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Neighbours Episode 3482 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3482
Australian airdate: 7/3/00
UK airdate: 11/4/00
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: None
- "Silver Suit" by Chris Pettifer
- "In A Box" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Pete
Susan suggests Karl sell the disputed land to Joe
Amy suggests a trip to Luna Park
Lance tells Amy he can't go on pretending
NO 30
Lance comes crashing into the kitchen, disturbing Joel. He tries to pretend he doesn't care about Amy but he obviously does. Joel says he's a nice guy and there's nothing wrong with that. Lance says nice guys always end up on the junkpile.
NO 28
Bill comes out with a washing basket full of clothes he wants to wash and asks Susan to take them to 'St Vinny's' Susan says there's nothing wrong with them and he should just leave them in the wardrobe. Anne sees this as a victory as she knew how Susan would react, but Bill's attitude is out with the old as he takes the basket out to get the ironing board. Anne brings up the subject of the sendoff at Luna Park. Bill invites Karl and Susan along. They joke about how Karl gets violently sick on the scenic railway. Susan asks Anne how she's coping. Anne says "Just. You?" Susan says "Same".
NO 32
Amy's been crying on the couch. There's a knock at the door, and she lets Toadie in. He's come to suggest a stretch limo for the trip. He notices she's not enthusiastic and offers to phone Damian she jumps up and makes him stop. He offers her an orange but she's over them now and craves rice pancakes instead. She cuddles up to him on the couch. Tess comes in with a bag or oranges. She heads out to the kitchen and Toadie follows to suggest that she come to Luna Park but she can't. She asks if he's staying for dinner, which he accepts. Amy says he had stuff to organise but he says he can do it later.
Karl proposes a toast to Bill. He goes over to the bar and stands next to Joe, who winds him up by saying that now Bill's leaving he won't need as much back yard space, before Joe leaves him to rant. Lyn tells him off and Susan tells Karl off She also tells him to offer money again. Karl feels that if Joe accepted it would be a tacit acceptance that Karl is right and Joe is wrong. Susan says it's not about that, it's about ending the dispute. Karl agrees, but he doesn't really mean it.
NO 32
Toadie praises Tess's cooking. Amy ribs him about being transparent. Tess goes out to answer the phone and Toadie tells Amy Tess can't tell that he likes her. Tess comes back in with the phone. It's Damian.
Amy is still on the phone when Bill and Anne come in. The four of them stand in the hall whispering while Amy is on the phone. Amy hangs up and goes into the living room and tells them off. She also tells them that she didn't tell Damian about the baby.
NO 30
Lance and Joel talk about Luna Park. Lance decides he's not going. Joel says it might be what he needs. He asks if Amy is going. Joel says she is and Lance says that in that case it's not what he needs. Joel says that Carrie is going, as Dione is trying to set her up with Toadie, but it's really Joel who's interested.
NO 32
Amy says that since she turned down Damian's proposal, there doesn't seem any point to anything. They're going out, but only to fill in time. He's got an image of them growing old and partying together. Bill and Anne think that's romantic, Toadie says he obviously wants her around, but she keeps pushing him away. Amy says this is because he wants the party Amy, not the mother Amy. Everyone else thinks she needs to give him a chance, and the baby to have the chance of having two parents. Amy says she can cope, but Anne says, why should she?
NO 28
Bill is making a list of things to organise before he leaves, and Karl is helping him. He says if Bill has forgotten anything, Greg and Stella will help him, they seem like nice people. Bill says he'll pay off the debt he owes Karl, but Karl says he'll wipe the slate clean as a going away present, and he's going to miss him.
NO 30
Toadie finishes organising the trip to Luna Park. Lance is going on a run, and Toadie tries to make him change his mind, but he can't
In a montage backed by music, we see the limo arrive in Ramsay St. Bill and Anne leave No 28, followed by Karl and Susan to wave them off. They meet Toadie, Amy and Joel at the end of the path and they all High 5 and jump about excitedly. Susan comes back out of the house having got her camera and takes pictures of them all looning around the limo. Toadie pretends to get in the boot, before getting in the back and they drive up the street. Susan takes a picture, and Lance comes jogging round the corner. Toadie gets out and talks to him. Lance gestures that he's wearing the wrong clothes and goes inside. The limo reverses into the kerb outside of No 30. They wait for a while and Toadie gets out and stands looking at the house. Eventually they all get out and wait, and Bill gives Anne a kiss. Finally they all start clapping as Lance comes out of the house having got changed. He shakes Bill's hand and goes to get in the car.
NO 26
Karl comes round and tells Joe he's willing to sell Joe the block of land. Joe scoffs and says it's his by right. Karl says if he thought it was his, he'd give it to him. Joe says the survey says different. Lyn makes her excuses and leaves. Karl says he'll sell him the land for considerably less than lawyers would charge in fees, and the offer stands for 24 hours, and leaves. Joe tells Lyn that it galls him, but he may have to take him up on it. Lyn wonders if she's to be consulted, and points out it's her name on the lease. She says he can't do anything unless he talks it over with her first. Joe says 'absolutely darlin''.
Later, Joe asks since when has wanting to put a little nest egg aside been a ridiculous idea? Lyn says since he wanted to sell the house from under them. Joe says he's sub-dviding the block. Lyn says that's followed by building and selling. She asks why they moved there. He says because she wanted to live somewhere nice. She says now he wants to sell. He says they can live somewhere better and nicer. She says it won't be that easy to find everything they've got there. Some people need certainty and stability in their lives.
Over another music montage, we see some shots of the fairground rides and the gang all jumping around excitedly. By the rollercoaster, they mock fight about who's going on. They all decide to go on, but Toadie points to Amy's stomach, she can't go on in her condition. Bill and Anne walk along, arms round each other, kissing. They're jumped on by Toadie. Amy hoons in front of a 'hall of mirrors' and she jumps over to meet Toadie, Lance and Joel. The music fades, and Joel leaves to meet Dione and Carrie.
Bill and Anne come along and go into the hall of mirrors. Lance doesn't look keen, but Toadie persuades him by telling him that in a couple of hours he'll never have to see Amy again if that's what he wants. Anne and Bill offer him some friendly words too. Amy stops in front of a mirror that makes her look fat and makes pregnant jokes. Toadie says it's amazing how Amy's pregnant, Bill's leaving, the rest of them are 'doing what we're doing' Bill says it wasn't that long ago they were snotty little kids. Amy says he can speak for himself. Lance says 'he is speaking for himself. Toadie says it's a special moment, and puts his hand out and encourages the others to put their hand on his. Bill first, then Anne, then Amy. They persuade Lance and eventually he joins them, putting his hand on Amy's.
They share a look.
Bill says 'Whatever happens we have to stay in touch'.
Toadie says 'Yeah we grew up together'
Anne says 'Here's to us'
Amy says 'Friends'
Lance says 'Yeah, friends'
They share a look, and the camera focuses on the group of hands, with Lance stroking Amy's.
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