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Neighbours Episode 3484 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3484
Australian airdate: 09/03/00
UK airdate: 13/04/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joel telling Michelle to grow up and stop trying to arrange dates with him and her friends.
The Grease Monkeys director wants Harold to pay a consultancy fee to him.
Michelle and Flick are bickering unnecessarily and Flick taunts her that she has no friends. Just then the phone goes and it's a friend of Michelle's, Bianca. They are going to meet up at Grease Monkeys.
Grease Monkeys
Harold is serving burgers when Lou comes in. He wants to know if there have been any further developments. Harold is upset about the whole thing - the Grease Monkeys director has got him over a barrel, he says. Harold is beginning to think that he's made the wrong decision by taking on Grease Monkeys, but Lou encourages him.
Michelle has taken Flick's jacket without asking. Steph tells them off for bickering. Steph is very tired because they didn't get in until this morning. Flick hopes she'll be OK to go to the cricket or Joe will kill her!
When Michelle has gone, Steph says that Flick is too hard on Michelle. (I think not!!)
Grease Monkeys
Paul is alternately serving burgers and ogling Flick. Tad wants Harold to sponsor an extreme sports day. Paul doesn't think it's a very good idea in case nutters get involved. Flick thinks it would be a good idea though, so Paul comes round to it(!)
Harold is at the counter and feeling stiff from the judo lesson the night before.
The Grease Monkeys director comes in and asks Harold for the consultancy fee.
Lance is making coffee in his dressing gown when Steph comes in. She asks him to be 12th man for the cricket now that Bill's gone, but Lance declines - he says he's hopeless. Steph tells Lance off for moping and says he can mope on the cricket bench just as well.
Ramsay Street
Steph and Lance are kitted up in cricket gear and get on Steph's bike. Libby and Drew pass by. Drew asks Lib to come to the match, but she's too tired.
Grease Monkeys
The Grease Monkeys director is sweet-talking Harold for a $500 consultancy fee. Harold asks him to drop by later for it. He suddenly looks thoughtful, gets his coat and goes out.
The Pub
Harold is stressing out to Lou that if he gives the man money he'll be aiding and abetting a criminal offence. He's worried about his and Madge's investment. Harold thinks he looks like a victim - that's why he's being targetted. He is determined not to be taken advantage of and insists it is extortion. Lou says he might have an idea to rescue Harold.
Grease Monkeys
Michelle is hanging out on her own waiting for her friends.
Ramsay Street
Harold sees Libby in the street - she is just off to watch the cricket. Harold asks Libby if he can speak to her confidentially. She invites him into the house.
Grease Monkeys
Michelle's friends still haven't turned up. Harold comes in and seems a bit stressed out. Paul tells Flick that it's "in the bag"
The Pub
The cricketers have finished their match and are having a celebratory drink. Lance asks Steph if he's her cheer-up project because of his broken heart. Lance asks her if she's ever been in love. Steph says Amy's a nice girl, but he has to look after himself. They start to play pool.
Grease Monkeys
Flick thinks Michelle's friends have stood her up on purpose. Flick tells her that it's because of all the stuff with Joel - noone will keep liking her if she does that sort of thing. Michelle storms out.
Later at Grease Monkeys
Paul, Flick, Tad and Harold are clearing up. Harold is stressed out.
Mr McCready, the Grease Monkeys owner comes to see Harold and he invites him to sit down. Harold says he's like to come to an alternate arrangement rather than the $500 for a good report. Mr McCready says if Harold doesn't pay, he'll give him a bad report. Harold says he'll meet him later at Lou's Pub to give him the money. Mr McCready says it's his last chance.
Michelle has shut herself in her room. Flick apologises for speaking harshly to her. Michelle says she rang Bianca and she just laughed.
Paul and Tad come round and join Flick in shouting through the door at Michelle. Paul invites her to watch videos at his place. Flick says they'd better give her time to cool down.
The Pub
Lou tells Harold that he mustn't get cold feet and he mustn't give in to McCready.
McCready comes in and Harold approaches him. He tells him that he's not giving him any money. He gets out a dictophone (borrowed from Libby?) and plays back their conversation from earlier. Harold says if McCready doesn't give him a good report he'll go straight to the police. He tells McCready he's been warned and he never wants to see him again.
When McCready has gone, Harold breathes out heavily and Lou claps and offers him a glass of champagne! Harold is delighted that he managed to stand up for himself!
Paul, Tad and Flick are talking about the Extreme Sports stuff. Paul is trying to get rid of Tad. Tad teases Paul unmercifully, but he does go in the end, knocking over some papers as he goes. Paul picks up the papers and sees that they are proposed building plans for the Scullys land.
Flick thanks Paul for being nice to Michelle earlier. He takes her by surprise and kisses her on the lips!
<<3483 - 3485>>
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