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Neighbours Episode 3481 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3481
Australian airdate: 06/03/00
UK airdate: 10/04/00
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Rob McCredie: Myles Collins
- "Johnny Too Bad 1 (Instrumental)" by The Steve Byrd Band
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Rob McCredie telling Harold it was the worst Grease Monkeys (GM) opening ever. Joel telling Toadie that Dione knows he (Joel) likes Carrie. Dione telling Joel she really, really likes him.
No 30 where Dione is being Honest
Joel offers Dee something to eat or drink, but she wants him to sit down and talk to her about the issue of them liking each other. Dee asks him if he feels the same way about her? Did she come on too strong? Joel struggles to answer; he tells her he likes her, and likes being with her. He says that he never expected it to be this serious so quickly, though, and it's an incredible buzz for him. She goes to leave, and he tells her he needs time to get used to it. She says that if he was okay with it, he wouldn't need time. She leaves.
Grease Monkeys where Rob is being Manipulative
Harold's on the 'phone to Madge telling her that the opening went swimmingly, and the boys were marvellous. Rob in the background says it went drowningly. Tad and Paul appear as Harold gets off the 'phone and tell Harold that they're going home. Rob lists a host of problems that he noticed today, and says that the corporation doesn't expect problems like this - Harold needs to make it through his two-week trial period. He tells Harold he will need some help to get through it - and Rob offers his consultancy experience to help Harold out - but it will cost him. And as Harold's success will depend upon Rob's recommendation, he should really think about it...
No 30 where we find an Abba CD
Toadie is selling his CDs for Bill's going away party - how sweet is he? - and Lance teases him about having an Abba CD. Cool. I love Abba. Joel is complaining that there's nothing to eat or drink in this house, and Lance asks why he's so cranky. Toadie says that Dee likes Joel; Joel says that he likes Carrie. Lance and Toadie reassure Toadie that if Joel likes Carrie, and Carrie and Dee are best mates - there's no way that Dee won't find out about it. They all go to the pub for a meal.
It is SO confusing. It's like a whole love triangle thing with friends thrown in for good measure.
Grease Monkeys where Harold is Sad
Harold is closing up for the night, and as he's about to leave he changes his mind and calls Lou, but he's not there - he's at the pub. Harold looks really sad and bewildered.
Lou's Place where Harold needs Help
Harold turns up and tells Lou he needs to talk to him urgently somewhere quiet. Toadie, Joel and Lance turn up and order drinks from the bar - then start a game of darts. Amy also comes in wearing a lovely red top, and tells Toadie and Joel she's meeting Anne. She approaches Lance to see how he is, and as she does Anne calls and says she can't make it tonight because Bill's leaving soon. Amy starts talking away to Lance - who walks off.
No 30 where Amy is Being Clumsy
Lance is home alone when he hears a noise outside the door. It's Amy who's complaining that the light outside doesn't work - she fell and hurt her knee; apparently you become more clumsy when you're pregnant.
AMY: And they say that the clumsy bit happens in the third trimester; here I am in my first trimester and I'm falling over everything.
LANCE: Yeah, well, you were always an over-achiever.
Lou's Place where Harold is Angry
Harold is telling Lou that he'd like to go to the police, but Lou asks Harold if he maybe misunderstood Rob's intention? Harold said no - he was very clear and threatened him. The only answer is to pay the consultancy fee so as to not lose the franchise.
No 30 where Lance is being Too Nice
Lance is cleaning up Amy's knee where she fell over, and he tells her that he's not thinking of her; he's thinking of "that" - Amy says "the baby." He tells her is will probably bruise.
Amy asks if there's something they can sort out - Lance tells her it's time to move on, and there's nothing to talk about. He tells her she means a lot to him, and she asks if they can go on being nice to each other?
The Bishops' where Harold is Still Sad
Flick is explaining to Paul that nothing happened between her and Bill, and that he's definitely not right for her. She says she's happy for him and Anne. Harold returns and Paul tells him that there's an email waiting for him from Madge. Harold is pleased about this, but wants to know if there's been a call from Rob? Flick leaves to go home and Paul tells her he'll see her at school tomorrow.
No 30 where Amy is the Answer
Toadie and Joel can't decide what to do for Bill's leaving party, and Lance potters around the kitchen; when they both run out of suggestions, Lance suggests a fancy dress party. They get into a pretend fight, and decide they need someone who'll come up with a wacky idea...now, who do they know who has wacky ideas?
The Bishops' where Flick isn't So Sure
Harold's waiting on the 'phone trying to get in touch with Rob. Flick comes to the door and wants to go to school with him and Tad, but Tad's already left. Harold manages to get through on the 'phone and asks for Don McCredie's numbers whilst he's away in America - he's obviously trying to bypass Rob. The person on the 'phone won't pass on a number or email. Harold leaves, cross.
Flick is reading Paul's school report on her family - it's very strongly biased against Joe and his parenting style. Flick doesn't sound too impressed with it - Paul has referred to Joe as a tyrant, and that Joe sometimes refers to physical punishment; Flick asks him to tone it down a bit. They leave for school.
No 30 where Amy is Getting Answers
Amy asks the boys what answers they've had so far for Bill's going away do. Hiring out a café/bar is so 80s, and apparently bowling is so 90s. She tells the boys to live in the 21st century. Toadie leaves the idea in Amy's hands...and as he leaves, Joel asks for help with his problem - he's going out with Dione, and likes her best friend Carrie.
Amy tells her he needs to tell Carrie soon, and she can only think about one problem at a time - Bill's party first.
Grease Monkeys where Lou is Reassuring
Rob turns up to see Harold and asks how it's going - he heard that Harold tried to contact Don in the states. Rob doesn't sound too impressed, and tells Harold that he's in charge whilst his father's away. Oh, and by the way - he won't be faxing his report until the end of the week, so Harold still has a chance to take his offer of consultancy help before then...
Nasty, nasty man.
As he leaves, Lou turns up and is amazed that Harold hasn't said no to Rob, yet. Lou says he needs to talk to Madge, but Harold says she'll just get into a state. Lou tells Harold that they'll think of a way to make it better.
No 30 where Joel needs to tell the Truth
Dee turns up and Joel asks her in. Dee says she went away yesterday and talked to Carrie, who told her not to give up. So she's back today, and wonders if Joel has any plans yet for Bill's do?! Dee asks if she's invited to the do, but they haven't decided anything. She suggests bringing Carrie to the party to get Toadie and her together. Joel sighs in despair.
Outside No 30 where Lance won't Play Ball
Amy tells Lance she has the best idea for Bill's party - they should all go to Luna Park for the day. Lance doesn't understand why Amy is still talking to him as if they're still together. He tells her their relationship isn't the same anymore. He won't just cave in every time she wants or needs something. Amy is gutted, so it's a good job then that we're cutting to:
End Credits
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