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Neighbours Episode 3486 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3486
Australian airdate: 13/03/00
UK airdate: 17/04/00
UK Gold:18/05/05
Summary/Images by: Shona
Harold confronts Joe about his treatment of Flick; Joe pulls Flick out of Grease Monkeys in front of everyone
Paul lets slip to Karl and Susan that Joe's planning to use the extra land to build a unit at the back of his house.
Grease Monkeys
Karl can't believe it. He says he doesn't have to accept the money but Susan reminds him that he already has and with no contract, there's no opportunity for a cooling off period. Even so there's no way Karl is going to let this happen. Susan thinks that the plans could have been for anything, but Karl isn't convinced. He leaves to sort things out with Joe, and Susan tells Harold that she's going to see about this Felicity business. Harold looks over Paul who's sitting down and asks him to clear up. Paul says he has a lot on his mind, about Flick and Joe. Harold lets him go home- he's no use to him anyway.
Number 26
Joe goes to take the dog for a walk. Once he's out of the kitchen area Flick tells her mother that he's over-reacting as usual. Lyn says he has good reason with her spreading these terrible rumours. He's very hurt. Just as Joe opens the front door Karl walks in.
Number 30
Joel gets out the pool as Paul comes in, looking for Drew. Joel offers his help and Paul tells him he just made a total dork of himself in front of Flick. He says that he tried to kiss her. Joel says give it time and it'll settle down. She'll get over it. Paul thinks he was stupid but Joel was like that in the past too - he's a lot more chilled now. Lance comes out with the phone for Joel - it's Dione. Joel wants him to tell her he isn't there.
Number 32
Amy walks out with a dreamy look on her face.
Number 26
Joe points out that Karl's taken the money already. Karl says Joe misled him - he should have told him about the plans. Joe says there's such a thing as privacy. Karl doesn't own the whole street. Karl thinks he should have told the street about his plans. Joe asks how he found out - Joe looks to Flick but she denies it. Karl tries give the check back but Joe won't have it.
KARL: I've changed my mind.
JOE: Bad luck.
Number 28
Susan writes down Bill's number for Amy. Amy she thinks it's cute Susan still calls him Billy. He's still her baby. Amy asked if she loved having babies - Susan did and she asks how Amy's doing. She's okay - she's been having anti-cravings against coffee. Susan makes some tea for her - she remembers that and the general vagueness she experiences - she forgot to do a lot of things. She points to the top Amy's wearing - is it a pyjama top? It is and Amy pleads with her not to tell anyone. Susan reassures her it's safe with her. Karl comes in, shouting that 'that man' (Joe) is insufferable - he had to go to a walk to calm down. He goes to have a bath with some foamy stuff to calm down.
Number 26 (the backyard)
Joe is sawing away. Flick comes outside with the dog. She asks if he wants some help and he asks her to hand him a router - she doesn't know what it is, even though Steph knew by four years old. Flick looks disappointed and Joe quickly adds that Steph drank the turps too. Flick offers more help - but there isn't much to do and he isn't great company at the moment - a lot on his mind. Flick decides to leave him to it.
Ramsay Street
Lance waves to Flick who's with the dog. She tells him she isn't up to much, while he's going to see Anne. He offers her the use of the pool at number 30, and she thanks him.
Number 32
Amy pulls open the door. Anne isn't in, but Amy tells him to come in - they can't avoid each other forever. She tells him she's put on 2 kilos, which is normal. She asks what he thinks the baby will cost - she's been making lists of things she needs to get. Her mother has bought some bright singlets and Lance thinks that he (the baby) will have a headache. She picks up on this - thinking it's weird when someone subconsciously picks a sex. Maybe he's getting vibes from the baby. Lance doesn't think so. Amy says she won't call him Lance so don't ask. When he calls the baby 'she' while talking about something else, he tells her he did so to confuse her. Amy thinks he isn't taking it seriously but he says he is.
Number 30
Paul comes out the pool, Flick was looking for Joel. Joel appears and throws her a bottle of juice before going inside. The phone rings and it's Carrie - he invites her around to the pool.

Outside by the poolside, Flick tells Paul that she was just mucking around about Joe. Paul is going to kill Tad. She tells him it was her idea - she didn't think it through and didn't mean for it to be so serious. She felt so bad when she realised. Paul asks if her dad's mad at him for kissing her but she says he's madder at her. She thought it would just be a joke and never dreamed anyone would take it so seriously. She asks if Paul's going to stay mad at her. He says he didn't mean to do anything wrong by her and he's sorry. She says 'Me, too.'
Number 32
Amy is going to keep working for as long as she can. Lance is looking forward to seeing her fat even if Amy isn't- she'll still look gorgeous. She'll have a lot of support too - her parents, Damien...but she gives him a look. Lance says she has him - he won't let anything happen to her after all they've been through.
Number 24
Paul apologises to Harold for letting him down at Grease Monkeys. Harold thinks he wouldn't have carried on like that with any other employee but asks about Flick. Paul tells him about her making all the stuff up about Joe. Harold understands why he was mad and thinks of what he said to Joe. But Paul thinks it's not a good idea to go round there right now. 'Tad is in serious trouble,' Harold says. He goes to go next door to face Joe's wrath.
Number 26
Flick tells Harold that Joe isn't in, but Lyn ruins the charade, telling him he's in the kitchen. He walks in and tells him that he's sorry - he said some rash things and he feels he's wronged him. He's quite sure he's an excellent father. Joe thanks him - the gesture is appreciated. Flick looks relieved that all went well.
Number 30
Lance and Joel talk about Carrie. Lance asks about Dione. Joel thinks that he and Carrie have real chemistry. Lance thinks he's very lucky but doesn't deserve either of them. Joel says he's going to be totally honest with Dione and Lance asks when, but Joel doesn't know. But this thing with Carrie is totally worth the effort - even when Dione might hate him forever. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Joel goes off and Lance gets up from the sofa and picks up the phone. He asks to speak with Damien Smith and leaves a message.
Number 28
Harold has come to see Karl on a social visit but Karl wants to fill him in on the unit. Harold says that Paul says that it was all a trick (obviously not talking about the same thing). Karl is baffled - he just talked to Joe this afternoon. Didn't he speak of any plans to subdivide the property? Harold is taken aback and Karl tells him about the plans. Harold isn't happy - he had felt he had connected with Joe for the first time earlier. They have to do something about this.
Number 26
Lyn is getting ready when Harold arrives to speak to Joe. Harold says he's disappointed about the subdivision - he thought they were friends. He tricked Karl. Joe says he got the land very legitimately by paying for it, even though it's his land. Harold says he didn't know what he was doing with it. Joe doesn't want to talk about it - when it comes to the development Harold can protest through the appropriate channels.
Number 30
Joel picks up the ringing phone - it's Damien for Lance. Lance takes it from him, and asks to get together for a drink - he wants to talk. He hangs up and Joel asks if he thinks what he thinks he's doing. Lance says he's about to right a wrong.
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