offend her. Paul tells Harold that Joe is a nutcase and reminds Harold of how Joe treats Flick. He says Flick is petrified of Joe.
The Scullys minus Steph are eating dinner together when there's a knock at the door. It turns out to be Tad. Lyn, Joe and eventually Michelle leave their meals so Tad and Flick can talk.
Harold is telling Susan that he's worried Flick is being mistreated by Joe. After tonight's episodes, he's wondering if there's a grain of truth in it after all. Susan says she'll keep an eye on her.
Lou comes in to talk about the land war. Karl says he's selling Joe the land. Lou is not impressed saying it will lower the value of Karl's house. But Susan insists that the land is being sold.
Tad tells Flick to take pity on Paul - he hasn't had that much experience with girls. Flick says she doesn't want to be his girlfriend. Tad asks her to say that on tape(!) because he has a bet on a bike with Paul. Flick stands up angrily and throws Tad out of the house. Lyn comes back at that moment and is surprised.
Paul and Tad are hanging out quietly. Harold picks up the adoption leaflets and says Tad should give them a call. Harold goes off to bed and tells Paul to stay out of Flick's way for a while, but he's sure it'll be alright in the end.
Tad tells Paul that he's useless with girls but Paul says that Tad isn't too hot on the subject either. Tad says that Paul knows Hannah Martin - who is a sweet girl. However, the Scullys are nuts!
Flick is telling Lyn about the bet between Tad and Paul. SHe is quite upset. Lyn says that she thinks Paul really likes her and he's only human.
Karl answers the door in his dressing gown. It's Joe with the payment for the land. Karl is surprised to see it's the full amount for the land and he tells Joe that it's all settled now.
When Joe has gone, Karl dances round the living room singing, "I won!"
Lyn is telling Joe that she's talked to Flick and it was just a teenage romance gone wrong. Joe is unconvinced. He wonders if he should set things straight at the Bishops though.
Karl is mad that Joe came round so early with his cheque. Susan is missing Billy.
Grease Monkeys
Flick tells Paul that she's practically under lock and key after the incident betwen them.
Joe comes in and asks Harold if he can have a word outside.
Outside Grease Monkeys
JOe and Harold are talking about the situation with Flick. Harold tells him that he's heard disturbing reports about how Joe treats Flick. They argue about this and Joe becomes very indignant. Joe storms off.
Grease Monkeys
Joe drags Flick out of work and takes her home in the car. Karl, Susan and Lou witness this.
Flick is telling Joe that it was just a joke that she told people that Joe was cruel to her. Lyn says it's very serious. Joe is very, very hurt by the things Flick has said and is almost at the point of tears. He goes out to the garden, devastated.
Grease Monkeys
Harold is telling Karl and Susan more about the things that Flick has said about Joe, but Susan says they have to be very sure before they make accusations. Karl says that Joe is mental - look at the dispute over the land. Paul overhears this and tells Karl that Joe wants the land so he can build a unit at the back of the house - he saw the plans on the kitchen table. Karl is horrified!
<<3484 - 3486>>
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